ET Summary Of Earth Changes ‘Mini Ice Age Explained… This Is The Most Critical Information Of Its’ Kind’

ET Summary Of EARTH CHANGES ‘Mini Ice Age Explained… This Is The Most Critical Information Of Its’ Kind’   

‘This is the most critical information of its’ kind.’ 

Here are notes from a four-day webinar on Earth Changes With The Group Through Steve Rother.  

The time has come to get to work restoring our Planet.

WE are Beginning the 6th Cycle of Planet Earth.

Prepare to receive new Technology from our parent race.

The year 2062 is deadline for Humanity, 8 billion people is critical number.

Is Humanity living consciously in Harmony with Earth?

This is the most critical information of its’ kind.

No Fear!

Day 1 – ‘Solar Activity’

Solar activity, flares delivering Neutrinos to Earth’s core.

Earth’s core is speeding up, indicated by speeding up of time.

Upcoming Mini-Ice Age variables, loss of ice, cold air circulating patterns.

Day 2 Notes – ‘Water Redistribution’

Major Earthquakes have changed the tilt and spin of Earth causing an elongation of the planet (more egg shaped) and narrowing at the Equator resulting in ‘redistribution’ of water and excessive rain.

Flooding is and will be a problem in the Balkans, Saudi Arabia/Mecca, Bay of Bengal/Bangladesh, UK, Phillipines, Southern Mexico/ Yucatan/Central America.

Drought is projected in California, Texas, Africa, India, Southern Mexico, Southern South America.


Water is Energy, Movement, Cleansing, Balancing the planet.

Water Redistribution has resulted in the Rise and Fall of Civilizations.

Water Wars have no borders.  Planning and new technology is necessary.

Consciousness is the key to the duration and intensity of Earth Changes.

Water is a Human Right

Clean, chemical free, No Privatization

Stop growing meat for consumption, Methane problem

Day 3 Notes –  ‘Water Rising, El Nino Warming, Icecaps Melting,

                           Weather Changes, Hurricanes, Arctic Wind’

Hurricanes have become Supercells

Greatest change is Gulf of Mexico and East coast of Florida.

Atlantic Ocean has vortices where Atlantis Crystals were placed.

Increased winds are due to ‘frequencies’ unknown to scientists.

Catastrophic storms bring out the Light in Humanity.


Will increase slightly in numbers and intensity over next 15 years in the areas currently experiencing them.

Arctic Wind/Jet Streams

Poles are warming, ice is melting, less cold wind.

Streams are wobbling, bringing cold air further south.

Extremes of hotter summers, colder winters.

Affecting East Coast USA, Northern Europe and Russia mostly.

El Nino

Cycle has changed, used to be every 11-12 years associated with solar cycle.

Last El Nino was 4-5 years ago, another one this year 2014.

Warmer water changes the rhythm (frequency) of the planet.

Creates a new pattern of air, heat, water.

Expect major environmental changes immediately.

Regardless of location of El Nino’s, heated water is redistributed globally.

May see a short-term solution to drought in California.

Rising Water/Melting Icecaps

Increased tectonic movement and tsunamis, especially middle of Pacific Ocean.

Sea Level could possibly increase 3 meters, depending on resistance to consciousness.

Have previously led to pole shifts in the past, not necessarily going to happen.

Areas of greatest possibility for rising waters are low lying inland, perimeters of Oceans,

Rivers and Inlets.  The list is too long to add here.


Caused by rising underground water and Fracking (injecting water).

Certain types of limestone and rock degrade from the water.

Florida has the most sinkholes in the world.

Check out global underground water maps.

Day 4 – ‘Volcanos, Seismic Activity, Tsunami’s, Fukushima, Bees, Mini Ice Age’

Volcanic and Seismic

Cause: Earth’s core is speeding up, moving at a different speed than surface.

Ring of Fire tectonic plates are on the move, building pressure in the Pacific.

Potential for Pacific Plate to break from the points between NZ and Chile.

WE have a huge affect on both when our frequency is in harmony in the our areas.

Physical stress is related directly to emotional stress.

Tsunami – The only threat discussed was from the Pacific Ocean.


Oceans of floating plastic which degrade to toxic molecules are distributed globally.

Harmful to every living species.

Reduce carbon footprint, one coal plant per day is being opened.


Kill off by pesticides and diseases.

Bees are multidimensional, when they disappear from view, sign of trouble.

When they are found dead, big trouble.

Humanity will not survive four days when the Bees are gone.

Fukushima Radiation

Currently causing mutations in people.

Water tanks storing radioactive water are starting to leak.

Science says there is no known solution, Keshe Foundation has a solution.

Will kill on life on the planet if not resolved.

One of the reasons the Pacific Plate will break.

Solar Flares

Our Sun is a Portal, eminating energy, flares and neutrinos.

Maunder Minimum 400 years ago, no flares caused a mini-Ice Age.

Another mini-Ice Age is Beginning Now in some areas and for next 25-30 years.

Areas affected will be too cold for crops.

Expecially Europe, Northern Canada, Alaska.

What to Do?

* This is a Call to Action.

* Change is ahead for ALL Humans, Everywhere.

* Share Knowledge

* Reduce Carbon Footprint, act Now before you need to react.

* Conscious Living in Harmony with Earth

* Meditations.  Our Ancestors Knew how to work with the Elementals.

* Many of us have contracts to live in these areas, don’t move unless guided to do so.

* When Collective vibration holds, then the Earth will BE done with her changes.

*  Earth is the first planet of Free Choice, a 2nd planet of Free Choice is underway.

*  WE are not alone, Galactics have technology, but not until Humanity is ready.


More webinars and much more… consistently good work from Steve Rother and The Group…

Stories contributed by Indian in the machine

One thought on “ET Summary Of Earth Changes ‘Mini Ice Age Explained… This Is The Most Critical Information Of Its’ Kind’

  1. well, I am 81 years old, and my Mother as we were growing up used to say the Japanese currants are changing, and we will be in an Ice Age. and that was many years ago. She seemed to know other things off and on also..

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