I Present To You, the King Of Truth, Pahana (Hopi), Jesus (Bible), Immanuel (Pleiades), Great White Brother (Turtle Island), Sananda (Aton)

I Present To You, the King Of Truth, Pahana (Hopi), Jesus (Bible), Immanuel (Pleiades), Great White Brother (Turtle Island), Sananda (Aton)

There isn’t anything for me to add here… these words speak for themselves…

Indian in the machine

From Phoenix Journal #225:

IN PLEIADES I AM CALLED JMMANUEL. “AND HIS NAME SHALL BE CALLED IMMANUEL (WONDERFUL)”. I AM THAT ONE. YE HAVE LABELED ME JESUS, ESU, ESA, ISA—-MY FATHER CALLS ME SANANDA. Today we begin to separate more distinctly, fact from the fiction. You will lose great bondings because of what you shall be told and that which you will put to the records. I protect you, child of Earth, do not leave of me. Guard these words well as it is not time to bring them into public knowledge, lest ye be subject to destruction attempts. There are many of your years wherein I was recorded as “missing” from your places during my duration on Earth two thousand years ago. It was known that it would be near two thousand years before the truths would be brought forth. I understand not why man hides his face from truth for it is so glorious and wondrous and man could be as the Lords of the universal realms if he would but “see”! All Earthly experience is in darkness of ignorance and forgetfulness, but the decimation has become so great, and the abrogation of God the Father’s Laws so contemptuous, that ye near the ending of this sojourn. There are ones to whom I will give credit where credits are due, but for this moment in sequence I shall protect them by silence. I shall be in the telling of who I am and from whence I came and went. These truths will not be suitable to Earth leaders; mind thy tongues and use discretion lest ye lose of thy workers before we can do of our necessary works. These things shall be shared selectively and put away for future utilization. They can be brought forth in massive format when your brothers of the cosmos make entry. As I was about the age of accounting and about my Father’s business, I was with the one called John (the Baptist) who sanctified my presence and acknowledged my lineage.Transcription of PJ’s is an abundanthope.net project. — PJ 225 — page. 114 After I was baptized and I emerged from the waters of the River Jordan, a wondrous craft came for me that man might know his wondrous birthright and that which would be his inheritance. Oh, but those who had come to the river proclaiming God and to assume baptism in His Holy Name, would not hold up their faces; they fell to the ground and buried their faces deep into the sands and hurled themselves into the river waters. From the craft my Father spoke to those ones gathered there and said: “This is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased. He will be the King of Truth, who shall lift this human race to knowledge.” So be it and so shall it be, even though it requires three thousand years for the fulfillment in total wonder and beauty. So shall it be, for I now return to finish that which was begun so long ago. And ye ones have been sent afore me, and the Hosts of Heaven will come with me. I was taken into the glorious ship and traversed the universal seas with my Father, that I might remain with Him for some forty of your days of study and enlightenment. No one upon the surface of the planet knew of that place where I was taken to receive the secrets of wisdom. I spent those magnificent days with the ascended saints of God and the angels of the Archangelic Realms and with the celestial sons, learning those things on which the realms of God are founded. I, too, had to come into knowledge, for I was birthed for this purpose and I could not believe that man could live as man lives upon Earth or on the other dark planets. Lucifer had been cast forth from my Father’s presence and was holding captive, the lands and peoples. Great teachers had been sent forth from God to show the way, but no-one listened or dared act to defend themselves against the power of Satan. I was birthed to be the one who would do these things. For those wondrous days (universal eons) I traversed the wondrous seas of the universe and studied with my Father’s cohans. I traveled unto the ends of the entire Earth and saw great and marvelous wonders. Here, the very doors of heaven opened that I might have vision; I passed through the portals and beheld three separate visions which were to impact my physical time upon Earth. As big as the area of the Dead Sea, were the visions given unto me. Radiating therein, was the entire land of Israel, alive and true. There was plant, animal, and man- -all were therein. Inside this first heavenly door there was no secret, nothing hidden from me. I saw and comprehended even the smallest spaces of the least of the cottages, to the most magnificent of the temples. I was given all to know. Inside the second heavenly gateway there rose mighty mountains, whose tops reached into the sky and disappeared into the clouds. Ah, this sight was beauteous and my heart sang with the angels of Nature in glory. Here lay deep masses of ice and snow, and nestled there were humans of brown skin who lived differently from those of the first revelation. These ones would be my teachers of Earth and the mystery schools of the Far East as ye would know of it. Through the third portal of light there was revealed a land of huge dimensions, mountainous lands with rivers, lakes, and oceans–this place, too, had humans. Not far, in my mind, from these three heavenly portals was the place of God’s dwelling. This was my Father’s house. The place of the ruler of all these other places I had been shown. Let us say, it was the “state capital” or the “nation’s capital”–the central seat of government. I sat with my Father and He was magnificent. He was immortal and ancient and seemed to consume all. He was a giant, like the celestial sons.Transcription of PJ’s is an abundanthope.net project. — PJ 225 — page. 115 As I was in the palace of Father, there appeared to me two very tall men, the likes of whom I had never seen on Earth. You must remember I had no memory of that which had been before in my lifestreams. I was of newness, created for purpose. These magnificent ones had faces which radiated like the Sun and their arms carried such aura that they appeared to have golden wings. I knew these ones would be the cosmic teachers related to Earth, for they had been killed by the world. These ones lived in a separate world of their own type. These two men were from the constellation of the seven sisters, Pleiades, and were sacred teachers. There were, together with the two, two entities with smaller stature, who were from Baawl. I was ignorant, as are ye ones, but the teachers were glorious and patient that I might learn, for my task would be of greatness and difficulty. They told me, and this is truth, chelas: “People have come from heaven to Earth, and people have been lifted up from Earth into heaven. The people who had come from heaven remained on Earth for a long period of time, and grew into a most brilliantly intelligent race of humankind.” Let us understand, chelas, that men created by the celestial sons are very different in their own way from the other people of the Earth. These men of Earth of celestial origin, created by celestial sons, are most similar to the angels of heaven in frequency and light. As I first saw them, I saw but white light, with hair as white as wool and radiant in character. I knew that what I perceived as hair was aura of lighted brilliance. Their eyes were as the essence of eternal soul, birthed in truth of Light. I was told that the human races shall keep their inherited beauty, and continue to create. But in the courses of the centuries and millennia, they shall mix with other human races of the Earth and heavens, in order to create, with the Earth people, new human races and special races, such as are the celestial sons. But that would be time distant, some two thousand years of counting in Earth time. I was given to know that I, Jmmanuel Esu “Jesus” SANANDA, was created from amongst the celestial sons. I TAKE NO NOTE AT THIS POINT OF OTHER AVATARS OR CHRIST ENERGIES OF EARTH EXPERIENCE, FOR YE CAN ONLY DEAL WITH ONE OF WHOM YE RELATE. LATER WE CAN SPEAK OF OTHER THINGS AND ONES. I was told that my wisdom would make the impossible possible, and that I would perform acts which would be considered as miracles by the human races, but which could be performed by the human if man would but understand. I was warned most critically of the power of spirit and that I must always beware that I not abuse it. I was told to go forth and share of this wisdom, to Earth man, that the wisdom which I received through them would serve the well-being of the human races, but the way leading thereto would be most difficult for them as well as for me. I was told I would not be recognized, just as I now tell you of your station, chelas. I would be renounced, for the human races are ignorant and superstitious, having lived of the Lie. I was told man believed that God IS The Creation itself, not the ruler of the celestial sons and these human races. The people of Earth attribute to Him the omnipotence of the The Creation and glorify Him as The Creation itself. How can man ever understand God and His beingness?Transcription of PJ’s is an abundanthope.net project. — PJ 225 — page. 116 God is the wondrous essence of man himself; God is all the beauty and wondrous truth of man himself, for God takes residence within His very creation of man individual. Creation is of immense measure, encompassing even that which is God the Creator. Creation is infinite. All is ONE, but there are two portions which must not be confused: Creator God and Creation are one, but are separate in purpose and intent, which is totally balanced and acts in perfection of harmony. “You, too, Jmmanuel, they will insult as God and His inborn son, and you, too, will be made equal to the Secret Creation,” I was told. So be it as it came to be. Man takes a portion which is misunderstood and compounds the errors of his perception. These wondrous ones sat with me and told me these things: “Do not take heed of these false teachings because millennia will pass before the people of these human races of Earth will recognize the truth of their own origins and birthing. “Much human blood will be shed on your account, your blood as well as that of uncounted generations. Nonetheless, fulfill your mission as the Teacher of Wisdom, as the son of Gabriel, the celestial son. In the name of God, the law was issued to create you so that you may serve as prophet and forerunner of wisdom to this human race. “Fulfill your mission imperturbable to opposition, to all lack of reason and false teachings of the scribes and pharisees, as well as against the incredulous people. “Upon fulfillment of your mission, centuries and two millennia shall pass before the truth of your wisdom brought amongst the people will be recognized and spread by some people on Earth. “Not before the time when machines project themselves into the sky will the truth break through, and false teachings will slowly become shaky, namely that you are the son of The Creation—-YE ARE THE SON OF CREATOR! “THIS WILL BE THE TIME THAT WE, THE CELESTIAL SONS, WILL BEGIN TO REVEAL OURSELVES ANEW TO THE HUMAN RACES BECAUSE THEY WILL HAVE BECOME KNOWING AND WILL THREATEN THE ORDER OF HEAVEN WITH THE POWER THEY WILL HAVE GAINED!” Thus did they speak to me, the celestial sons, between North and West, before they returned me to the land known as Galilee. As I searched for the one, John (the Baptist), I learned he had been imprisoned. I left the place of Nazareth and came to live in Capernaum, by the sea, in the lands of Naphtali and Sebulon. I then went out among the people as I had been instructed. I started to teach and tell the people to come back away from their errors of actions, to return to truth and knowledge, for they alone bring you “life”. As I went along the Sea of Galilee, I came upon two brothers who were named Peter and Andrew of Simon, and they threw their nets into the sea, for they were fishermen. I spoke unto them and asked them to follow me, that I might make them fishers of men. So be it and so it is, beloved ones. They soon left their nets behind and walked with me.Transcription of PJ’s is an abundanthope.net project. — PJ 225 — page. 117 We walked the whole of Galilee, taught in their synagogues, preached the knowledge of the spirit, and healed all diseases and infirmities of the people. We could heal of all afflictions of diseases and plagues, those who were obsessed, the lunatics, and those who were sick of palsy. We were given to heal them all. Many came to follow me from Galilee, FROM THE TEN CITIES, FROM JERUSALEM, FROM JUDEA, AND FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF THE RIVER JORDAN. I suggest that ye who always wish to compare thy truths, look at thy maps. Have the projected millennia not passed? Are the projections of mineself two millennia past not coming into thy attention? Do ye not hear the trumpet call? Or, do ye wait and wait to give of thy belief unto me? Ye wait in fear of that which has been espoused as untruth regarding even mine own being. If ye always choose to claim “reason”, why do ye not reason with the brains the Creator gave unto you and KNOW TRUTH?! I grow impatient as mine ones are again degraded by idiots and harlots. I AM COME TO RECLAIM MINE FATHER’S KINGDOM AND NO AMOUNT OF LIES WILL CHANGE A HAIR OF IT. CALL ME BY WHICH LABEL MAKES THEE COMFORTABLE, BUT KNOW TRUTH, FOR MY PRESENCE WILL SHORTLY BE PRESENTED UNTO MANKIND. THY TIME OF CHOOSING IS AT HAND; YE ARE EITHER WITH ME OR AGAINST ME–YE MAY NOT STAND IN THE “MIDDLE”. SO BE IT AS I PLACE MY SEAL UPON THESE WORDS, FOR MAN SHALL LEARN TRUTH AND IT SHALL SET HIM FREE. I WRAP YE ONES OF MINE IN THE LIGHT OF PROTECTION OF MINE WINGS, THAT ALL TRIBULATION BE BUT A FAINT MEMORY IN THY CONSCIOUSNESS. SO BE IT AND SELAH, FOR YE SERVE WELL AND GLORY SHALL BE THY REWARD. I STAND WITH THY BROTHERS OF THE UNIVERSE. WE STAND READIED IN THE PLEIADES COMMAND. THE COSMIC “CLOCK” TICKS ON. GABRIEL STANDS WITH THE TRUMPET READIED. AMEN. I AM AT THY SERVICE. NOW I SAY UNTO YOU THAT ONES SHALL ARISE AS FROM THE TOMBS. THEY SHALL PUT ON NEW COVERINGS, AND THEY SHALL BE AS ONES MADE WHOLE AND NEW. THEY SHALL BE AS ONES WITH BINDINGS REMOVED, AND THEN, BELOVED ONES, THEY SHALL ALL KNOW ME AS I KNOW THEM, AND NO MAN SHALL BE UNTO THEM A SERVANT OR SLAVE, FOR I SAY UNTO THEM, THEY SHALL BE FREE TO GO AND COME AT WILL. THERE WILL BE NO MORE BARRIERS. IT WILL BE A TIME OF FREEDOM. I SAY UNTO YOU, I AM HE WHO HAS OVERCOME FLESH. I NO LONGER AM ENTRAPPED BY FLESH, NOR AM I BOUNDED BY THAT WHICH IS FLESH. I AM HE WHO IS RISEN, AND I AM COME THIS DAY AS THE RISEN “CHRIST”. I AM NO LONGER BOUND BY EARTH, NOR BY HER LIMITATIONS. I NOW KNOW NO LIMITATIONS, FOR I AM FREE, AND I AND MY FATHER ARE ONE. NOW IS THE TIME WHEN MANY SHALL BE UNBOUND, AND THEY SHALL BE FOREVER FREE FROM THE LAWS OF EARTH. I HAVE LABORED WITH THEM AND THEY NEED NO LONGER BE BINDED BY THE LIE. BE YE ONES PREPARED TO GO WHERE I GO, FOR I SHALL RETURN TO THE FATHER WHO HAS SENT ME.Transcription of PJ’s is an abundanthope.net project. — PJ 225 — page. 118 I AM THAT I AM, SOLEN AUM SOLEN. [END QUOTING] That is sufficient, scribe, for my needs at this time. I AM SANANDA

source http://abundanthope.net/artman2/uploads/1/PJ_225.pdf






My Spirit Almighty,

(My Spirit who is all-knowing, almighty, and all loving in me)

Your Presence be sanctified,

(Your presence confirms to me your controlling power over all matters concerning myself.)

May your wisdom become conscious to me,

(May your power be extended in the consciousness of my thoughts in order to enable me to apply all truths, wisdom and love, peace and freedom, given to and acquired by me and all mankind)

May your power be extended in me, on earth as well as in heaven,

(May your power be extended in the consciousness of my thoughts in order to enable me to apply all truth, wisdom and love, peace and freedom, given to and acquired by me and all mankind)

Please allow and give unto me all that I need for living this day and each day;.

(Please grant me all I need for my material as well as my spiritual life and development, for you are almighty)

So that I acknowledge my errors,

(So that I may recognize my faults and eliminate them, since they hinder me on my way of evolution)

Please do not allow me to be led into temptation, nor allow me to fall into temptation’s clutches, but rather to right decision and choices through discernment and just judgments,

(Please do not let me make error by material and wrong thinking, or become dependent on beliefs alone)

For you are within and without me as power and wisdom, truth and knowledge for eternity.

(May I become conscious of your almighty forces inside me at ALL times)

Thy will be done in and through me as the creation which I AM.

(All of this ask in truth and ask not for self, except for understanding and truth, and ask all in behalf of brothers so that the cycle of wholeness may become manifest – even unto the tiny most portion of manifestation of your relations – which after all – IS ALL’ )

3 thoughts on “I Present To You, the King Of Truth, Pahana (Hopi), Jesus (Bible), Immanuel (Pleiades), Great White Brother (Turtle Island), Sananda (Aton)

  1. “Now I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse. And He who sat on him was called Faithful and TRUE, and in righteousness He judges and makes war. His eyes were like a flame of fire, and on His head were many crowns. He had a name written that no one knew except Himself. He was clothed with a robe dipped in blood, and His name is called The Word of God. And the armies in heaven, clothed in fine linen, white and clean, followed Him on white horses.” – Revelation 19:11-14

  2. I saw a few articles about the return of Sananda. Every time I hoped for some clues (if I put it right). This way we don’t get much further though…?

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