The Greatest Lesson Of All The Ages

THE KEYS TO THE KINGDOM WITHIN – Keep realizing the physical effects of the spiritual causes,.. and then keep creating the alternative, until the all effects are what is heart-desired… when the experience attracted, is not what is heart-desired, it is always due to UN-IGNITED wisdom, power, and love… through the rejection of one’s divinity, and not being present, alive and in command of one’s experiences. What is required, for true mastery, is to merge the Higher Self, with the I AM Presence which will IGNITE the Three-fold Flame of the heart. This is practiced through meditation and is the essence of unity with all lifeforms… this is the main lesson of all ages, and the keys to the kingdom within.

All lessons lead up to this lesson…. you can learn through more pain, fear and suffering, or take a shortcut… the choice is our’s.

Indian in the machine

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6 thoughts on “The Greatest Lesson Of All The Ages

  1. Will you be coming to Georgia to play? Would love to be there if you do. I listen to Native American music. I find your music positive and reaches my heart. Tears roll down my face from joy and my skin tingles listening to your music. I wish there was more of you to spread thru other tribes still caught in the pain and ghosts of the bad times, so they could be free from that negative space so their souls could be light with love and light. I have full blood Cherokee in 3rd generation back on both sides as well as European. This had been hidden from me until just before my father’s death. I have always been drawn to Native American’s, like something was missing. Now that I understand more my heart is free from the shadows. I am an artist and have just weeks to graduate from college at 57 yrs old. I have been aware of what is going on in our solar system. I even painted a sky ship that was over my home at 4 am in 2012. I have seen many and with others at my side. Been following you for some time reading your posts. I thank you very much for all I have learned from you. I wish you Peace and prosperity. Devoted, c. O’gwin

    1. Hi Carol… thanks for your message… which was a delight to read by the way… no plans for Georgia… just getting ‘er going… and in transition as we all are of course. 🙂 Time for go pp….. peace and prosperity that is! haha…. D.

  2. Thank you for all your wonderful info and beautiful music. I honor the Native American’s and say thank you for their teachings and wish them prosperity and love.

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