Have A Glimpse Into The Fifth Dimension Right Now! Here’s How!

Have A Glimpse Into The Fifth Dimension Right Now! Here’s How!

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Dear world,

Lenticular clouds… many of them are actually cloaked spaceships… for real. There are lots of cool time lapse videos on youtube of these cloaked spaceships... maybe you’ve seen them and believed the lie that they were just water vapour going against the wind like you were told?

Some of these cloaked spaceships give off “new colours”… 5 new colours to be exact.

These 5 new colours are a glimpse into the fifth dimension… the colours they show are not from this dimension.

Watch this video….

These 5 new colours are as follows:

These new rays idenified in Sananda message, are now seen all over the world in new sky energies….

8TH RAY – Seafoam green with violet: clear and cleanse 4 bodies: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual

9TH RAY – Luminescent light green and blue: love, joy and passion for life

10TH RAY – Pearlescent luminosity: Code your lightbody into the physical, draw in your I AM Presence

11TH RAY – Peach luminosity: Bridge to new age, balance male and female polarities

12 RAY – White Gold: Cosmic fire, ease and grace in one’s creations

Entire Sananda message can be read here

These 5 new colours in these cloudships, were seen over Calgary a few days ago Oct. 17 by Julie-Anne Waunch  https://www.facebook.com/waunch?fref=ts…. stunning eh?

If you’ve gotten this far… congratulations… you’ve just seen a glimpse into the fifth dimension… now what? Well, the benefit of this experience is that you can reprogram your DNA to these new energies… in fact although I had been reporting on the genetic mutation of humanity, as we move through the photon belt; a large band of gamma radiation that our solar system goes through twice every 26000 years…, the MAINSTREAM news recently came out with the discovery of 4-stranded DNA in humans… that’s right!… in humans! … so this isn’t crazy Indian talk… never was. 😉  Our DNA will continue to mutate until it is 12-stranded…

Okay since this blog topic is already waaaaay out there… why not add that the sky spirits are also showing us new colours…

How do I know these things?  I shut off my tv about 10 years ago and started to PAY ATTENTION. 😉

If all this is very intriguing, ask the cloudships and the sylphs for a visitation…. but don’t ask as a skeptic… that’s like asking for the opposite to happen… ask from the heart… like you really mean it… carry a camera… and rainbow or not…you will see the cloudships and sylphs… they hear all our heartfelt requests.

“Cloudships and sylphs… okay I’m beginning to sense there’s more the sky than what I am currently aware… with my heart and mind both opening wider, so that more Light gets in, feel free to reveal yourselves to me… and thanks for helping humanity and mother earth to neutralize the radiation, chemtrails and other toxins.”

These 5 new colours corelate with the addition of 5 new chakras… so looking at these pics can activate the 12 new chakras within you…. command this to happen. 😉

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Indian in the machine

The blog… https://indianinthemachine.wordpress.com/ Look for the category: WHAT DO WE SEE IN THE SKY!.. because there is waaaaay more than this in our sky these days. 😉


If you are triggered into anger or feelings of superiority after reading all this, this one is for you… it is after all, a big multidimensional universe out there, and we only use 5% of our brains… IMPOSTER SPIRITS: DO YOU WANT TO CONTROL SOMEONE ESPECIALLY AFTER READING SITES LIKE THIS ONE OR BEING IN PRESENCE OF LIGHTWORKERS?

Has a superior, hierarchal and elitist mental body belief system that tricks it to believe its position or ability is higher than it really is; self-entitled.
Deception, manipulation and vampirism of others are its theme to survive within promoting chaos, confusion and ambiguity.
Self-aggrandizement of personal leadership role through its negative ego compels it to abuse power and authority believing the innocent are stupid to be led deceptively and controlled.

Skillful to use manipulation techniques to avoid transparency, accountability to actions which is to continually deceive others through a divide and conquer strategy.

Spiritworld cover art

Program Yourself With Five New Colours

from Spiritworld by Indian in the machine