Lots Happening Earthlings!!! The Final Scalar Beam Has Been Fired By Cabal! Master Sananda Says 5 Million Cabal Souls Removed, Historical Mass Enlightenment Project Underway

Lots Happening Earthlings!!! The Final Scalar Beam Has Been Fired By Cabal! Master Sananda Says 5 Million Cabal Souls Removed, Historical Mass Enlightenment Project Underway

I do not know who you walk with at the spiritual level do you? I walk with Sananda, as do most of the Universe.

The Master Teacher of our Universe, Sananda… who you can align with by the way, at any point, how about now…, is saying from previous messages via Kathryn E May (Channeler for Company of Heaven and numerous beings contacting earthlings with sense and love), that there was a scalar shootout, that basically triggered Creator to say ENOUGH!…And Creator gave an ultimatum to the dark cabal souls to either go to the light, or be dissolved.

The story unfolds as, most of the cabal souls agreed to go to the light, causing their souls great anguish.

Earth remains the last vestige of dark light needing transmutation in all of Creation, for a Multiverse ascension… so, we can see that a multiverse ascension could be a historical mass enlightenment project eh?

You can read about the rehabilitation efforts with the Sananda message reposted below.  And check out the background reading:

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Is it all true… well put it this way… truth comes from the top down, not from the bottom up… it is only through high frequency light vibration, can we process enough data, to ascertain the truth, from the centre of our hearts and brains.

You may find these updates via an ascended master or a channel to be false… that is fine… but know that if you can not stand beside your friendly masters, and tell us who they are, then something perhaps is amiss with you.

Sananda invites everyone to join with One, in the final phase of our mass awakening, which may be intense.

It may be intense because:

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Deactivate your sleeper cell… click on Kathryns link at the end.

Indian in the machine

New tune: https://soundcloud.com/indian-in-the-machine/ascending-voice-raw-vocal-mix-for-beats-mixing

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 Sananda:  “Scared Straight” in the Temple of Light



As you know, we are working in the upper 4th dimension Temple of Light, which was created for the purpose of receiving the dark souls who had to give up their domination over Planet Earth.  There were more than 5 million souls who agreed to come to the Light on Wednesday, February 11, 2015.  Only 72 hours later, more than 250 of these lost souls have transitioned to the 5th dimension.  This is a remarkable feat, considering the damage and brainwashing they experienced over many lifetimes.

I will give you all a picture of how we are working.  Archangel Michael and I, with the help of our twin flames, Christine and Kathryn (with their Higher Selves Faith and Nada) are leading the healing team.  This means we are working round the clock, being aided by thousands of Masters and millions of angels.  Some of the Masters have left their offices in other galaxies and Universes to come to help as long as they can.  Sanat Kumara (your Father God) is here with us for a short time to minister to his beloved Nada, and to contribute his skill with transformation of dark emotions and thoughts.  His twin, Lady Venus/Mother God, has remained in the new Universe to continue their work there for a time.

You may be amused to learn about our initial and very effective interventions with the suffering souls.  Archangel Michael comes sweeping into the great arena, appearing enormous and powerful in his blue flowing robes, shield and silver sword raised on high, his wings spread across a third of the cavernous hall.  As the stunned souls wrestle with disbelief, recognition and fear, I appear as well, in the simple robes I wore as Jesus.  Both of us float above them, shining our Light across the entire hall, surrounding every soul, and then I descend to the floor to gaze upon each suffering soul, touching them gently when that is needed.  This is the commencement of the healing session.  We call it “Shock and Awe.”

Once we have their rapt attention, we proceed with the sessions, talking personally with each being, beaming our light to every one of them.  We are joined by the legions of angels and Masters, so that every one can be ministered to with individual care and attention.  We spend several hours, then remove ourselves for a short break while they absorb the lessons learned.  We vary the initial presentation for each session.  Sometimes Mother Mary or Raphael will appear on high, or a parade of Wise Men (portrayed by your beloved Masters, of course) or an enormous angel chorus will materialize above them.

At the end of the day, they witness the appearance of Source, also in flowing robes, surrounded with nearly blinding white light, who reassures and comforts them and encourages them to open their hearts and minds to experience the most exquisite adventure of their lives.  He even jokes with them about the whole amazing process they are experiencing.  It is an irresistible invitation to join the Light, from our point of view, but of course it takes numerous repetitions and reassurances to lift their vibrations.

We use familiar images to communicate with them, to begin opening their consciousness to the truth that life in Light is real, that we are benevolent beings, and that they can enjoy the same glorious connection to God that we feel.  It takes several sessions before they can even begin to focus on our personal communications.  We are teaching them Spirituality 101 – the fundamental truths about life in the higher dimensions, which most of them have not experienced for many generations. They must discover that God truly is merciful, that forgiveness is the beginning of new growth, and that Love is the essence of the life-force throughout the Multiverse.

This clearing and lifting process goes on round the clock.  We are very gratified with the changes we see taking place in the attitudes and level of understanding of the darkest souls on the planet.  Once they have lifted themselves to the 5th dimension, as the least damaged among them have already done, they will begin their review process.  This is when you will start to see the effects of the program on the behavior of their human bodies still on the surface.

There is already beginning to be a powerful peer effect on those who remain in the “soul hospital.”  They are stunned by the departure of some of their leaders, who have left for higher dimensions.  Naturally, they imagine nothing but horror and humiliation.  It will be a powerful part of the program when the first “converts” return to reassure their brethren that it is not only safe to venture to the higher dimension, but that they will indeed find Paradise there.

Each day, larger numbers of Higher Selves of Lightworkers come to assist in this important work, bringing their skills and compassion to bear on this monumental process.  Never before in the history of the Multiverse has there been such a mass enlightenment project.  We invite you, our ground crew, to join us in meditation to clear away the lingering dark thoughtforms.

It is quieter here now.  The writhing and screaming of the first hours has subsided, but there are still waves of fear and dread being released into the atmosphere around planet Earth.  We need to dissolve these swirling waves of dark energy, along with the dark energies being produced by humankind on the surface, to prevent them from taking hold again, lodging themselves in the hearts and minds of the people.  Please send your LoveLight to clear this away.  Send it up through the pillars of Light to the recycling grid, where all energies will be smoothed, calmed and dissolved into neutral energy particles, the building blocks of all life.

As I speak with you now, on February 15, 2015, the trickle of souls leaving the hospital to step upward into the Light has begun to increase.  Enormous waves of Light from Creator and from all of us are blasting through their rigid defenses. A few have begun to hope again, and are learning to envision a life of loving companionship – one of the greatest and most fundamental desires a soul at any level can experience.  This craving for love and acceptance is the drive that will ultimately lead them all to return Home.  It is our job to awaken this desire and to meet it with fulfillment.

It is ironic that this massive rehabilitation project began with the inconceivable attack on us, after we had agreed to descend into lower vibration to negotiate with the dark ones.  It was an ambush of unthinkable arrogance and desperation, but it will ultimately be revealed to all the Multiverse that Light will always triumph after all.

With unending love, I am your Sananda, in service to the Light.

Kathryn E. May, February 15, 2015, 7:30 pm, New York

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 Dark Souls are Taken to Rehab

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5 thoughts on “Lots Happening Earthlings!!! The Final Scalar Beam Has Been Fired By Cabal! Master Sananda Says 5 Million Cabal Souls Removed, Historical Mass Enlightenment Project Underway

  1. Please, Indian,

    could you say me, what I should do with assholes, who consequently sitting on the answers we all need?

    What exactly is your wish? Please, would you name it?

    If you have any questions, you knowing the answer as well.
    Ah! This is exactly why you never asking?
    You choose your strategy: Go with the stream.

    Fine. Best to know it.

  2. All what you have to know about energy:

    Each interaction has + / – AND – / +.
    Result of interaction is + / + OR – / -, sometimes because of the luck of interpretation + / – OR – / +.

    If the gap between the inner full self and the outer (partly, under- and overvalued) expression is reduced, this is +. If not this is -.

  3. What comes top-down?
    Like always the undermining of action, to calm, to produce calm – to stop, hold and keep the shine/ the brightness of false shine-flowers.

    What comes bottom-up?
    The zest for action – for living – the inner calm and inner freedom.
    Results are different because of the top-down-extortion. This is why we, the living kids, producing gold or black pitch.

    Like always: If you not with us, the living force – you even couldn’t see anything. Kids and kidlike adults are well trained and learned to be creative in a way the common educated adult can’t see.

    What we are looking for? Lebensraum.
    Do or did you give us some? We don’t look for a virtual space – we are interessted in reality. – For shure we will find what we are looking for. We have to.

    Best regards

    1. Ask yourself to which mother or father you belong to equal who your mother or father is and which why they act (forced to act)?

      One that don’t belief you, don’t see your interest, don’t fill your interest, don’t keep you smiling, don’t let you be and see for yourself?

      I can’t understand idiots and do not keeping false calm anymore to guard and shelter them. Time for selfresponsibility was given. Now, time out – I do not care anymore.

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