You say ‘this is for the children’, while adults are just big children.

You want to stand up for women, but not for the men.

You turn your attention to your favorite pet, and turn away from humans.

You turn your focus to your gadgets, while neglecting your soul.

You turn up the devil’s messages, while tuning out God.

You prefer to lay powerless in the dark, while standing in the light.

You prefer social media, than the person next door.

You don’t like to be criticized, while criticizing others.

You want to do whatever you want, but don’t to be responsible.

You talk about unity, but don’t want to relate to those different from you.

You want freedom, as long as someone else brings it.

You’re all for the truth as long as you are spoonfed at another’s expense.

You are all for love, as long as you can keep all your hurts.

You look forward to the future, as long as it resembles yesterday.

You like to place blame upon another, at the expense of your soul presence.

You demand that others fix today, while you live in the past.

You spend today, trying to avoid the future.

You want to remain distracted, while cheering others on to fix society.

You want to be a hero, while following unloving orders.

You want to be wise, without ever earning it.

You prefer your own shadow than the light of your soul.

You find virtual reality more attractive than the living.

You spend your days wishing you were not here.

You watch the children die, because you want to be socially accepted.

You think you are too lazy to make a difference.

You let cancer eat you, because you’re too afraid to live.

You want the good life without having to earn it.

You demand God answers your prayers, without serving God.

You’d rather see life as a burden than a gift.

You rather pretend to be happy than to be joyful.

You can’t understand the world, because you won’t open your eyes.

You’d rather be turned off than turned on.

You confuse love with like.

You’ll give God a chance, when the devil finally bores you.

You live like nothing matters, when everything matters.

You’re too scared to send the demons away.

You expect random events to give you want you want.

You are frightened to be who you truly are.

You feel power is for someone else.

You choose traditions over spirit.

You prefer other people to yourself.

You prefer your imaginary self, than what is.

You give to the weak instead of supporting the strong.

You prefer the lie over the truth.

You prefer to paint pictures than to create what is real.

You choose man’s laws over God’s laws.

You draw lines to separate instead of circles to include.

You live in a bubble instead of a universe.

You blame what you can’t accept on someone else.

Love, Indian