“Blood Drops Upon The Earth” Meteors Showing Up Everywhere! Exploding In Atmosphere? Hitting Ground In Georgia? Lighting Up Sky? Prophecy Fulfilling Now Get Ready For The Event!

“Blood Drops Upon The Earth” Meteors Showing Up Everywhere! Exploding In Atmosphere? Hitting Ground In Georgia? Lighting Up Sky? Prophecy Fulfilling Now Get Ready For The Event!

From Kolbrin:

When blood drops upon the Earth, the Destroyer will appear and mountains will open up and belch forth fire and ashes.”

Fireballs definitely could be an interpretation of blood dropping upon the earth…. there are certainly all the other signs seemingly from all spot-on prophecies from all over the world, including the Zeta Nibiru prophecies:

Fireballs increasing…..!!!!!!  Definitely coming from somewhere folks!  This isn’t just playing around with stupid ideas… these are FIREBALLS COMING FROM A SOURCE IN OUR SOLAR SYSTEM.

  1. Morning meteor a sight in the sky for stargazers across Victoria

    3AW-Feb 24, 2015
    Astronomers say skywatchers who witnessed this morning’s meteorwere lucky enough to have seen a “once in a lifetime” phenomenon.
  2. Meteor Lights up North Florida Sky | The Weather Channel

    The Weather Channel-Feb 23, 2015
    Sgt. Luke Thomas of the Benwood, West Virginia Police Department spotted a rare meteor shower while on patrol Monday November, 3.
  3. Rare daylight meteor dazzles Vic

    SBS-Feb 24, 2015
    The meteor, leaving a white trail in its wake, was visible for a few seconds before burning up in the atmosphere. Mr Vlahos thinks it was likely a …
  4. Meteor may have landed in Georgia

    Theadanews-9 hours ago
    A fireball meteor lit up the night sky over North Florida on Saturday, causing a “window rattling delayed boom,” according to the American …
  5. Watch: Bright Fireball Meteor Explodes Over US

    National Geographic-Feb 20, 2015
    The meteor was probably about two feet in diameter (less than one … at about 4:50 a.m. local time on three NASA Meteor Watch cameras, …
    Fear of apocalypse as meteor burns brighter than the moon while 
    The Standard Digital News (satire) (press release) (registration) (blog)-Feb 20, 2015

    Explore in depth (14 more articles)
  6. ‘Once in a lifetime’ daytime meteors heard exploding into Earth’s 

    ABC Online-Feb 25, 2015
    Dr Tucker said the objects were probably from a larger meteor in space that collided with something, causing a few fragments to break off and …
    After a period of fireballs… then Nibiru will appear in the sky… if we are in the prophecised time… what do you feel?  Do not go with what you think… go with what you feel, you will be accurate that way. 🙂
    What did the ancients say about the time when Nibiru would return?  Listen and find out… the signs are already in the sky… we are already past those… thus, no more delays to make alternative plans for alternative housing.  The Hour Of The Destroyer Is At Hand – Indian in the machine

    New term earthings… that should tell you something…. ‘lower jet stream’.

    nibiru pithouse society: nibiru consciousness communities: alternative endtime housing: zetatalk supporters

    A Gallery Of Nibiru-Inspired Shelters For Comfort And Survival Last Time Noah Built An Ark… This Time You May Build A Pithouse Nibiru Animation Video, As It Shifts Poles Twice As It Leaves Our Solar System Nibiru Pithouse Society 40-Day Food Survival/Thrival List Nibiru Related Posts At Red Shaman Intergalactic Ascension Mission Oh Dear… Zetas Right Again! Time Lapse Photos Of Sun Confirm “Earth Is Wobbling” Theory Select Nibiru Links From Before It’s NewsTown Gets Sick From Planet X/Nibiru? Uranium Town Gets Mysterious Magnetic Sleeping Sickness What is the Nibiru Pithouse Society?Red Dust From The Heavens Now Falling! “Lower Jet Stream” Theory, Jet Stream Tornados, And Setting Up Earth For The Biggest Boo! It Has Ever Know Zetas Advise Humans On Travel Restrictions To Come, Caused By Planet X/Nibiru Now We’ve Got Unusual Tidal Waves, Strange Weather, Record Earthquakes, Record Fireballs, Bending Magnetosphere, Weather And Earth Wobble, High Volcanic Activity and More… Why? Hidden Nibiru Markets Revealed!!! Earthlings Sellling Pieces Of Nibiru, Pieces Of Nibiru Hidden In Plain Sight…Earthlings Build Homes With Nibiru Building Material Fireball Rain From Nibiru Soon? Ancient Text Describes Nibiru Passby: Kolbrin Describes “The Event”: Zeta Research And Others Back Up This Theory The Hour Of The Destroyer Is At Hand – Indian in the machine – A long time ago they sat around and told of the time Nibiru would come again… 1000 Year MEGADROUGHT??? Someone Seems To Think So! 132 Remember… and let us hold the space for this, for us together.. as we celebrate, we purge old energy that will become an echo, the great cycle of duality is closing… with the fire, and the drum, we are renewed. Nibiru Pithouse Society – Great Plains Chapter Ceremony Is It “Noah’s Ark” Time Again 3600 Years Later (Nibiru Orbit)? Scientific Data 2003-2015 Strongly Suggests Nibiru (Part 1) Have A Nibiru Science Moment: Compare American Meteor Society Fireball Chart, With Earthquake Chart “For Real”, Real Estate Investment In Noah’s Ark Times! Modern Above Ground Housing Becoming Obsolete Around Pole Shift Time? Nibiru Pithouse Society – Great Plains Chapter – Contact Wanderinghawk Earthlings Wake Up!!! Earthquake Chart 2003-2015 Now Heading Off The Charts! Zetas Say Nibiru Entered Solar System In 2003 And North America Is Ripping Apart Triggering Further Global Shifts! Calling All Modern Day Noahs, It is Time To Get Busy! Scientific Earthquake Data Supports Zetas Nibiru Theory: 2015-2016 Nibiru Flyby Guesstimate Relocate Population Of Europe?!!! Parts Of Europe Drop 150 Feet, East Coast US Drops, Ocean Rises 650-700 Feet; Sunken Forest Supports Zetas Poleshift Data Zetas Are Before Its News Superstars! Excellent Track Record On Nibiru, Poleshift, End Times, Earthchanges, They Recommend Houseboats, And Tiny Houses, Earthlings! If you don’t learn how to save seed, and put this into practice, you will not have a garden in the Aftertime. Starvation and even cannibalism are the alternatives, as described in this chapter of the Finegan Fine story called Zombies which describes city dwellers who wait to be rescued from starvation – a rescue that never comes. Pole Shift Cleartalk: Will You Be Waiting For A Rescue That Never Comes??? Is It Sinking In, Signs Are Everywhere! Two Main Reasons For Worldwide Plane Crashes And Emergency Landings Affect You Already Big Time

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