Zetas Advise Humans On Travel Restrictions To Come, Caused By Planet X/Nibiru

Zetas Advise Humans On Travel Restrictions To Come, Caused By Planet X/Nibiru

Earthings… most of you cannot envision what may be happening… travel restrictions indeed!

Fireball Rain From Nibiru Going SKYWIDE Soon?!!! Ancient Text Describes Nibiru Passby: Kolbrin Describes “The Event”: Zeta Research And Others Back Up This Theory,


I have tried to consider the position of the next president of the U.S., assuming it will be Al Gore or another Service-to-Other human who feels an obligation to notify the public of the impending passage. One can quickly foresee the potential ramifications of such a notice. The Zetas have mentioned small survival groups is the desired solution by the Puppet Master, however, if the planet is officially informed of the passage it seems to me, as a Service-to-Other leader, he/she would feel a need to be proactive in relocating the masses from the coasts and setting up these diverse, small survival groups. It takes about five seconds of thinking about that to realize the virtually insurmountable problems that must be overcome in that scenario. Organized transportation, enough safe land to relocate to, diverse infrastructures such as food production and distribution during the transition, sanitation, security, Service-to-Self individuals, etc. A nightmare to be sure. Can the Zetas tell us what goes through Gore’s mind and that of other leaders who wish to help others survive?

We can tell you the plan, loosely. They intend to honestly inform the public of what is likely to occur. They will explain that social services as they are known today will not be possible. Government will do what it can, but it cannot do the impossible. Government was never setup to do what would be required, so should not be expected to operate as a rescue operation. People must rely upon themselves, and help each other. This will be the announcement. People will be advised to leave the coast. Travel restrictions will be imposed to prevent looting and invasion of private citizens’ homes from happening. Thus those with family or friends willing to take them in, inland, will be allowed to travel from cities, others will not be.

It is the wish of Al Gore that busloads of people in cities be taken to rural areas where they can at least forage, disbursed in this manner, but this plan is unlikely to get cooperation from state and local government and thus will fail. State and local government will be the deciders in the end, as federal government breaks down during the last weeks. The US military will be in the main returned to the continental US, with the enlisted allowed to return to their homes to be with their families. In this way, the soldiers are less likely to become armed gangs, and will become defenders of their homes and families, at least so it is hoped. Those trapped in cities are likely to force an escape at the last minute and flood the rural areas around the cities, in any case. We have advised, repeatedly, that those hoping to survive make their plans early, make their moves early, and have a strong footing in a rural area for the days when travel restrictions might be imposed. This advice still stands.


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