Earthlings Wake Up!!! Earthquake Chart 2003-2015 Now Heading Off The Charts! Zetas Say Nibiru Entered Solar System In 2003 And North America Is Ripping Apart Triggering Further Global Shifts!

Earthlings Wake Up!!! Earthquake Chart  2003-2015 Now Heading Off The Charts!  Zetas Say Nibiru Entered Solar System In 2003 And North America Is Ripping Apart Triggering Further Global Shifts!


Something happened in 2003 that changed affected the earthquake pattern until then.


Do you see that incline of earthquakes, earthlings…

Do you realize that we may be entering a Nibiru-triggered pole shift, which will result in massive flooding…. already you do notice the volcanic eruptions… are you expecting THAT to just go away… if anything THOSE and the EARTHQUAKES are also a sign, are they not… a sign, to PREPARE.

Calling All Modern Day Noahs, It is Time To Get Busy! Scientific Earthquake Data Supports Zetas Nibiru Theory: 2015-2016 Nibiru Flyby Guesstimate

You do not have to build an ark this time Noah…. but a houseboat, or pithouse, might be a good idea.

Zetas Are Before Its News Superstars! Excellent Track Record On Nibiru, Poleshift, End Times, Earthchanges, They Recommend Houseboats, And Tiny Houses, Earthlings! 

North America Ripping Apart

  • New Madrid Fault Line, When Will It Snap? – ZetaTalk

    Complicating the torque is the fact that the N American continent is held rigid at the …the N American continent in a diagonal, a stress the Zetas call the N American Rip. …Detroit and Milwaukee, at the end of the St. Lawrence Seaway yawing.

  • St. Lawrence Seaway – ZetaTalk

    Aug 28, 2010 – Based on three ZetaTalk notes: North American Rip (February 10, … of the St. Lawrence Seaway will occur during the New Madrid adjustment.

  • N American Continent – Earth Changes and the Pole Shift…/prelude-to-adjustments-of-namerican-continent-th…

    Apr 8, 2012 – Per the Zetas sequence during the 7 of 10, 7 of 10 Sequence, what is … Prelude to Adjustments of N American Continent: The evidence is here. … N Americancontinent in place than before, and (9) the New Madrid gives way”. …. Wisconsin is in the stretch zone due to the spreading St. Lawrence Seaway.

    I am not sure even if humanity can together, that this is something we can avoid… or that will go away… that  worked for awhile… our species could avoid things, and those things would go away… really look inside for confirmation on these and all words, thoughtforms, and all vibrations.  Since love is the answer to everything, then perhaps love too could be the answer to a large magnetic dark sun causing our planet to stop wobbling and shifting, or maybe this experience is part of both our destiny and Gaias as well

It is not my intention to lead anyone astray… already there is a GROUNDSWELL of inspiration towards alternative dwellings… watch for the cookie cutter approach to not really work out well… basic sustainability will pay off high dividends in 2015.

Right now our greatest investment is in love in action.  If love is the answer to everything, then love is the answer to what the frick a person is supposed to do as civilization falls apart, and the planet is about to start shaking like never before…. some will go crazy… some will become zombies… some will eat their own limbs… but those who will survive and thrive, are those who choose love.

Affirmation:  Right now I join my love with the ascension of the multiverse, and I say hello to the viewers on the other side of this reality! I came  here to experience 3D… to eventually get bored… and then to remember that I came from the Light, as we all do…. I walk with peace and beauty close in my heart forever more…. aho!  *And I wont be such a lazy ass, both easily distracted, and cast off my game. Aho!

Indian in the machine


Nibiru Pithouse Society – Nibiru Consciousness, Alternative Dwellings, 12th Hour Preparations Do Not Delay Getting Involved:  Contribute your resources:  land, money, labour, supplies, USA and Canada

Mandate:  People who are aware of pending major earth changes, are coming together to live closer in unity with mother earth and all beings.

We share:  We share this concept for the sole purpose of helping people get their personal dwelling together.  We invite YOU to take a leadership role… organize something… attract people who can all work together for a common purpose… I am certain if you focused on this, that you would eventually have your own pithouse… that is how the process of creation goes.

Who wants to be in a cozy pithouse or some other alternative dwelling, with fresh greens, supplies, heat source if needed, clean, dry, relaxed and healthy…

Or maybe stranded on the freeway with no place to go, knowing the clock struck 12 a few minutes ago…. do you feel there is enough food in the grocery stores for a mouse at this point… think and then feel… the answer is love.

Last Time Noah Built An Ark, This Time You Could Build A Pithouse, Or A Small Portable Living Space, Or A Houseboat

If you are bored in life, why not expend resources in alternative housing… and the people!

Watch for our Kiva investment program, and see how for very little money, we can all share our resources.


Nibiru Pithouse Society

If you would like to thank me for the wake up with a paypal cheersburger… click here, and I will include a song right back at you.  Very few choose this open, I hope you do. 🙂

Indian in the machine

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