Is It Sinking In, Signs Are Everywhere! Two Main Reasons For Worldwide Plane Crashes And Emergency Landings Affect You Already Big Time

Is It Sinking In, Signs Are Everywhere! Two Main Reasons For Worldwide Plane Crashes And Emergency Landings Affect You Already Big Time

There are two new main reasons why planes are crashing or having emergency landings:

1.  According to Leuren Moret, world renown radiation expert, high-level radiation from Fukushima and other sources, slowly building up in high atmosphere, is slowly dissolving the planes.

Fukushima Radiation Now Destroying Airplane Metal At High Altitude! Emergency Landings Are Now Quickly Escalating

2.  According to Zetas, we have electrical problems coming from arc-ing from Nibiru’s tail, with earth’s magnetic field.

Zetas: Earth Compressed Rock Arc-ing With Nibiru’s Tail Bringing Down Electric Grid, Electronic Plane And Satellite Failure And More!

There is a new app out, that predicts plane crashes, but I highly doubt radiation and Nibiru are factored in. 🙂

If you are expecting business as usual, I assure you, you are misleading yourself.

Zetatalk: ” All Satellites will be torn from the skies during the Pole Shift”

The changes will continue to intensify until the quantum shift:

****Fluctuating Earth EMF Throwing Earthlings Off Balance****, New Earth Birthing, Dimensional Wavering Affecting Sight/New Lifeforms In Vision

Imagine The Fifth Element Added To World Human Health Maintenance!: Historical Angel Message On Maintaining The Human Aura

Galactic Federation On: 1.Global Currency Reset Update 2. Magnetic Flux Brain, Blood And Heart Health Effects

Zeolite Can Assist With Nibiru Flyby Health Turbulance

Nibiru, Geomagnetic Storms And Our Health… Is There A Connection?

The weather on our planet has permanently shifted… expecting the food system to go ‘back to normal’?

Major Worldwide Crop Damage Coming? Earth Science Catching Up To ET “Earth Is Entering Mini-Ice Age” Theory

This prayer paves the way for your elevation to higher frequencies, try it if you are depressed, apathetic, low energy, unmotivated, feeling lost, feeling no direction etc.:

Breaking Ascension News! Sananda (Jesus) And Archangel Michael Say Ho’oponopono Prayer Clears The Way For Ascension

Stay safe out there and surrounding yourself always with white Light of Creator… you have Nibiru to deal with, whether you know it or not, or believe it or not. 🙂 You also have radiation to deal with, whether you know it or not, or believe it or not.

Both macro magnetic disturbances and radiation can be dealt with, by going through a lymph flush and heavy metal cleanse…. both of which are accomplished in many ways, including the ionic foot bath (the i.f.b. plates are sold at my site)… which is becoming a known safe way to deal with these matters.

Indian in the machine

Select Nibiru Links From Before It’s News

  1. Spain: NATO plane crash kills 10, injures 21

    euronews-11 minutes ago
    A French serviceman severely injured in a plane crash at a Spanish military base has died in hospital bringing the death toll from the accident …
    11 Dead in Greek Plane Crash in Spain
    Voice of America-9 hours ago
  2. Man who died in Owen plane crash identified

    Marshfield News-Herald-2 hours ago
    A single-engine plane crashed north east of Owen on Center Road. … who died as the result of an airplane crash near Owen Monday morning.
    Friends flying to Alaska when plane crashed in Wisconsin Press-45 minutes ago
  3. Fears of light plane crash near Bulli

    The Daily Telegraph-3 hours ago
    POLICE and rescue crews will continue scouring the escarpment near Bulli after a light plane reportedly crashed in fog last night.
  4. Small plane crash reported near Washington state naval base

    Reuters-22 hours ago
    The U.S. Coast Guard also received a report of a possible airplane crash near Seabeck, spokeswoman Amanda Norcross said. The Coast …
  5. Plane crash rescues caught on video near Hawaii hours ago
    A pilot ditched a Cirrus SR22 plane near Maui, but the company that … in Tracy and then he headed for Hawaii, but crash landed off of Maui.
  6. Eight French, two Greeks killed in NATO plane crash in Spain

    Reuters-Jan 26, 2015
    “The plane lost power, crashing into the parking area for planes, … and Italian Alpha Jet planes were parked when the plane crashed, the …
  7. NEW INFORMATION: Victim ID’d in Clark County Small Plane Crash

    WSAW-19 hours ago
    The plane crash victim’s son confirms to a Michigan TV station that Pastor Martin Siegwart of the Boon Baptist church in Boon, MI was killed in …
    Wexford County pastor killed in Wisconsin plane crash hours ago

    Explore in depth (29 more articles)
  8. Three adults, one child rescued from a second single-engine plane 

    KHON2-Jan 25, 2015
    The U.S. Coast Guard says it responded to a second plane crash on Sunday off of Barber’s Point, approximately 11 miles west of Oahu.
  9. 90-year-old survives Fernandina Beach plane crash minutes ago
    According to the police report, the plane’s pilot, Walter McFadden, 90, was having back problems. He attempted to land at Fernandina Beach …
  10. More victims recovered from AirAsia plane crash site

    euronews-Jan 24, 2015
    Victims of the AirAsia jet that crashed into the Java Sea last month are transferred from a helicopter to a military aircraft. Indonesian divers on …

    EasyJet plane en route to Bristol makes emergency landing in 

    Daily Mail-Jan 26, 2015
    An easyJet flight was forced to make an emergency landing in Amsterdam after smoke was reported in the cockpit. The Airbus A320 was flying …

    Watch: Plane deploys parachute for emergency landing in Pacific 26, 2015
    A pilot who used an aircraft parachute to make an emergency landing near Maui, Hawaii when his plane ran out of fuel was rescued by a cruise …

    Jet headed to Dayton makes emergency landing

    Dayton Daily News-Jan 25, 2015
    A United Airlines regional jet headed from Washington, D.C., to Dayton Sunday, Jan. 25, 2015, made an emergency landing in Bridgeport, …

    Hot air balloon in emergency landing after ‘hitting power lines’ at 

    Herald Sun-43 minutes ago
    CHOPPERCAM: Hot air balloon has crash landed at #Strathmore after hitting power lines. No one hurt. #7NewsMelb …

    Garuda flight makes emergency landing after damage to wing

    The Straits Times-Jan 26, 2015
    A Garuda Indonesia flight departing from Manokwari in West Papua to Jayapura in the eastern tip of Papua province was forced to make an …

    Virgin Atlantic VS43: Watch moment hero pilot makes emergency 29, 2014
    Mr Crane, who was with family and friends, said the crew kept everyone informed, adding: “They said it was an emergency landingand we had …

    Plane makes emergency landing at Aberdeen Airport

    Aberdeen Press and Journal-Jan 23, 2015
    A plane had to make an emergency landing at Aberdeen International Airport this morning – because of a funny smell in the cockpit.

    Bristol easyJet flight forced to make an emergency landing after 

    Bristol Post-Jan 26, 2015
    Passengers on flight EZY6238, many believed to be from the Bristol area, were forced to deal with an emergency landing at Schiphol Airport …

    Coast Guard chopper makes emergency landing in Target parking 22, 2015
    Video courtesy of motorsports Pearland, Texas caught the emergency landing after a U.S. Coast Guard …

    Pilot hailed for Gatwick emergency landing says he was just doing 

    The Guardian-Dec 31, 2014
    Passengers disembark from the Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747 at Gatwick after the emergency landing. Photograph: Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images.


9 thoughts on “Is It Sinking In, Signs Are Everywhere! Two Main Reasons For Worldwide Plane Crashes And Emergency Landings Affect You Already Big Time

  1. I am chiming in here………..Fear is what we create by ignoring the real issues we are facing as a global community, the first step in co-creating a solution is addressing the very real issues we face today.

  2. Wow! Interesting response. I require authenticity. I offer Love & Light! I am full of Faith and knowing in God as I have a son that died and came back. I’m sorry you took my observation as criticism, it was not my intention. I look forward to reading your site as you normally offer very positive information that intrigues me. I am a highly, sensitive being that feels others energies and illnesses and by the grace of God he offers me guidance to help heal them, when needed. I do not watch the news for that reason and many others. So for me I am highly sensitive to what “appears” to me as information that could cause fear in people. Not sure I explained this well enough to get your forgiveness in what is miscommunication or understanding but I hope you do.

    1. Heidi, yeah I get miffed… after years of helping you, that’s all you got to share back is to tell me I am not positive enough for you… you’re not a sensitive as you think you are… yes I forgive you, but c’mon… where is your positivity other than telling people you haven’t met, that we upset your sensitivities…. Dieter

      1. Thanks Heidi, I love you too… this is real world stuff here… not fluff at all… this is the stuff from my heart and others hearts… this site is a gift… I doubt if anyone criticized a gift at christmas around the tree, it would go over wellj…(“oh deary this dress is just not zesty enough for me ya know???”)… let alone a HEARTfelt gift… my site is creating multiverses right now… as our lives which are under a very large microscope of all of Creation…. This site has taken at least 500 lifetimes to develop… it is the best I can and have, I have offered it to you and anyone who resonates as a gift. This site is a gift to me too… this site is beyond words… so I’m already laughing at this conversation… hang in there… pay attention… if I do have a vision, it is that world peace is achieved… ascension… galactic reunions… I know I will be meeting many in spirit and the physical, who have been assisted via this site… it is all good. 🙂

  3. I normally love your site but it seems lately it’s more about instilling fear. We do not need to prepare for the end of the world as you know it is not the end of us! “Home” heaven is where we will be which is what most of us yearn for anyway.

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