Earth Is One Of Two Freewill Planets: Beautiful Galactic Update: Study Notes From “The Group” October Broadcast

Earth Is One Of Two Freewill Planets: Beautiful Galactic Update: Study Notes From “The Group” October Broadcast  

Here a few highlights from the latest energy update via Group message via Steve Rother…

-Balancing of masculine and feminine.

-The last time this happened our universe was born

-It is happening now

-A change in direction over last 4 years in particular, have been incredibly dense

-Many have wrestled with this

-Many have dared to pass the door that we created for ourselves to go home.

-Many came in with ‘healer’ energy

-There are advances in humanity in general… physical bodies changing

-Vagus nerve, that helps us to feel things… gut reaction… all do do with Vegas nerve and evolution of that nervellkkk

-Boundaries between each other is coming down

-We are coming into balance of male/female, in environment of polar opposites… many are invested in one or the other but not both together.

-Many invested in masculine dominance of planet earth are acting out at this time

-Start to see larger picture of how you are alike, instead of how you are different… a little bit against our nature, because we came in with this anxiety

-There is an energy change coming

-In late march of next year all of humanity can shift

-Many are now revaluating everything in your lives

-Many came in with incredibly sensitive Vagus nerves, to do healing energy

-Many have place ‘doors’ to go home… phantom deaths… we set up before we were born, planeted seeds of ill health, ‘to go home’.

-All humans will have an opportunity to ‘reset’ their opportunities to go home

-If you are ‘done’ you will be presented with opportunities to leave

-We are in one of two planets of free choice

-We have photons growing in our bodies at this time

-Many of you are tired

-Many of you know friends who are leaving

-Death is a returning home of a spirit

-Many of you have planned early exits

-Now and to end of March, we can reset these exits

-Highly charged particles hitting earth to assist with this process

-Some may be going through ‘phantom deaths’

-Examples… close call in traffic… “I could have died”….

-Celebrate these moments… part of contractural arrangements we made with planet earth, as part of pretending to be human

-Most will choose to stay

-If you come home tomorrow you will be celebrated…. it doesn’t make a difference how long you stay

-Many are excited about carrying more light and spirit in body… returning to lightbody

-You are on a free choice planet that is an emulation of home

-These are the times to reanchor

-The transition home is only difficult if you do not know what to expect

-Death is an energy travel from one dimension to the next

-All relationships under scrutiny at this point

-We are moving into an empowered society

-You have already changed all that is

-The physical body is changing… getting more sensitive to energies, like never before

-More senstive to gluten

-Grocery stores adapting to new needs of humanity

-This is a time of reset… this is the grand reset of humanity

-If you decide to go home, no one is forced to stay

-We are relieved of our old contracts… and may create new contracts

-Those karmic contracts have been released… at least the magnetism

-We have already been successful on earth… we have won the game, and are building a whole new one.

-Many are here to be of service during the grand reset of humanity

-Heaven is not “up”… it is everywhere

-You do not need to struggle, the path of least resistance will appear

-Let go of the things you hold on to, for the sake of holding on



IITM:  Very helpful info from the Group team…I can relate to the doorway or phantom death… I almost drowned a few years ago… I had made that choice that I want to live…


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