Archangel Michael,”Join Us In Creating Peace On Earth By Feb. 14/15

Archangel Michael,”Join Us In Creating Peace On Earth By Feb. 14/15

Dear earthlings, we have another window of opportunity coming up on Feb. 14, for world peace.  Sure we could have had peace, or can have peace at any point, but these windows represent portals of opportunity.  Sure many earthlings are jaded about these dates that come and go with ‘nothing ever happening’.  Earthlings, if you have these thoughts, then it is you that needs to do more, not other people.  So many people think they can whine, steal, blame, and be a victim, on the path to love… this is true, these are the obstacles to overcome, to embody the presence of love.

Why is love such a hard sell on earth?  It is because people have been so much fear, that is all some people believe they know.

“Heaven To The Ears” With World Tribal Spirit Music, “A New Man Is Born, Multidimensional… One Who Lives In Peace”

We are richer than most are willing to believe too:

======>We’re Rich!!!!! Humanity Lives In A Mansion With Unlimited Resources, And Servants… Here Is What Happens Next!

Reality as is commonly projected, is a sham:

Galactic Federation “You Need To Let Go Of This Reality” Calls Earth Elections, A Sham

The cleanup has to happen:

Your Health Situation In 2015 May Involve Three Issues: Lymph Flushin’, Restore Body pH, Normalize Weight

If love and peace and harmony and all that good stuff, is good enough for all of Creation, then surely it is good enough for you and this planet… gee ya feel?

And now… AAM’s message via Linda Dillon reposted below… peace in!

Indian in the machine


archangel-michael-desktop1This document is one that Archangel Michael channeled through me on Oct. 8, 2012. It came out in one continuous flow.

A reader has asked me to explain the derivation of this document. On An Hour with an Angeltoday, Archangel Michael asked the Achieving World Peace Now! team to create a video in aid of world peace.

I asked him if he would channel a Declaration of World Peacethrough me that could form the basis of this video as he had channeled the Declaration of Human Freedom in February of 2011 in aid of World Freedom Day. Within an hour of concluding the interview, this declaration came pouring out.

Oct. 8, 2012

Peace is the cry of the soul, the song of the spirit. Peace is the natural condition of the world, the place to which all things return. Everything yearns for peace and everything rests in peace. Peace is the place to which this world journeys. Nothing can stop it from reaching and realizing peace.

There comes a time in the affairs of worlds when the forces of disintegration can no longer resist the forces of attraction, when hatred and division can no longer overpower love and peace. There comes a rebound in the councils of worlds, a pushing back from the people which none can stand against or fail to honor.

At this time, the people of Earth will see an outbreak of peace, overpowering all that divided, wounded, and killed. It has been decreed by the Highest that the Earth, after eons of wandering in the ways of havoc and war, shall once again return to the ways of peace. Against the wave of love that is sweeping the Earth, political and military leaders will prove powerless.

The people have gathered in Consciousness and have spoken words in Silence which none can ignore. They say that war will no longer be tolerated on Earth and the heavens have responded. Soon weapons will no longer work on Earth and the time when swords will be rendered into ploughshares will be here.

How to prepare for peace? Peace is a condition at the essence of our being which works its way outward and surfaces in universal love and harmony. All we must do is remove the obstacles to its rise and flowering. Peace is a choice and a surrendering. Peace is a determination and a remembering.

Peace is more than a refusal to bear arms against each other. It’s a resolve to allow each his or her fair share, his or her turn, his or her chosen path and goals. Peace is one of the divine qualities and grows in the same garden as they do: joy, compassion, love, harmony, unity all come along with peace like roots of the same creeper.

Now is the time declared from old when peace will again reign on Earth and humankind will return to its original bond of lovingkindness with all that swims, walks and flies. The children of Earth shall make war no more. The children of Earth will come together in loving council and restore the Garden of Eden that this planet was, is and shall be.

Never more on Earth shall the guns of war sound. Never shall people scream and die in agony. A new age is upon us that shall see harmony and beneficence restored, never to be lost again. The grand experiment is over and much knowledge has been gained. But the time has come for this blue planet to return to heaven and for heaven to return to Earth.

Every knee shall bend in love to the One. No one shall again be master over another save the One. The endless journey upon which all are embarked to return to the One will again proceed by a straight and open road. All that was crooked will be made straight. Now is the time for the curtain to fall on a world at war and for the curtain to rise on a world at peace.

Join us in creating Peace on Earth by Feb. 14, 2015.

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