Historical Phoenix Journal #1 “Sipapu Odyssey” Portrays First Ascension Wave BEFORE “The Event”

Historical Phoenix Journal #1 “Sipapu Odyssey” Portrays First Ascension Wave BEFORE “The Event”

1.  The Phoenix Journals are some very significant documents for earthlings, many of which were authored by ETs…


2.  The first wave of ascension may happen on the date given by master teacher, Matt Kahn:

First Wave Of Ascension On September 27, 2015? Prep., Comments, And Considerations

3.  Yes timelines have shifted… but there is a first wave ascension date nonetheless:

Ascension And Event Dates Come And Go… The Thing Is…

4.  Sipapu Odyssey is the only journal given to humanity in FICTIONALIZED FORM, out of more than 250 journals… that is because they said humanity sometimes only accepts truths, when they are in fictionalized form… and we prefer to “tune out the bad stuff”, as a way of life… which is not working in our favour.

Phoenix Jouranl 1
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By Dorushka Maerd
  114 pages (67)
“This journal which comes in ‘fantasy’ format is, in fact, TRUTH in every measure…”

“It was decided that we would first bring forth an ‘acceptable’ story line that would bear a particular message to the ones awaiting instructions and the knowledge that the time of final instructions and ‘countdown’ is at hand…”
This journal is about the adventures of three people and their encounters with Native Americans of the Sipapu and their Space Brothers. It describes their amazing experiences after showing up at the Nevada nuclear bomb test site for a protest.

You will also find revelations large and small. from the ancient past and the future. A fantastic, fun “fantasy “.

The Sipapu is the opening (gateway) through the Kiva to the “nether” lands of the ancient Anasazi Indians and their descendants in the south-west. This sensitive love-story of the “end-times” brings together a re-turning tribe of the Ancients from the past, a Pleiadian Space expedition from the “future”, and some “awakening volunteers” from Earth’s pre-sent. The plot climaxes with a “Gathenng” at which many “Masters” from the higher realms speak about the Prophecies and Revelations in these end-times. This manuscript was written in early 1987

This was THE first work by “dharma”, thought to be a Fantasy but now appreciated as the beginning of an en-Light-ening Reality Journey. With help from Little Crow of the Lakota, Dharma’s public mission of translation for Higher Teachers begins here.

Sipapu Odyssey was at one time in the early stage of being made into a motion picture utilizing the Pleiadian advanced technology of Futuronics.

5.  Sipapu Odyssey depicts a first wave of ascension happening at the same time as big disclosure gathering, which happens right before the big event!

6.  You may now know that the big event, may be related to a Nibiru-triggered pole shift event, that will WAKE HUMANITY UP, LIKE NEVER BEFORE.

Nibiru/Red Kachina Visible In South African Sky 05/26/2015? Review Red Kachina Hopi Prophecy 

7.  The name “Sipapu” is a hole in a kiva by which spiritual energy can pass through… does that sound a bit connected to “they will flee to dens of the earth”… the dens of the earth = pithouses, kivas… holes in the earth… caves… that sorta thing. Are you able to perceive that one day soon all this could be playing out, along with you, the reader, fleeing to a den of the earth?
Some subjects you may wish to brush up on, are:
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