Two major issues at play in the 12th hour: indecision and a lack of responsibility

Billions Soon Caught Off Guard, The Age Of The Spoiled Brat Is Over, Leaders Abandoning Ship…

Many earthlings sit on a threshold of indecision, and lack of responsibility, here at the 12 hour…. still choosing to be irresponsible, bratty, and waiting for someone else to make choices, while feeling victimized about the arrangement.

Meanwhile your leaders are prepared to abandon ship.

Your leaders have not demonstrated a recovery plan.

Your leaders at the top levels of manmade control basically hate your guts.

There is no courage in fake leadership… only force through circumstances.

Watch for infighting at the top levels.

Big egos are too distracted to help the little people.

Leadership is still running amuck, serving a fake entity called, satan.

Two major issues at play in the 12th hour: indecision and a lack of responsibility

Crying out for a Messiah to come and save you only marks that which is indecision and a lack of responsibility by an individual who still wants to be saved, who would hold that because they are spiritual seekers that this is enough, and they need not do anything to further their own advancement or solidify their own reality in these times.


IITM:  We can now see that making decisions might be a good thing if your society is on fire… also who is going to put up with anyone being irresonsible, when so many system come down… honestly and point blank, the age of the spoiled brat is over.  No one is putting up with whining, and when the crash comes, many children and women will be taking the lead from the men, who will be told to shut up and go blather in the corner, in some instances, where the old paradigm of male control, seeks to try it again… the control… the domination… all of that is almost completely done… we are all tired of it… the bullying… the pushiness… the harsh… it is not too late to be heartful for anyone, here at the 12 hour, each of us can do a Bruce Jenner switch, from service-to-self, to service-to-others… it is like a sex change for the personality.


If the ATM machines shut down, or if you cannot drive because roads or sudden floods begin… unexpected earthquakes, volcanic eruptions… the earth changing course, the earth wobbling further…and the magnetic flux too… that sorta thing… many people it is said by the Zetas, may will die when these things happen… we are not at that point though, we are at the threshold of a new consicousness… or death, which may look pretty good to some of the living if not already, especially if the zombies that may spring up from your neighbours, may be soon be looking for a meal… you know…. and you will walk by, perhaps you are hungry too… this is real talk…this is the world we have given ourselves… billions of people who know more about a celebrity, than how to grow food… real talk… you probably do not get this real talk elsewhere… on some level, I can feel the hunger in your heart for my words, the hunger for my intution to shine the way… you may trust my inner guidance in ways you do not trust your own guidance… that is not good enough to ascend… if you want be your true self, your inner guidance must be strongest of all your influences.


Spirituality is boring, so say the twerkers.

Spirituality is not fun, say the rock and rollers.

Spirituality is cumbersome, say the porn stars.

Spirituality is not a priority, say the workers.

Spirituality is a why bother, say the flashy designers.

Spirituality is not the answer, say the clueless.

Look at it this way, you or anyone, does not get out of this earth physical reality, with more physical reality… our challenge is not to reach for more of what is messing us up… the challenge now is to get real spiritual.

Spirituality… you know that thing so useful for all eternity, is making a comeback on earth.

Hint:  Spirit is everything not physical. Spirit is where we all come from.  It is a very comfy state of being we can certainly embody in these bodies… these bodies that we can certainly learn to restore… these bodies… some humans will choose to mutate into fifth dimensional humans… and some will choose more cheeseburgers in 3D, thinking that experience is yummy enough.

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