ET Zetas Guide To Safe Locations, Predicts Future India Flooding… Check Your Area Now

ET Zetas Guide To Safe Locations Predicts Future India Flooding… Check Your Area Now

As Nibiru continues to have an effect as our earth magnetosphere continues to clash and touch Nibiru magnetic field.

Zetas (And Crop Circles) Say Earth And Nibiru Magnetic Fields, Now “Clashing And Touching” …Is “The Event” Now Here?

I have often checked back to this helpful resource, which has predicted lots of things which are coming true… a case in point.  Listen to what the Zetas have to say about India… that it would flood in the end times:

I Clicked Zetas Safe Locations…for India:

Due to the compression of the Pacific during the forthcoming pole shift, India is forced under the Himalayan highlands, with a violent thrust of the Indo-Australian plate, which is strong enough to remain whole, yet the edges of which will separate from the surrounding plates so that it is free to move and slide under the Himalayas. Those in India will find, after the first strong jolts, that water is rapidly rising, coming in from the coast for those who live there, and coming from whatever area might be considered the lowland for those inland. Giant waves will not occur, just a rapid rise in the water, which will force man and animal alike to tread water for as long as possible, then drown. Those in boats will find a different scenario when the water reaches a height, as then vortexes, created by adjustments in the water, will capsize small boats and large alike. Those who would survive the coming cataclysms are advised to leave the lowlands, which in the case of India as well as western Australia, means leaving the country. Go high into the mountains, and out of reach of the turmoil that mountain building in the Himalayas will present.

Cities in the interior of India will not experience flooding until the hour of the pole shift, and then will be in shock. Unless our predictions, or some similar prophecy from a respected individual has warned the residents, they will have scant warning and no chance of escape. The last weeks, even rotation stoppage, will not bring the flood tide to these interior cities, though it will be clear that the passage is upon them. The flood tide will not be a crashing wave, as depicted in the movie 2012. It will be water rising, always rising, first along the rivers in the lowlands and then up through city street and then rising to cover the roof tops. Those in boats or clinging to floating objects will find the waters swirling, whirlpools developing suddenly, so boats will capsize and sink. The flood tide will close in on all sides of India, and meet in the middle, creating crashing waves in the center and rip tides as the water pulls back again. Drowning will be swift, and is fortunately painless, and for those with a firm belief in an afterlife can be faced with acceptance rather than panic.

Read more on the India situation


Now I am not suggesting that this is the hour before a pole shift as described here… what I am suggesting is that it could be very very soon…. and it could also be a precursor to the strong jolts… were the recent earthquakes the strong jolts…. or is that to soon comewe are in the strangest weather times in the history of our planet… so if something will happen, it might be sooner than later…

Look At How The Headlines Match The Zeta Description

Water Rising Relentlessly, Srinagar Resident Posted on Facebook

NDTV-Sep 8, 2014Share
Water rising relentlessly,” Vishen wrote, later expressing fears that old … “Old houses are expected to collapse as water softens up the weight …

Pakistan Experiencing Flooding And Strong Jolts!

India-Pakistan floods: Jammu bridge ‘snapped’

BBC News-9 hours agoShare
Hundreds of thousands of people in India and Pakistan have been left stranded as a result of the flooding, which has left at least 280 people …
  1. Strong tremors jolt Nawabshah 6, 2014Share
    NAWABSHAH: People ran for their lives into open spaces when the city and its adjoining areas were rocked by strong tremors early Saturday …

The Zetas Say This About Pakistan in 2011

What should be noted is that the flooding, ostensibly from rains, are worse than anticipated from the rains alone. What should be watched is how well the flood waters drain, and whether a drop in elevation is noted along the Indus River and its outlet into the Indian Ocean. The Earth changes we have predicted for this region have begun!

Check Your Location Now

 Indian in the machine


I have a feeling that Father God appeared to me as Shiva and Ganesh, so that people may pay attention to these messages, and to heart.

Behold! The Gods Have Returned (Ganesha/Lord Shiva): How To See Them Using Reflective Camera Effect


One thought on “ET Zetas Guide To Safe Locations, Predicts Future India Flooding… Check Your Area Now

  1. the law of conservation of matter

    all what exists (in any form, natural or not)
    is all what existed before
    and all what will be exsist

    Men gave up to build things, ice is melting.
    Women gave up educating, halted the water moving.
    They do not want to think, polluting the air.
    They produce much of waste and they do not let the rest of animals and plants do the work needed, contaminate the ground.

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