An Urgent Message for Mankind: “The 12th Hour Has Been Initiated”, From Cosmic Awareness Via Will Berlinghof

An Urgent Message for Mankind: ”The 12th Hour Has Been Initiated”, From Cosmic Awareness Via Will Berlinghof

That this Awareness has spoken already of the importance of this year 2015 and the next year 2016 as being the time where many events that have long been planned by both those who have held power for so long as well as that which is Divine Source, that these plans that have been long unfolding have reached a critical mass state, a point in which the events that are coming will indeed be shocking in nature, be challenging to the extreme, be of a nature that quite literally may destroy an individual, a society, or a planet. Do not underestimate how critical matters are at this time. That the year 2015 started very quickly indeed with that false flag event that is known as the Paris Shootings and that since that time, several weeks ago, many governments around the world are tightening up their hold, are initiating the final stages of their plan, a plan that is to see the utter enslavement and destruction of humanity. That this Awareness says it is no longer the 11th hour. Indeed this Awareness says it is no longer even the 12th hour. The 12th hour has been initiated and it is already several minutes past midnight, if you will. That this means that it is now time for those who have long been awaiting big events to make their decisions and choices in advance of any and all events that may well come to fruition in this year of 2015, that the time for dawdling and uncertainty is passed. The implication is therefore that those who have long known that certain events will come and have been anticipating those events, no longer have the time to dawdle, the leisure time to consider if things are happening or not, for they are happening all around you. They are happening in the personal events of your lives, they are happening in the local events of your life, the regional events, the national events, and most definitely the global events.

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It sounds like most people are going to be very surprised one day… it is not too late to prepare… at all levels, not just preparing with a bit of food, or preparing to find out who to listen to… or preparing with any half-assed attempt… nay… to get through these times to come, will take full dedication, focus and love… anything else will die off towards a certain death due to incompatible energies with the ever-rising frequencies of this earth environment.

A special thank you to other messengers of the important; you know who you are.

Indian in the machine


2 thoughts on “An Urgent Message for Mankind: “The 12th Hour Has Been Initiated”, From Cosmic Awareness Via Will Berlinghof

  1. love is ,,,but the human being has to learn what holy love is, the only learned , the sex love, nothing else, energy love is going to the heaven and first then the love power will go to the people on this manifest earth . my power goes up then love comes down see it on my web side. Janne.

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