You Raise Your Frequency, Or Are Highly Creative… And Others Attack You, Or Don’t Support You… Why?

You Raise Your Frequency, Or Are Highly Creative… And Others Attack You, Or Don’t Support You… Why?

Many of us have been raising our frequency, living our truths, paving the way… in a world like our’s, one might feel like others would appreciate our presence… instead people will attack, act out in rage, get real vicious, and want to pull us back down…  it can be rather shocking, especially when we are growing, evolving, being of service to others, standing in our Light etc…. why????

1.  Light In Others Triggers Jealousy, Rage, Frustration etc. – If you are in your Light, you  may cause others to look at parts of oneself that they wanted to have, but did not allow it due to:  Lost Will, Guilt, Ego confusion and Judgments against self.... all of these may have played a role in a person living their life as a shell of “what could have been”… The reaction of being in the presence of a person who has moved beyond personal limitations, may be jealousy, rage, frustration... all of these emotions and more, are directed at someone else… to ‘bring them down a notch’ if you will… that way the person who denies their own self… ‘won’t feel so bad’.

2.  People Don’t Feel So Great; They Deny Their Own Greatness – People who deny their own greatness, are actually in reality, not able to manifest as well, as someone who sees oneself as ‘great’…. greatness is a matter feeling good about oneself and one’s accomplishments.  So life feels very heavy and cumbersome to those who deny their own greatness… those who realize their own greatness, may manifest rather easily… to those who do not realize their greatness, this may seem unfair… after all, they are the ones who are carrying all the burdens!

3.  No Desire For Talents And Gifts – People who have little will to improve themselves, often falsely believe they will feel better, if others have no desires for gifts and talents either!… therefore the gifts and talents and presence, of those who have gifts and talents, are seen as a threat… perhaps the person, and their gifts and talents, will be discredited, or ignored… and most certainly, they won’t support someone else who is gifted or self-actualized…. geniuses are shunned… gossip, half-truths,  come in real handy here. 

4. Fear Of Being True To Self – People who avoid being true to self, will often be repelled by the originality in others… they encourage everyone around them to conform to some pre-existing social paradigm… anyone original is shunned, ridiculed etc.  These ones often spend all their time watching other people.

5. Lack of Heart – People who are heartless, simply cannot relate to the heart of another human being… they will rationalize in their minds that anyone living with an opening heart, is a fool, an airhead… certainly not very logical… unrational…  this is so that the inner lie of heartlessness being a comfortable way of being, is maintained.

6. Denied Rage of God – Anyone who reminds others of God, may trigger them to get real angry… and I mean… real angry… people have all sorts of issues that God has somehow forgotten them, or doesn’t think they are very important… anyone who reminds someone, who denies God, of God, may be a target for their wrath.

7. Observe yourself For Real This Time!…. if you put people on pedestals… perhaps you worship celebrities… if you are constantly measuring yourself against others… if you have issues with accepting yourself or others… perhaps ‘the gap’ of denial of your own greatness, is masked in your unconscious need to criticize others, not support others, to knock people down, to gloat when others seemingly fail at something… all in a failed attempt to equalize the playing field… in reality… you’re simply protecting your personal gap, where you have trained yourself, to not let any Light in… unfortunately you often project your unconscious shortcomings upon others, rather than to deal with your own stuff… the first step to halt this process, is to realize that it’s happening… observe yourself for real this time!

8. Creative People Have Become ‘Misfits’ Of Society – Because of all this… often creative people have become the ‘misfits’ of society and the ‘black sheep’ of community and family.   Look around… in extreme cases, creative people often have to prostitute themselves by selling their creations to a bored and jaded crowd who have denied their own creativity….  This crowd of uncreatives are often very unspiritual, hardened, heartless or closed-off in some way… and they often have jobs, where they have to follow orders, in order to get their rewards,   in order to get ahead in a world that no longer values God, spirituality, sensitivity, or love.  Notice how creative people are being treated and your personal reaction to them.

9. Are You A Champion of Mediocrity? – If you are uncreative and often see creatives as a threat, know it’s not a matter of taking power away from others… instead move energy, so that you can understand why you chose to close off to yourself, and then take action, to recover all lost aspects of self… along the way you will need to release all judgments of ‘greatness’… that ‘greatness’ isn’t ego…. the reality is that denied greatness, IS ego… how’s that for the truth?!

10. Support Those Who Are Creative, As Leaders –  Society is now being run by the denial of creativity, rather than the support of it.. you know why now don’t ya?

This article is dedicated to those who dare to ‘go there’, into their personal gap, and have rediscovered their own greatness through self-love… please share freely with non-judgment, compassion and support for others, who may be misdirecting energy, or who work to hard to seek energy outside themselves… or with other creatives who may need understanding.  There is room in our universe, for all of us to be great, together. 😉 

Indian in the machine is a blogger, trance drummer, recording artist and  waaaaay outside the box.



11 thoughts on “You Raise Your Frequency, Or Are Highly Creative… And Others Attack You, Or Don’t Support You… Why?

  1. What if you were married to someone who does not believe any of this and you know he is part of the PLAN but he has not discovered that…. for himself….How do you get done what needs to be done!! ??

  2. By calling “these people” ignorant it’s like calling an infant stupid we were all ignorant at a point and we awakened respond with love and not hostility so they may awaken too we are all connected in many ways.

  3. It took me YEARS to understand this..I kept trying harder to make the Ones closest to me better..sacrificed myself trying to help them understand and see the love and compassion all around. In return during my Ascension I got as you quoted…”wrath” I moved on from them..husband is now ex husband and I no longer need any other humans approval of me. My experience, the person in the most painful position was the role of my mother. I have made peace with it all and wise enough now to not go through the same door thinking someone new will answer. I am loving, caring, compassionate and a humanitarian and news flash folks, you can be all those and have BOUNDARIES. Yes, the B word…put them in place and hold yourself up to the beautiful standard you are. Back half of that word (boundaries) tells it all ..Use that Aries Energy. strength, drive, focus, masculine energy. It helps. Believe that. *hugs to all*

    1. Beautifully put. I have experienced being emotionally on-slaughted by most of those in my family, and others who were involved in my life. The more I evolved, the more I was brutally abused. Shocking, really. Had to leave the abusers behind.

      1. Thank you sandralouise1. I hope you are well and 2014 is a wonderful and loving year for you and those around you who treat you right. *hugs*

  4. Thank you for sharing this post. I seem to stir up hate and discontent everywhere I go and truthfully, I find it more and more difficult to convince myself to venture out there… into the world…even to write this comment. It’s painful to feel unwanted, unloved, unnecessary, and alone. Your post brings some comfort and understanding that allows a heart-shift to take place; I feel a little less picked on and a little more compassion for those whose shadows are triggered by me. So again, many thanks and may all beings be united in love. Ho.

  5. This has been true in my life since I was a tiny child – I was happy, always creating and exploring and my entire family, except my Mom, were always trying to harm me either physically or emotionally. I have recently watched Thomas Sheridan on YouTube explain the reality of the psychopaths (and “protopsychopaths”) who are all around us, but whose brains are structurally and functionally different from humans – this has been proven through MRI, CAT scans and other studies. One scientist calls them an “intraspecies predatory hominoid”: they lack empathy, conscience, remorse. They have no use for love, their joy comes from causing suffering and chaos, which they do very well, as we can see all around us. These are the so-called “elites” and their pathetic helpers. He says to stay away from these “people” because they cannot be changed by love – period. Others may become psychopathic by association with them and the need to survive in their systems, which include government/politics, business, finance, arts, sciences, medicine……………Don’t let these human-appearing beings harm you – see them for what they are and keep well away, even if they are your brothers and sisters or other loved-ones. A person of love and light does not deserve the treatment they will continue to receive, I know from my lifetime of experience, and now I understand WHY. Lots of information on this is now available – books are out like Sheridan’s Puzzling People, and Snakes In Suits- not sure of author. Thank-you, dear Dieter, for bringing this up. We all need to protect ourselves and our planet from these controlling beings, which perhaps we can when we all know how they operate, and work together with Divine (and perhaps the good ET’s) assistance.
    love always, el

    1. I’m learning to trust my body’s reactions when coming into contact with these “people” – > it’s difficult to leave the situation though as they can be incredibly controlling and often the chaos / cruelty doesn’t show immediately, But nowadays, my take is this – > they are exactly what they are = no change. So don’t go there, welcome new & loving folks into your life and ditch the humanoids!

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