“Heaven To The Ears” With World Tribal Spirit Music, “A New Man Is Born, Multidimensional… One Who Lives In Peace”

“Heaven To The Ears”   With World Tribal Spirit Music, “A New Man Is Born, Multidimensional… One Who Lives In Peace”


Oh my goodness, these guys are instantly my favorite recorded music after the first listen of the first few tracks…

Giving Thanks – incredible track… true guidance… honouring the spirit that allows us to be here.


Temple Step Project Pause Embrace the One/New Generation

“New Generations” Lyrics:  …the cycle of duality is closing… leaving behind old paradigms… and embracing ourselves as part of the whole… fractal expressions, with unified field of consciousness…. the power of the new generation… walk with an open heart and naked eyes, to something so vast, in this planet, in this solar system… inside this universe… in this present moment..  the cycle of being separate is closing…  a new man is being born… one who seeks to share energy in the spirit of co-operation… the choice is simple… do I choose love or do I choose fear?”  Lyrics from  https://soundcloud.com/temple-step-project/new-generations-temple-step

Embrace the one… I know the music gets real good, when I want to stretch my body and start moving…


Inti Wasi

Very well done… feeling…


Swept Away In Spirit

My own music, what can I say about this one… it is a spirit chant… more about feeling so swept away by spirit, when a person realizes that everything comes from spirit, by which the physical world is then the hologram of that spirit energy… all the power is in spirit which is the source of everything the five senses experiences… music too can reach places beyond the five senses… this track does that for me…. enjoy!  Indian in the machine

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