New Jobs Opening Up For Galactic Ambassadors In Every Which Way Love Can Be Imagined

Imagine Millions of Galactic Ambassador “Jobs” Opening Up Worldwide

New Jobs Opening Up For Galactic Ambassadors In Every Which Way Love Can Be Imagined

We make it all up earthlings… same as usual… with Creator.
Anyone who chooses can be a galactic ambassador in anyway you choose… create something new here, some shall resonate, and some shall not resonate… same as usual… we will have many startribes visiting earth… from all of Creation… it is an ongoing process that we are already in…. if you so choose, we need you, to rise up to this ambassadorship… it does require you to continue to uplift your frequencies, in a conscious way, as you activate the wisdom, power and love…. it does require you… to make the ongoing call…and to then watch for the signs as guidance along your path, towards more developed and conscious states of ambassadorship… this is all an experiment, so pay attention to guidance it is important. Earth is becoming a “blue star portal” by which many worlds shall access… imagine that we, earthlings, now have this privilege to further activate the multiverse, while hobknobbing with several lifeforms that are both physical, etheric or even non-physical.   It is a worthy goal to be an earth galactic ambassador… when the spaceships land, some will hide under the tables… and some will run towards the door… in either case, it is advised that you must ask Creator to confirm who it actually is… the eyes are a window by which the heart can feel… the heart knows truth by feeling… the eyes if they are under the ego’s domain, your own eyes may continue to trick you. During this ongoing cleansing process ego shall not dissolve… it shall be cleansed and loved… for this response creates the doorway out, just as sure as a raccoon tears a hole in a tent to find it’s way in or out… this process gets easier, of jumping into new timelines, new activated bodies… new technology learning curves, because the process leads us home… home within, is a state of complete ease… we can choose ‘home’ by living with complete ease and with full presence towards full service to the All… seriously earthlings… why watch movies about ETs, when they are flying around our atmosphere, awaiting the peaceful clearing of the world?  Let us envision millions of newly activated earth galactic ambassadors… *****Ommmmm******…. I’m looking forward to those food replicators… imagine having the codes to create the heirloom veggies and fruits of Atlantis or Lemuria, made perfect with no contamination from radiation or chemtrails? All of this awaits us and much more is continually unfolding. You do not need me or anyone to simply put out thoughtforms… the spaceships easily read them and can immediately respond… I’ve had readers share stories of the ships immediately responding to their desires for a visitation…  Uncle Sam in the united states, may have needed people for war… but Father Creator needs all his children who consciously choose to remain on earth, to embody peace, don’t you take it personal, but that is 100% peace.   🙂 -Indian in the machine

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