“Dear Creator God, thanks for the lessons in duality… but ya know… ‘no more illumintati thanks’… please guide me to a save zone for this transition if it’s necessary… I join in with you and the Heavenly Hosts, to clean up this earth grid of all harmfilled energies, that it be immediately neutralized… the Age of Aquarius is here!… With you and not against you, I imagine our entire planet surrounded in Violet Light of Transmutation… and I personally send streams of Violet Light To All Universes, as in invitation for friendly ET visitors to come and visit us…. those beings that we humaity, have documented in the sky for at least 60 years that shows that our space brothers and sister mean no harm….we can see them in the night sky as rainbow stars blinking blue, green and yellow….  and please and mucho gracias, help us quickly and immediately completely energetically balance out our planet, free energy for everyone…. I ask for this request to be magnified a billion times…. I would also like to fire up the new crystal grid system to connect high Atlantean knowledge to be used for the greater good of all, may this new knowledge flow into the heart of anyone receptive… I realize in these new galactic realties, that we are stepping into a whole new reality… I’m ready for something new… this old 3D reality has been a blast…, but I’m ready to stop being a virus on planet earth…. yee haa… be it!….AHO! … (more streams of violet light sending them out to radiate 24/7 to our earth energy grid, and all universes in the cosmos) Requesting full dna downloads to activate dormant dna….manifest now… manifest now… manifest now.”



  1. I find it amazingly sad that, with a simple observation by a 9yr old boy, he & 12 of his peers easily grasp the beautiful fact that “gods” are ALL myths that only exist through rumors&gossip, & understand how&why our cousins from the Civilization of the Universe are ALL Benevolent creatures in a mere 30 minutes, yet, even “learned adults”are unable to even begin to fathom this great, empowering FACT-even after decades upon decades of the same facts. Why have egotistical “adults” become So very close minded? “Adults” prefer to worship a mass murdering, genocidal “god”-spending years-even decades explaining away with utter nonsense their partly chosen “god”s (geography has much more to do with which god they worship than common sense)killing innocents-denying any and all reason.We’d be so much better off having 8 yr. old “leaders” than the current 35yrs. or older, close minded mass murdering/genocidal organized religionists we now have. What would you expect from a being who worships what he/she has become. Wars, famines, dis-eases-death itself-only exists in this upside down world. Every being in the Universe-with human like Consciousness is Benevolent-living in total peace and harmony with his celestial cousins of the Universe, exchanging created values with one another.

  2. Wow this has really started something… I’ve made several video clips for myself using this above image and saying my own prayers and also a video of me reading your prayer and now i am working on tweaking your prayer just a tiny bit to fit my words and feelings best. I watch these videos several times a day to amplify the effects WOW I’m so super grateful for this White Magic Trick and for your whole site here Dieter it really is an awesome site 🙂 thanks your friend in Red Deer

      1. my pleasure… hey the videos are just on an old disconnected blackberry of mine I’m not sure how I could upload them and get them to you but I will try… perhaps on your email… k talk soon 🙂

      2. Hey again ok so i just sent a FB message of the prayers… thanks again for this inspiring prayer I’ll say it again now while I’m here lol

  3. Myself and my children have been under attack now for some time, my daughter especially. Brothers and Sisters unite with me in my prayers for cleansing, healing and protection from negative dark forces. Please help us. Much love and light. Teia, Tahae & Arahia.

    1. Adam and Eve were born into leaderless society, how dare man become King/Queen/Top Ruling Leaders/Potus, etc… rule over us when they themselves are the same level as we are in the 3D plane, tax people on lands they dont actually own but God does. !

  4. Just time for an evolutionary leap. We can now choose to wake up and get out of the metaphoric sandbox as we are so much more with so much more to experience…………

    1. Hi brother, just want to know, if we here in the philippines are Covered by your sights and news. Hope you can also give us time. Wish to confess, i recognized the strongest emotions when i first saw you and your site…peace, light & love

  5. Yes I feel the consciousness awareness no more knowing that I thought I was something I was but the taxi there a cafe was. I heard a voice message by saying to me I am the 1 I know things at times are changing but what are we doing things eventually knowing that we know it we need to cancel

  6. Let us be kind and gentle to ourselves.
    Love is what heals all things.

    Breathe in LOVE
    Breathe in HEALING
    Release fear
    Release sickness

    May we continually seek to empty our cups with breathwork.

    1. IITM sounds like Aten (pronounced II-TeM). The god is also considered to be both masculine and feminine simultaneously (balancing of the energies). During the AmarNA period, this invisible source of ENERGY of the sun god IITeM; the god was not diplicted in anthropomorphic (human) form, but as rays of Light extending from the suns disk.

      I see your work here IITM as shiining rays of sunshine out to the universe. What a beautiful Light to be hold. The Sun is shining in this place.

      Thanks for letting me share.

      Love Geeta

    1. The Grid Will be Turned On December 28, 2012,Deep In The Hymalayan Mountains Are 33 Caves That is Covered in Gold And Platinum and 33 million Crystal Pods Right Now The Energy is only 33% but in December 28 The Switch Go ON 100%

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