Weather Channel’ “Rogue Planet” Show, Eerily Similar To Nibiru/Planet X Scenario; Pole Shift, Orbit And Weather Changes A’Comin’???

Weather Channel’ “Rogue Planet” Show, Eerily Similar To Nibiru/Planet X Scenario; Pole Shift, Orbit And Weather Changes A’Comin’???

From the 2012 “Weather” “Channel” “program”… on a “ficticious hypothetical” scenario:

“Science doesnt really know how things will play out”.

“A rogue planet suddenly appears in our solar system”

“Orbit of Jupiter affected”.

“Earth’s orbit changed instanteously”.

“Our climate would change gradually at first… but a slow motion global disaster begins to unfold”.

Weather Service Chief: We Face ‘New Normal’ of Extremes
March 21, 2013

The onslaught of wild weather that has battered the USA in recent years – from Hurricane Sandy and deadly tornado outbreaks to extremes of drought and floods – looks to be part of a “new normal” for weather patterns in the US.

Zetatalk: Weather Channel Explores Rogue Planet Doomsday Scenario
March 21, 2013

What if a rogue planet swept through the solar system, altering Earth’s orbit? Potentially, the death of all life on the planet, according to a new Weather Channel special. “Forecasting the End,” a new Weather Channel series exploring the possible results of a rogue planet fly-by. Rogue planets, or planets not linked to stars, may outnumber actual stars in the Milky Way galaxy.  Myths about “Planet X” or “Nibiru” hold that a stealth rogue planet is headed this way. The first episode of “Forecasting the End” focuses on what might happen in this very unlikely scenario. Potentially, scientists say, a planet passing by could alter the orbits of the planets in the solar system, making Earth’s orbit more elliptical.

Where did the Weather Channel’s scenario line up with the ZetaTalk description, and where did it divert? At the start of the feature is the admission that rogue planets, those which do not go round and round a sun but seem to sling through space, exist.  In 1995 when the ZetaTalk saga began, NASA et al would not admit to such planets, and ridiculed the ZetaTalk explanation. But by 1998 and 2002 NASA was admitting the possibility. Once again, ZetaTalk leads the way! The Weather Channel depicts their rogue planet as being smaller then Jupiter, but larger than the Earth. ZetaTalk states it is four times the diameter of Earth.


Planet X/Nibiru Is So Real This Is How They Tell Us!

Okay… breathe and first of all, always proceed with calmness, and presence… at least they are giving us hints that seem to be close to the truth as they know it.

Yeah… your heart knows what is truth doesn’t it?

Your heart knows Nibiru exists, and all focus on mindless distraction must come to an end…

Sorry Britney…

Our entire species, is now faced with a decision… do we remain distracted, and unwise, and unloving and unpowerful, or do we change the tune so to speak, and “get real spiritual, real fast”.

Only a balanced and present spiritual human being is gonna resonate with a purified planet.

That’s how it is folks… humans are not the main force anymore…

Only through presence is anyone really powerful.

A present and loving human being is the only powerful human being.

Your presence can contain the wisdom, power and love, that is needed to deal with this situation of Nibiru, that is already wobbling our planet.

Yes, our planet is wobbling.

The weather has changed for good… ALREADY!

Life as we all know it, is over.

Get it over it… this is a highly welcomed opportunity.

Admit it… you may be ready for “something”.

You are getting bored with the programming…

You are more ready for reality, than ever before.

Each of us has to snap out of the trance right now.

Every limitation that we believe, was put there, when we were entranced with a false authority.

Nibiru… is gonna change matters forever.

Is any distraction really worth your life at this point?

You can be a superhero now…

You can prepare to live, like you have never given yourself permission to live before.

It is all new energy for all of us right now.

Imagine life without the roads, atms, satellites, gas, and such.

Imagine that you have finished preparing and have settled into your new pithouse.

Visit and get up to date on matters:

A pithouse is a small sub-terrain dwelling that can easily be built, by a team of focused beings that want to live.

Feel free to start an independent spirited small regional group of the Nibiru Pithouse Society.  The reason you might want to do this, is because any dwelling above ground might be a tad challenging.  You might wish to have a dwelling that can withstand great winds or “something”.

A Gallery Of Nibiru-Inspired Shelters For Comfort And Survival 

Last time Noah built an Ark, this time you may wish to build a Pithouse.


Zetas: Earth Compressed Rock Arc-ing With Nibiru’s Tail Bringing Down Electric Grid, Electronic Plane And Satellite Failure And More!

The Most Important Movie Ever Made Is, “They Live”, And 2015 Reptilian/Nibiru Feb. Update!

Mysterious Booms Into 2015 Signal Arrival Of Nibiru, Towards Continental Rip-Related Pole Shift, So Say The Zetas

Earthlings, Prepare Your Body For Electrical Surges From Three Sources: 1. Photon Belt, 2. Solar Surges, 3. Magnetic Disturbance From Nibiru

Town Gets Sick From Planet X/Nibiru? Uranium Town Gets Mysterious Magnetic Sleeping Sickness

Last Time Noah Built An Ark… This Time You May Build A Pithouse

Zetatalk: November 23/14 Holland Crop Circle Depicts Nibiru-Related Severe Earth Wobble

Thanks for your leadership in these matters that resonate with you.

Indian in the machine

Feel free to support my presence on these matters… I’m looking forward to a nice pithouse with woodstove, and a sauna. Thank you for helping to make it happen with some digital dough… high fives mixed in with namaste. 🙂

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