Miracle $.99 Simple Everyday Body Paste For Detox, Radiation, Chemtrails, Cancer, Low Energy, And Candida!

(Well, when the body paste dries, it can look like this… the rest is up to you hehe.)

Miracle $.99 Simple Everyday Body Paste For Detox, Radiation, Chemtrails, Cancer, Low Energy, And Candida!

Dear world,

During these times of often painful releasing… and illnesses… people catching mysterious illnesses… lots of death and rebirthing energy these days, on all levels…emotional, mental, physical and spiritual… so thank you for spending a few moments with me… perhaps I can help with all that and much more, with this miracle body paste that I’ve been using with amazing results… so I’m sharing.

With this procedure you will not need to use soap ever again execpt for washing hands… you will smell better than soap; many soaps out there have an aging effect, so if you do use soap, make sure it’s a nice healthy soap made with love. ;)

You will need 2-3 tablespoons of each of the following three ingredients with enough water slowly added while mixing into a paste:

a.  Baking Soda

b.  Coconut oil

c.  Clay or diatamacous earth



1.  First shower or bathe in hot water for at least 15 minutes (For hydration, to soften up dead skin layer)… Scrub your skin at this step with a facetowel, or luffah sponge or something).

2.  After you are nice and clean, scrubbed or not…. apply this paste to your ENTIRE BODY!

3.  Add more water to your skin, as it dries out…. this will keep the paste soaking into your skin.

4.  After 20 minutes or so, you can rinse off with warm water.

5.  Your skin will be healthier for real… not because you are fooled with added moisturizers that come from a chemical labroatory… this is for real folks… the softness your skin will feel at this point, will be very noticeable.

6.  You will want to drink 2-3 litres of water afterwards to facilitate the flushing… well, hopefully you are drinking 3-4 litres of water every day.  This paste is safe enough for everyday, but listen to your body, it is designed to send us messages which we often ignore or cover up.


When you clean your skin this way you are actually cleaning your body in a very meaningful way… there is added benefit of pH balancing:

-Chemtrails and heavy metal detox via the flushing out of excess heavy metals.

-Candida and cancer both thrive in acidic environments… so when you pH balance, you will be dealing with your likely candida problem… most people have it ya know… it’s like the black plague for our times.

So folks… let’s summerize.. just by cleaning yourself in a natural pH-balancing way instead of an artifical non pH balancing manner… you can easily reduce the risk of cancer, the damage of chemtrails… low energy that often comes with candida or other parasites, and your body doesn’t have to break down… it will hum along like a new car…. this paste will prepare your body for higher frequencies, where illness doesn’t exist…. consider this body paste to literally save your life for about $1/ application! Did I forget to mention that you will look younger?

I’m fairly certain if you made it this far, this article has already changed your life forever.

Indian in the machine

I am a heartfelt service-to-others free-spirited blogger, musician and photographer, star messenger, and featured contributor at Beforeitsnews.com. If you find value in this article or other efforts to lift things up, feel free to make a financial contribution to support my income, and the balance of giving and receiving for both of us. Fun stuff. 😉

Joyful restorations!

Indian in the machine Check my list of higher consciousness health-related articles.

Ionic footbath plates can also assist you in reclaiming your body balance (North America only)



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