A Quick Guide To Energy-Sucking Vampirism, and Lost Souls

A Quick Guide To Energy-Sucking Vampirism, and Lost Souls

Indian in the machine


1.  An example of someone low in spirit but strong in will, is the illuminati.  They can very aggressively create in the physical, but have a low connection to inner source.  These ones will need to feed off the Light, because they actually turn away from their own inner light, and thus cannot see truth.  This group lives one big giant lie, together. They falsely believe their power lies outside themselves, and often they give over their personal power, to the group… for a price of course… many who make ‘deals with the devil’, find false comfort here.

2.  An example of someone strong in spirit and low in will, would be people who often try to respond to life’s challenges, with ‘more spirit’…. this group will tend to chant mantras all the time, and bang their drums, and on the outside appear to be ‘very spiritual’… but often they are compensating for their lost will, that they are challenged to acknowledge.  This group may seek those strong in will, to compensate for their own lack of will.  They may attempt to feed off those energetically, who are more balanced in ‘will’ and ‘spirit’.  Many of these group are found in rainbow/spirit gatherings and feel justified in their attempts to charm or manipulate others to take care of them, in exchange for a prayer or some “love”.

3.  An example of someone low in spirit and will, would be someone who is easily controlled…. these ones make great taxpayers, and slaves, as they rarely will disagree with the most disagreeable situations, provided someone else is making the decisions and coming up with the meat, bread and circus (sports and entertainment).  These ones love to follow others, since “it’s easier that way”, even if it means they follow their leaders to death and anti-Christ values.  Hearts are generally blocked, and ego rules the day… these ones often feel burned by God, and will self-identify as a victim of someone else, without ever claiming power over their own experiences.  These ones don’t believe in themselves, and thus will have trouble supporting those who don’t resonate with a life of inherent struggle.  These ones carry a burden of a lifetime of mind-control and slavery,  and never standing up for themselves or others.   These ones may not recognize their own slavery because they are so good at playing along with being a good slave, never stepping out of line, or challenging authority.

4.  Someone strong in ‘will’ and ‘spirit’, is basically a free spirit who is not controllable.  These ones are often a problem for others, because they are balanced human beings…. and many are threatened by their presence… and at the same time, drawn to their light like bugs to a streetlight.   All systems will “find” problems with these ones, because many systems are parasitic, and only thrive under conditions of control and slavery.   These ones may find reward in the balance, and do not seek to control others…. instead theses ones will seek ‘change” through example, intention, inspiration and knowing of self.   Those living in ego, have huge problems with balanced human beings, and their presence must be denied on some level, if the ego is to remain unchallenged.  Those who are strong in ‘will’ and ‘spirit’ will be invisible to those who seek the power of others, because to seek the power of others, is to demonstrate inherent weakness and connection to source.

I share these words as a mirror, not from judgment, but to assist those are reaching for the keys to balance the lost will and spirit, and to create understanding for those who are seeking to comprehend energy vampirism from both sides.

Reference and a book I’ve read over and over….

Right Use of Will 

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13 thoughts on “A Quick Guide To Energy-Sucking Vampirism, and Lost Souls

  1. You failed to add how to shield yourself from energy vampires. I just envision my body and aura full of bright white light and that will shield me. Or in worse cases I also add a “shield” of light or even mirrors facing outward if they mean me harm.

  2. The headline reads:
    A Quick Guide to
    “Energy Sucking Lightworkers
    And Lost Souls”.

    The article reads:
    A Quick Guide to
    “Energy Sucking Vampires
    And Lost Souls”.

    As a Lightworker, I am not impressed with your flippant exchange of words.

    You should research real vampires and educate your audience to the reality of these demons, that masquerade as humans and methods of protection.

    1. If you really want to know about vampires I strongly recommend to read ” The vampire of the Continent” by Ernst Reventlow

  3. I just finished reading this post; it speaks of truth.I am strong on the inside,but so many things that happen in my reality lately are happening on the outside,so this turmoil must be within too.I must be releasing the negative stuff still. When you think you have released it all, something else surfaces to be released.I allow it to be there, then let it go.Many people have felt my power, even over a telephone line,but there are some that aren’t even noticing me right now,some of these being my own children,which I attributed to what was going on in our family right now (most unpleasant).Does this mean that I am invisible to them right now because my vibration is so high or power,whatever it is called?They may seek to control the situation,but can not because I won’t allow it.

    1. This is all new to me except I have lived all of these challenges. Life will
      continue to challenge us and those paragraphs above helped me to
      understand the pulling of other people irregardless to your feelings; yes
      you appear a slave. I get it now.

  4. it can be such a challenge to be strong in both will and spirit… and while i embrace my gifts, they do have a tendency to also make me feel isolated and alone… overcoming so many earthly challenges while having “inner” gifts can at times be exhausting 🙂 thanks for all you do here!

  5. I’m not hiding any longer, I know what I know, I’m OK with that, Blessings to all ,we played our parts divinely.

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