HIGHEST RECOMMENDED READING! Rising Into Your Newly Expanded Co-Creative Roles – April Bender (via Higher Self)


April Bender (via Higher Self)

As last discussed, an infusion of highly refined, crystalline fire energy continues to saturate all local areas and/or dimensional levels of creation in its current state of Quantum Excitement or multi-dimensional potential. While much has been energetically “impressed” or imprinted within these new energies by those holding and emanating master key codes / codes of light or Dweller Consciousness, (as accumulated by successfully passing or ascending through various levels of spiritual initiation / experience during what some refer to as the Light-Body-Process LBP), there is still much work to be done in terms of pulling those newly impressed energies and/or thought-forms through the etheric / astral / subtle fields of existence, to give them life as a newly manifested experience or REALITY within the physical.

Therefore, Act II of this cyclical and seasonal process (think of the arcs on an ascending spiral – and the whole spiral itself as this Grand Ascension Cycle) will afford you and others the opportunity to rise yet again (similarly to last Spring but on a higher arc) into newly expanded co-creative roles. For you are being called, as the creator gods we know you to be, to finish the job you started at the Solstice, and to ANCHOR, manifest, or pull-through into the physical, all that you’ve recently impressed or imprinted within the newly refined crystalline strata permeating Earth and her / your fields.

For much like the threading of a needle, you’ve already designed, created and pushed a fine new colorful thread (your hopes and dreams for the new earth experience) through the eye of the needle, but now you must reach around the other-side (or external view / action) to pull that beautiful new thread fully through the eye-lit so that the needle itself can become fully functional and in turn, give birth to new forms of expression that are imbued with the qualities and characteristics of that glorious new thread you constructed. In this metaphor, YOU serve as the needle while the thread is symbolic of all that you’ve imbued or co-created energetically up to this point with your “impression” activities. The eye-lit serves as the nexus point between your inner / outer worlds and their forms of expression.

What all is involved in your new role?

Your new role, if embraced, will require you to co-create and/or express, in a physically tangible way, all that you’ve been energetically impressing recently and have been encoded with. Last year, I described this process as co-creative breath-work, wherein all that you’ve inhaled through your inner spiritual senses are synthesized (within body / mind) and then translated into the outer world via some form of personal co-creation or expression (out-breath). This is very much what is being asked of you again, but at a higher or more advanced level of initiative.

More than just service-to-others, your new role and that of others as luminous nodal points across the Higher Collective Mind / Web requires a service-to-ALL (the whole of creation) mentality, which can only be found within the Master’s (or adept’s) purified heart and seat / throne of divine empowerment (solar plexus/seed atom), which when united or properly aligned dwell eternally in the frequency bands of Unity / Christ / Buddhic / Atmic Consciousness. Therefore, in service of such higher or expanded states of consciousness, your new leadership role will require you and others to: step outside of your comfort zone at times; to interact, partner, and collaborate with others; to listen deeply, fully consider, and be flexible with others; to have the faith and courage to go it alone at times or to take risks; the vision and foresight to make connections that weren’t previously there and the voice to point them out to others; an ability to view all opportunities and interactions as “new and novel” so you don’t inadvertently miss an opening or pass a good thing by; and to have the initiative, creativity, and innovation needed to keep the momentum / magnetization of the collective spiraling onward and upward through the gates of ascension into a new age of evolution of being / experience.

For before you are endowed and ascend as full creator gods, many of you must first learn to wear your leader hats and build up those leader skill-sets (which some have been resisting), as well as let-go of any lingering self-doubts or delusions. While some are and have been doing quite beautifully with this throughout most of the overall ascension process / cycle, there are many many more who have not done as well as was possible. Especially those from the higher initiate, Master, or adept pool. This is not meant as a criticism but one answer (of several) to the question of “Why is the ascension process taking so long?”

Making the full shift from solitary or secret mystic to master / teacher

Due to the complications and discomfort experienced during the worst and last stages of the Light-Body Process (LBP) of personal ascension, many Masters over the last few years have closed themselves off into almost a hermit-like or anti-social existence, meaning they only get out when necessary. While at one time this allowed you as it now allows others who currently identify with this group, to more easily cope and integrate the adjustments taking place within their body / mind / spirit and to better anchor the energies into their morphogenic fields thus aiding in Gaia and humanity’s ascension in various ways, it is now time for all Masters to rise up and engage the world in a more direct and pro-active way, if they haven’t already. To re-find those voices they may have quieted for various and valid reasons.

It is important to understand that energy / light-work in and of itself is simply not enough, not anymore! As it is only one critical part of the equation. The second part is that of active love, unity, cooperation and collaboration as manifested through the relational aspects of physicality – as “the (spoken) word” and its vibrations and / or through works by “thine own hands” that others somehow engage with or experience. After all, this is how physical worlds are created and / or destroyed. Don’t you see how just by speaking aloud as your authentic, empowered, whole divine self you can literally build new worlds / experiences of reality through its sound, one vibrational ripple at a time? Imagine if you’re all out there doing it in pockets together, whether its online, in a living room, a staff meeting, grocery store, local park or protest lot, etc…? And even more potent is the manifestation of works by “thine own hands,” as you well know. Made in even more potent, when collaboratively co-created.

For those that continue to bemoan the fact that ascension has not yet happened in it’s full glory I must ask, “And what are you doing physically in your everyday earthly experience to make that happen? Are you truly giving it your all? Or are you limiting yourself by allowing yourself to wallow in all that you perceive as wrong as an excuse for inaction or very little action or expression? Or are you simply unsure of where to begin?” Again this is not a criticism or an attempt to cast blame but a gentle request for honest self-assessment. What is it that is holding some of you back from serving in the capacity that you know you came here to serve in? Are you perhaps discouraged by the pace of collective progress or by the way you’ve been treated in the past? If so, try shifting your perspective a little and you’ll see that the masses are much more ready than you might give them credit for. Also remember, mass ascension is not about dragging everyone into the light – it is about restoring balance first and foremost, so try and meet or see people at that level. See, now the job doesn’t seem quite so daunting does it? It’s also a much different time energetically now as you well know and you must trust that it’s safe and the right time to take action, that your energies will be much better received.

Openings and connections are and will continue to arise as a natural consequence of all Master “impression” or quantum energy work within and across the Collective Higher Mind, as well as impulses coming from the Great Central Sun. So quite literally, others will be drawn to you and you to them for various collaborative reasons (or one could call it a “strategic pooling of resources” for maximum effect).

You must also trust that as you engage on a physical level, your internal energy stores / fluctuations will actually level out and you’ll feel physically better because you’ll be expressing outward or continuing to move all the energy you take in, back out. If you don’t do this on a regular basis, you run the risk of drowning in the energies and that of all those around you. I cannot stress how important the out-breath is to not only the realization of the New Age but also to your overall physical health and well-being. If after a good co-creative out-breath you are still feeling ill or uncomfortable, examine your diet. Notice the things you are taking into your body on a physical, mental and emotional level. You may need to purify more to allow space for the newly refined crystalline energies. We are at the point now in the ascension process that aside from discomfort experienced due to external stimuli (solar flares, geomagnetic shifts / fluctuations, massive energy inductions, etc…) you should not be feeling everyday ascension symptoms – unless you are still attempting to carry too much baggage with you. Oftentimes, a slight shift or change in diet, perspective, or attitude can make all the difference.

Let’s look specifically at your own personal journey for a moment. Last year, you were prompted to create this blog as part of your physical out-breath. While you were heartily congratulated for having taken the initiative of coming out of your hermit hut and sharing my messages with a broader audience, there were several other important opportunities later in the year that you almost missed out on due to you reacting out of old fear-based patterns and your inability because of that fear, to clearly see the connection between the proposed opportunities and the Divine Plan. Paradoxically this happened even as you were gaining confidence and a new sense of empowerment as a result of the blog. Because of this lack of confidence or fear / anxiety, you found ways psychologically to try and defeat these opportunities before you ever gave them a chance. And sure, many of your reasons were based on valid past experience but that’s just it – life is not full of meaningless repetition – everything happens for a reason and therefore each separate instance or interaction should be taken as completely new and novel, even if it strongly reminds you of a previous experience! It is in this way that you will learn to transcend lingering conditioned patterns within self that hold you back from seeing the larger picture at times, and hence missing important opportunities. Unless red flags go up (in that case fully trust your intuition), you have to learn to let go of the past – and what I’m speaking of is much greater than specific events, circumstances, or people but lasting cellular and ancestral memories that include imprints of feelings of fear, alienation, or vulnerability. Luckily, as a result of all your hard work over the years, you were able to overcome your feelings of trepidation by recognizing them for what they were – irrelevant mirages of something experienced long ago, and the almost missed opportunities themselves turned out to be truly remarkable once-in-a-lifetime experiences that did have an impact to some degree or another, on the manifestation of the Divine Plan even though you couldn’t see the connection in the beginning.

Know that I mean this in the gentlest of ways when I say that before you or anyone can become a full fledged ascended master and creator god, you must first master those things that trip you up the most as part of your own personalreconciliation / reclamation process. For some Masters like yourself, it’s tiny little memory fragments of fear, alienation, or vulnerability that are coming up for final mastery or resolution, for others it will be fragments of arrogance, pride, vanity and / or self-preservation. But know, as a collective of Masters, you are very close to achieving full actualization of self / collective mastership – and that is why these last little remaining lessons are part and parcel of the challenge inherent in rising into your newly expanded leadership roles. It is of course, a litmus test of sorts and how well you are able to achieve mastery / resolution will determine how much success you achieve in your creative or expressive endeavors concerning the ushering in of a new age of experience on Earth, as well as greatly influencing how many more revolutions or arcs of the spiral up, will be needed.

Moving forward

For those Masters who have been doing well at this all along and who haven’t held any part of themselves back in the process, I say congratulations! And be prepared to see more opportunities, a rise in visibility, and expansions to the work that you are already doing. Keep an eye out for new connections, opportunities, and collaborative partners for many of those will be headed your way as nodal points (Masters) are magnetized more and more toward each other. These new or deepening partnerships could also include otherworldly / interdimensional beings, so be open to that possibility as well. Also, be prepared to re-frame or re-create some of the work you’ve already done in a way that attracts more people / souls / potential partners to you. While you may or may not be thrust upon the world’s stage (depending upon the soul), your roles will expand dramatically the first half of this year. The major theme or energetic thrust overall being one of cooperation, collaboration, partnership and trust. For it is truly time for the siloed work to begin to shift and open up into more collaborative collective works. This is the next natural progression to fully actualizing the Higher Collective Mind / Web as the node (Masters) begin to pool their energies and efforts in service of actualizing the Divine Plan on Earth.

For those Master’s who have only just begun sharing their divine authentic selves with the world in the last 1-3 years, I say it’s time to kick things up a notch! The energies are more than with you, if you but follow to where they beckon, all things (opportunities, fun collaborations, new friends and a greater sense of fulfillment) await! Not to mention the inner peace that will begin to envelope you, just from finally being able to be express and BE your true authentic self. Now is the time for joyful, uplifting and inspiring co-creation all in service of the Divine Plan. It is a time of not holding any parts of self back. It’s time to share your heart and your energy with the world in a much more direct, authentic and therefore fulfilling way. It’s time to step more fully away from the solitary mystic or practitioner role and more fully into a master / teacher role, if one has not done so already.

All one has to do is follow their natural passions, interests, skills, and ideal methods of self-expression. Therein will lie the answer of how and where to get started or where to consider expanding current efforts. Rest assured that all realms of the physical provide opportunities to help bring some sense of unity consciousness, love, and greater awareness into. Your heart will also tell you which aspect you most want to be involved in. Start small or start big, alone or with friends, at your job, home or local community, the choice is up to you. You may also find that a bit more inner-work is needed before you are comfortable taking this next step. But for those who are more than capable and who have allowed themselves to linger on the sidelines (in terms of physical activity / expression), they can no longer allow themselves to linger in self-doubt or be stubborn any longer! Some must also stop comparing themselves to others who are already more established or practiced in co-creation / expression, because project ascension Earth is not about fame, recognition or elevating oneself over others – it is about uniting ALL in a more balanced state or experience of harmony. Therefore, your unique expressions are needed to reach certain souls or transform certain settings just as much as those who are already established and make this sort of thing look easy. For ALL are needed. And remember, practice does make perfect. Also, rest assured that whatever capacity you are able to provide will be just fine to start. All that is important is that you set the most important intention to be of active service to the whole in some outward sense, and the rest will over time fall into place as long as you stay patient, open to opportunities (in whatever form they take), take the initiative at times, and believe in yourself. Each and every soul who reads this has something important to contribute and in a way that only he / she can. So see to it!

In conclusion

You are being asked to rise confidently into your newly expanded co-creative roles and to do so in a way that showcases your divine servant-leadership abilities. But in order to do so, some of you will have to reconcile and reclaim those last lingering fragments that up until now, have held you back. And therein lies the test / initiation – for there is no such thing as a successful half-hearted leader. You must be ALL IN and take the leap of faith that your new leadership roles will require! As the front-runners and nodal points of connection / information / and flow along and within the Higher Collective Mind, you must be nothing less than spectacular with your efforts even if at first you don’t see the results you’re looking for. Instead stand tall and have faith that very very soon you will. Infuse the mind / web with your physical out-breaths as well as with your beautiful light / energy work. For both these inner and outer movements or breaths are critical.

But make no mistake, this entire movement is to be orchestrated as a movement from “me” or the individual to “we” the collective, and it starts with a deepening and expansion of the networking and collaborative co-creation efforts of the Masters working together along and within the Higher Collective Mind.

All that you need to be successful and to fully rise into your newly expanded roles is at your disposal. Some of you will rise to the occasion more naturally and gracefully than others and that’s ok. It’s just important that you do in whatever capacity you are able. And no worries, those who are able to rise or have already risen to the level of master / teacher will be there to help you find your footing on this most upper rung of active engagement, and in truth their support of you will be part of their final initiation / test.

I’ve tried to structure this message to reflect the various levels of Mastership reflected in the front and second runner groups. For what the leading edge of Masters experience or are called to step / initiate into first, so too shall be called from the second tier or rung of awakened light workers, and so on. Therefore each group must not only work within their current level of development peer or soul group but must also turn to the other soul groups coming in or rising right behind them in spiritual development and extend their hands and support to give them a lift up. It is as a result of this type of lateral and vertical cooperation that mass ascension will be realized. All soul groups and their lineages must be rewoven back into the fabric of Gaiac experience. And this is the final glorious task that lies before you.

So rise fiercely and confidently into your newly expanded roles, for we cannot wait to see what you shall manifest together as new earth creator gods! And as a result of your good efforts, be prepared to witness the miraculous this year, for many new and exciting things are in store for you! But you already know this, because you “impressed” them.

Until next time…

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