A Message to Lightworkers from The Collective, through Caroline Oceana Ryan

A Message to Lightworkers from The Collective, through Caroline Oceana Ryan

Greetings, friends and fellow journeyers upon the Ascension path!

We see you in your constant endeavors, and we cheer you on as you climb ever higher in your Ascension, toward that which you have known before, and will again—the joy, beauty and fulfillment of the higher realms.

And yet, we are not surprised that so many have moments in which they doubt their Ascension is occurring.

For it is not the simplest nor the easiest way, to ascend to the next dimension, while still physically upon the Earth.


2 thoughts on “A Message to Lightworkers from The Collective, through Caroline Oceana Ryan

  1. I am a First Wave of Ascension Lightworker. I was part of the historic show which aired January 28th with Sananda Kumara AKA Jesus and Archangel Michael channeled by Kathryn May. Listen to this program on YouTube :Removing the Dark/Sleeper Cell ending the contract. It is explained to us how we all came here as Watriors of Light for Father God as decoys for the Dark ones in order to trick them into the light. The cell we have in our brain attracted the Dark ones to us so they could control us. The dark cell is in essence our feeling alone separate from God and by removing it through our crown chakra we remove it petmanently and we verbally say to God. I am ending this contract with God it is null and void. Having done this Archangel Michael creates a dome over our heads to keep out negativity. It is all outside the bubble. Sananda guides us through the meditation that removes the cell. Once done we are directed to share this and show people how to do it. Listen to this show. Sananda said there are no exceptions. When we are free of the dark cell we are free to join the 5th dimension with the Ascended Masters and the angels. Eventhough our bodies are in the 3rd dimension our souls are in the 5th dimension. Our light shines brightly for all to see and our light enters the earth creating a massive light energy shooting up to the 5th dimension. This light force is so strong it forces out and overcomes the Dark ones. There are now two co-existing worlds on planet earth the dense 3rd dimension and the new pristine 5th dimensional earth we will inherit. I asked Kathryn May now that we have ascended do we still have to die to go to Heaven? She answered No, you can ascend to Heaven in your living bodies if you wish to!

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