Zetatalk: ” All Satellites will be torn from the skies during the Pole Shift”

Zetatalk: ” All Satellites will be torn from the skies during the Pole Shift”

From Zetatalk:

“We have stated that all satellites will be torn from the skies during the Pole Shift, and this has increasingly been their fate at the hands of the wafting debris ridden tail of Planet X for some years. In addition to the debris, there is the electro-magnetic damage done to electronics in space, also increasing as crashing planes show. A year ago Google announced their plans for a low orbit Outernet version of Internet to reach parts of the globe currently without Internet service, and now Brandon and Musk have jumped into the game. In addition we have repeatedly stated that the Council of Worlds will not allow the elite to escape the Earth during the hour of the Pole Shift, yet both Brandon and Musk continue to talk about an escape into space and life on Mars.

Did they not get the memo? The governing boards of MJ12 disbanded MJ12 prior to Bush taking office in 2001 because in their view the electoral fraud committed via Diebold voting machines was in essence an illegal takeover of the US government. Prior to that, the 2,000 or so members of MJ12 included various members of the Department of Defense, the CIA, certain civilian intellectuals and specialists, and the very wealthy. We have mentioned that aliens in the Service-to-Self lied to members of MJ12, promising to take them off-world during the Pole Shift. Even though these promises have not been honored, various members of the now-disbanded MJ12 still prefer their story line to our honesty.

Members of MJ12 were allowed conscious contact with aliens when MJ12 was formed shortly after Roswell. Even though MJ12 has disbanded, this rule still stands so these elite, former members of MJ12, are still having discussions with Service-to-Self aliens. Thus entranced by the lies, they treat ZetaTalk like a lie and the lies they are told by Service-to-Self aliens as truth. They assume assistance to escape the Earth during the Pole Shift, and their return as kings in the Aftertime. They are posturing before the populace of Earth so that they will be recognized and properly honored when that time comes. They have a hard fall awaiting them. ”

from http://www.zetatalk10.com/ning/24ja2015.htm

This is quite a dramatic statement… are the zetas full of extraterrestrial doo-doo?

Mysterious Booms Into 2015 Signal Arrival Of Nibiru, Towards Continental Rip-Related Pole Shift, So Say The Zetas

Are the mysterious booms caused by something else?

Are the Zetas lying about the cause of our planet’s wobble, or that our planet is even wobbling?

Zetatalk: “The Closer Planet X Comes, The More Violent The Wobble.”

Is it sensible to have a dwelling built into the land, like a pithouse, during these times?

Nibiru Pithouse Society… Start A Local Chapter

A Gallery Of Nibiru-Inspired Shelters For Comfort And Survival 

Nibiru Pithouse Society 40-Day Food Survival/Thrival List


Watch this video… will earth’s poles shift NOT happen during this????

Nibiru Will Shift Poles Twice As It Leaves Our Solar System (Animated Video) 

Earth already shifting… are the Inuit Elders “in on it” with the Zetas?

Inuit Elders Say Earth Shifted, Wobbled Or Tilted… Confirming ET Zetatalk Poleshift Information

Imagine life without the satellites… see if it affects where you are living right now? See if you are able to do bank transactions? See if you provide food, housing, water, shelter etc., without the satellites?

What will life be like?

ET Zetas Describe Life After The Poleshift (Written in 2002)

Folks…. so many are simply frozen into non-action, with this info… but what good is that? Does it change anything to criticize the messenger?   Will your needs be provided if you whine just a bit more, and criticize even more?


Indian in the machine

3 thoughts on “Zetatalk: ” All Satellites will be torn from the skies during the Pole Shift”

  1. “Awe so many questions little one”………… Inquisitive minds want to know. I too am asking the same questions, I guess only time can answer these;)

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