The Return From The Robotization Of Humanity

Metropolis was filmed in 1925, at a cost of approximately five million Reichsmarks. Thus, it was the most expensive film ever released up to that point. 

The Return From The Robotization Of Humanity

Lots of celebrities are pushing people away from heart… into the arms of robots controlled by “not you that’s for sure”…. trying to make becoming a robotic human…. sexy… enticing… logical… nothing to think about even… just dance…

Something surprised me today… Did a popular video website automatically add a political candidate to my account? Something “subscribed” me to some political candidate… strange…

Are the machines now trying to think for us?

Do you think about ebola more often lately?

Does someone want you to think of someone else as an enemy? Or they want to tell the masses what the issues are.

At what level are the machines in your life, now thinking for you…

Is your machine telling you how to be?

Is your machine telling you what to pay attention to?

At what level is the automation useful, or controlling?

Machines are telling us who to vote for? Are you serious?

Heartless Culture And Personal Values, Attitudes And Beliefs Encouraged… Heart Suppressed, Rarely Expressed In Mainstream Media

It has now become normalized to have machines controlling people… the mainstream media has normalized a transhuman growing existence for many years… if a person has a sensation this is happening… the realization may eventually grow to realize the whole thing we called life, was somebody’s ‘mind creation’… and we have yet to experience our collective heart creations.  The tv shows, the magazines… the newspapers… the video games… mostly only mind, and very little if at all, heart. TV PROGRAMMING… shows depict lack of heart, and call it, ‘reality tv’… music that is witchcraft wins awards… lip-syncing is seen as exchangable as real live singing talent.


Only with heart, can no machine or entity control you… watch for those entertaining you, who have your enslavement in mind.

When you are solely in mind, you are completely controlled… by ego or an unseen force… chances are both are together.

Watch for energies outside yourself, to claim you as their property.

Watch for energies inside yourself, to claim yourself as sovereign divine.

Watch for the age of ‘look at me’ to dissolve… as the unified heartfilledmind explodes from an ignition of the inner threefold fires.

Be not afraid any more if you are afraid to be spiritual… your only salvation is to have a divine connection to everything… anything else is an illusion.

Ilusion enslaves, and truth frees.

When you get better at being healthy, you will de-age… it matters not, at which age you begin this process… it matters that you love yourself towards total devotion beyond space and time… we can see the word ‘healthy’ has the words, ‘heal’ and ‘thy’… neat eh? To go in the opposite direction is to be controlled by any source outside yourself.  Can you see how common this is?  Who is your authority?  If your answer is anything but Creator, then this has an aging effect… the static that is in your energy field…. the distortions, have an aging effect… yes it appears that humanity is living longer… and it is so, but in truth we are capable of being immortal expression in this embodiment… with divine support we are in a process towards eventual mass de-aging.  Watch for very fit people in their 40-100′s to lead the way… they will be inspired by the 0-30′s, who have a stronger remembrance of their spirit home, and more light in their DNA.

We all have a desire to be healthy… so why not heal thy self together?


… say this statement, “We are…”…. to be grateful for a horrible experience is a great challenge, we are capable of rising above all challenges… gratitude is a doorway out of experiences that do not resonate with you… because the lesson in the experience is to love something of non-resonance without fear of attracting more of the same… this is so challenging.

So after you read this message or that message… what is your choice… to walk further towards the robotization of your life, or to perhaps turn that around, because you are not somebody’s pet robot… you are you… infinite form in the image of our Creator… and can call it in anytime you claim “I AM…”…. for example I AM healthy… I AM wise…. I AM free… this is how you ultimately program the matrix you are currently expressing, which is but a mere fraction of who anyone of us truly are.

Whatever programming that convinced you to be superior or little, will be released in order to remember who you truly are… superiority or belittlement is an expression of fear of who you truly are… observe yourself when this happens… and patch that piece of life with love… so that energy can unify with the whole. Observe without taking it personal, that you may be leading the way in any given moment, that is still immersed in old frequencies…  there may not be much around you that supports any expression of divinity, this is why it is important that your reprogram your experiences to be guided by Creator, rather than ego… it keeps you ‘in the game’, so to speak…

Humanity is now right on the very very tip, of an unbelieveable, beyond any story ever told, kinda journey… as the God seed species, that took this planet from darkness to light in the blink of any eye, unlike any story ever told in any universe… earth is becoming a blue star at the centre of the multiverse… there will not be a bigger story told, for a long time, than the story of humans on planet earth Shan… a very daring group of souls will now feel the loving grace of heaven, as all immediate focus on mundane physical tasks will dissolve… and more meaningful physical exchanges will become more commonplace… can you feel this is already coming true?

The opposite direction of becoming a mindless robot… is to become divinely present…. watch for your ability to be present for that which is good and God… have a god morning as much as a good morning.


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With love, are these words placed…

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2 thoughts on “The Return From The Robotization Of Humanity

  1. For to be free, each legitimate demand have to be paid.

    Hold a 1:1 relationship you will be pressed by this. An open interest which is to big holds you in uncomfort.

    Payment could be in many different forms (1:n in many different realms).

    e.g. Dieter has invested in Sananda and holds mentally an open demand which thinkable worth bounds him. Is it? Think twice.
    I, Sandra, personally paid this demand – already. I was sending you gifts -now aware- without holding any interest for pay back. You could connect this.

    Additionally it could be that Sananda and I the very same.
    My husband an me founded and built many things and partial we are what we have built. It is our world, cosmos.
    e.g. Realtime Interactor bounded in other realms like akasha-chronic, Re Client/ Server bounded in other realms , supremacy.jar bounded in other realms like the library of alexandria, solid-platform and many more.

    Light, Lightworkers and new earth- Mirabai Devi, Kauai Hawaii

    Evolution Revolution TV with Howard Wills “Instrument of the Light

    Evolution Revolution TV with Howard Wills “Benefits of Living In Bliss

    The Prayer of Freedom

    For Me, My Family And All Humanity
    Throughout All Time, Past, Present And Future
    Please Help Us All Forgive All People
    Help All People Forgive Us
    And Help Us All Forgive Ourselves
    Please God, Thank You God, Amen

    Help Us All Love Each Other And Love Ourselves
    Be At Peace With Each Other And Be At Peace With Ourselves
    Please God, Thank You God, Amen

    God, We Give You Our Love
    And Thank You For Your Constant Love And Blessings
    We Respect And Appreciate All Your Creations
    And We Fill All Your Creations With Our Love

    Please God, Thank You God, Amen

    God, We Give You Our Love
    And Thank You For Your Constant Love And Blessings
    We Respect And Appreciate All Your Creations
    And We Fill All Your Creations With Our Love

    God, Please Open, Bless, Empower, Expand
    Lead, Guide, Direct And Protect
    Me, My Family And All Humanity
    Throughout All Time
    Now And Forever
    Please God, Thank You God

    Amen, Amen, Amen, Amen

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