Reclaim Your Feet From Toxic Socks And Footwear


Reclaim Your Feet From Toxic Socks And Footwear

Modern footwear is generally toxic, and we are learning to deal with the situation… Many have had years of sweating in toxic footwear and do not realize the toxic load this adds to an already toxic situation. BE AWARE OF MICROFIBRES PEOPLE and other materials that may cause electrical distortions AND NEEDLESS STATIC…We are learning to release static in our energy fields. Ionic foot baths work by introducing negative ions into the water, which are readily absorbed by the feet… they can bind to toxins in the feet from many sources including toxic materials used for modern footwear…. the plates I sell will last hundreds of uses, you will simply need a bucket and the appropriate battery charger, a bucket and some salt. 🙂


Order your set of affordable ionic foot bath plates with paypal or credit card…

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