St. Germain And Sananda On Nibiru/Planet X’s Peace Mission

Countdown to Planet X

IITM:  I’m posting this because there’s lots of misunderstandings around Nibiru…. folk, these events are designed to awaken us to peace… not to send us running… please spread the word unless you are thrilled with everybody freaking out!

Nibiru can be steered, it’s not a system that is fixed…. so put that in your pipe and smoke it…

Nibiru was set to appear around Dec. 21 2012, but we were granted an extension 3D earth life that runs out in September… this according to Ashtar.


The Presence of Nibiru has many levels to it. First of all, it is an inhabited planet. It is not an empty ball of magnetic mass. It is a planet that is guided, just as much as the peoples of this world and this planet have been guided ever since the world began. Nibiru is coming again, not so much to create disaster, disease, starvation and hunger, but more to catalyze that shift that was predicted by the beings of ancient times, to correlate with the shift in consciousness that is already happening with beings who have reincarnated over and over again to get to this place in themselves where they are now able and willing to come into the experience of their Light Bodies from the soul outward.

The main reason for the presence of Nibiru, not only in this particular era, but also in all succeeding eras, was for humanity to understand that “You are Light.”

When humanity completely understands that “You Are Light,” then Nibiru will spin out of this Solar System and do its work elsewhere, wherever, it is wanted and needed. This is the truth of Nibiru, which has not completely been revealed.

SANANDA CONFIRMS NIBIRU’S EXISTENCE: Nibiru is known as the Twelfth Planet and is in Earths inner orbit now. NASA has posted images of Nibiru calling it the dwarf star. The Path of Nibiru aligned with Regulus is the Path humanity will take as it Ascends back to its origin in the Higher Realms. It is the end of the age of duality and a New Age of Peace and Love.

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September 2013 Will Be Like December 21, 2012 Was Supposed To Be: The End Of The Grace Period Explained By ET Commander Ashtar


Enjoy my new tunes!


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