HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Are We Deep In One Of The Greatest Prophecies Of All Time?

planet x nibiru in archaeological stone tablet

Are We Deep In One Of The Greatest Prophecies Of All Time?

1. Hidden brown dwarf ‘star system’ within our solar system caught by Naso SOHO Lasco C3 each August.

By the way… this August Lasco 3 is ‘off line’.


2. Going further down the rabbit hole… something ‘out there’ is affecting our magnetosphere, which is bending.



Strange magnetosphere behavior – two sources of cosmic wind – nibiru



3.  Going further yet down the rabbit hole… something has caused earth to form a new layer around our radiation belt.


  1. NASA Finds New Radiation Belt Circling Earth | Weather Underground


    A pair of NASA probes has discovered a previously unknown ring of radiation blanketing the Earth.


    4.  Going further down the rabbit hole, we are in EXTREMELY high earthquake and volcano activity


    8/21/2013 — Global Earthquake Overview — West Coast USA + West Pacific unrest

    • 15 hours ago
    The deleted Dutchsinse channel is back !http://www.youtube.com/dutchsinse :)…
    5.  Going further still… some of the most important archelogical findings depict Nibiru… and it has ‘wings’… (see video #1 for the wings).
    Folks these are just cute pictures… these are the one civilization communicating their most important messages to future earth civilizations.
    Mayan artificat released by Mexican government reveals a scenario of the sun and Nibiru?
    6.  Channeled message relay to earth that Nibiru is real…
    7. Major flooding and Lightning ALL OVER due to Nibiru’s strong energy ‘pulling’ on earth?

    MORE FLOODING DUE TO NIBIRU? Record rainfall: more than 60% of Philippine capital under water

    The gods must be angry: Lightning bolts split the sky above Mount …

    Daily Mail-Aug 16, 2013
    Huge bolts of lightening cut through purple clouds as the heavens open above one of the world’s most famous and destructive volcanoes.

    Edmonton Flash Flood: Thunderstorm, Lightning Put On A Show …

    Huffington Post Canada-Aug 12, 2013
    A night of ear-splitting thunder and blinding lightning gave way to flash flooding in Edmonton and surrounding communities Sunday night.

    Photos, Video: Crazy Lightning Storm Out in the Desert

    LAist-Aug 19, 2013
    The weather went wild last night out in the California high desert thanks to a crazylightning storm. The erratic skies seemed to electrify …

    Epic Lightning Storm Strikes San Francisco, In Photos

    SFist-Aug 20, 2013
    Lightning storms are so unusual that you may have thought it was just your imagination. But no: last night marked a rare and exciting …

    Spectacular lightning storm knocks out power and postpones …

    Major League Soccer-8 hours ago
    But this wasn’t just any lightning storm. It was better than most fireworks displays. And the Victoria fans seemed to think so, too. Because they …

    Rainbows abound after Wednesday storms

    WRAL.com-2 minutes ago
    Heavy rain, some hail and frequent lightning accompanied a band ofstorms across the state as afternoon turned to evening. “We anticipated an …
    8.  Earth’s magna now ‘sloshing’… resulting in NEW volcanic activity as of the last few years.
    CBC.ca – 2 days ago
    Residents in the southern Japanese city of Kagoshima were busy washing ash off the streets Monday after a nearby volcano spewed a …
    9.  Going further…. dozens of scientists related to this issue are murdered?
    1. The Search for Nibiru and Dozens of Dead Astronomers: Connect 


      10. Going further… and what about those fireballs… Nasa actually tried to invent a term called “fireball season”… perhaps because in the spring is when we get in the path of Nibiru dust.


      1. Spring is Fireball Season – NASA Science – Science@NASA

        science.nasa.gov › Science News › Science@NASA Headline News › 2011

        Mar 31, 2011 – For reasons researchers do not understand, the rate of midnight fireballsincreases during the weeks around the vernal equinox. It’s a beautiful 



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