World Breaking News!!! Second Sun (Nibiru) Mawson Station Antarctic Now RISING in Horizon

World Breaking News!!! Second Sun (Nibiru) Mawson Station Antarctic Now RISING in Horizon

Here’s the low glimpse of the 2nd sun on the horizon of the 2nd sun on July 22, 2012:

Second Sun at Mawson

The dramatic capture of a Second Sun arching across the sky was captured on July 22, 2012 by the Ultimate Survival
web site. The Mawson station, an Australian base on the Pacific side of Antarctica, has a cam that shows part of the Sunarc, from the time the Sun is already in the sky until it sets. But something else appears below the Sun, a Second Sun which appears to the right of and below the Sun, setting before the Sun itself sets. If you watch the video, you will see the Second Sun appear low on the horizon, on the right, then set on the right hand side, while the real Sun pops up in up higher in the sky and proceeds to the left, itself to set much to the left.


The Sun is barely over the horizon from the Mawson station, per Safari Plus. The Sun can only be seen from the S Pole region by looking directly North. There is nothing on the Safari chart that could possibly be confused with the Second Sun seen on the Mawson cam.


And July 21, 2014…. Gulp!…. Second Sun (Nibiru) Mawson Station Antarctic 07/21/2014

See how the 2nd sun is now rising in the horizon from the earlier Zeta images…… how’s that for an eye popper????.

Footage From Hawaii Observatory (Posted June 24, 2014) Well…It Looks Similar!!!!

Is All This Beginning To Sink In??? This 2nd Sun Imagery Is Similar From Two Different Parts Of Our Globe Where They Can See Things That We Cannot See.  In Antarctica It Is Rising In The Horizon.




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Earth Is Rattling, Magnetics Are Disturbed: A Gallery Of Nibiru Related Crop Circles With Explanations By Zetas


Well… whatcha gonna do now earthlings? Nibiru will be doing a flyby… no, we are not under attack… really… the question is… will we stop attacking ourselves… why are we worried about cruelty from outer space when we are already cruel here as a planet?  May it be the case that we have ET family who are trying to reach us with out breaking universal law of non-interference?

I feel we are all tired of wars and poverty… and more welcoming than ever, to off-world loving visitors… is it time to make their acquaintance, a priority in YOUR life???

When You Feel Stuck Or Trapped… What Now? Meditate… cleanse… detoxify… de-acidify your decaying body… eat healthy… own your emotions… don’t control others… educate yourself… shed illusions… unbrainwash yourself… connect with Higher Self 24/7…. communicate with your spirit guides… love everything… reunite with Creator… consciously ascend to fifth dimensional energies… activate your DNA to 12 strands… connect with heart…. release ego… have free thoughts… consciously seek and create joy… live fully present in the moment… be creative… connect with the stars and all creatures… shed pain of past and fear of future programming… release self-imposed limitations… take heartfelt action… trust your own inner wisdom, power and love.

“Announce yourself to yourself in the mirror in the morning: I AM the true God Presence on Earth. I am the gift to myself and to everyone around me when I shine my Light and claim my place among the Angels. I am here to create Light, to breathe Light, to use and shape and spread the Light. I am my own happiness, my own comfort and good company. God Loves Me. I Love God. I AM Light.” – Prime

Indian in the machine

Red Shaman Intergalactic Ascension Mission

Detox Ionic Foot Bath Plates (Ship In North America)

IITM Music

4 thoughts on “World Breaking News!!! Second Sun (Nibiru) Mawson Station Antarctic Now RISING in Horizon

  1. All of truth is there to be told.

    Who made business long before it is a business from men for men?
    Who hold religion long before it is from men for men?
    Who made art long before men deside it is something to create forms?
    politics, science …

    Mens world is screaming and want a refill?
    Without the truth behind?

    I don’t want to see your world destroyed, I try to go together with this. But in real I have not to care about. Deep within we (women of the world) holding the memories – saved all of the ground. I have no doupt that this ground will work again. But you have to say the truth and support them.

    For the world it is today I have constructed and written a modell of conversion. It is not perfect – to use something of this it is your decision.

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