Reptilian Western Culture Is Obsolete And Non-Human… Trillions Spent On Anti-Creator Programming

Reptilian Western Culture Is Obsolete And Non-Human.  Trillions Spent On Anti-Creator Programming

Sometimes someone’s fullness, can trigger another’s emptiness…  and that person’s emptiness wants the other person’s fullness to be empty too… this is what is learned by western culture in tv. radio, videos, schoosl, billboards, magazines, newspapers and in our neighbourhoods… this is the value system that the west exports to the rest of the world.  This empty western culture is reptilian.  The reptilians taught us how to be like them, so that we could be controlled by them.  Now that the reptilians are gone… we are left with the residue of a culture that seeks to disrespect all of us, and life itself, that doesn’t even reflect our true nature as humans.  All that we have learned from our culture has been a non human form of expression… competition… lying…. stealing… raping… pillaging… plundering…  ON AN ENERGETIC LEVEL.

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We now create a culture on earth that is human.  It will be heaven on earth. So far we here in this incarnation and in general… the system we have created isn’t human… it is reptilian. we are left with shedding any belief system that creates emptiness in ourselves, or in others… like a snake shedding skin.

Our new human system that we will create when we listen to our hearts, and not solely our reptilian brains,  will see that all cups overflowth… support any endeavour that seeks to overflowth the cups of life.

Now ask yourself… where did you receive those seed beliefs that seek to limit the unlimited being that you are… and that Jesus/Sananda is?  Where did you begin to limit love personified?  Well… that began a long long time ago… and that value system wasn’t necessarily learned in this lifetime… the plan to takeover our planet was engaged for thousands of years. We are now shedding non-human value systems from this lifetime and many many others… to complete attunement to fifth dimensional energies… and yes Jesus/Sananda is here to help…. along with the mighty undefeatable forces of heaven… ask them right now for assistance… and then pay attention with your entire being, to hear the answer.

Indian in the machine

Why trillions of dollars are spent on the Anti-Creator Programming?




One thought on “Reptilian Western Culture Is Obsolete And Non-Human… Trillions Spent On Anti-Creator Programming

  1. We don’t need no middle man to the source only gentiles do for they have lost their connection to source. Until the height of the roman empire the name jesus never existed nobody heard of that name for which the latin community conjured up to keep the control program going for when we seek to worship bodies or gods outside of ourselves this way of thinking creates a slew of undesired even abomidable hosts to form in the ethereal which materializes in earthly form in reality by thought transference other beings in the underworld or abyss also come to assist other beings in opening unwanted portals to let these beings come thru. True source needs no worship or to take human form it is way beyond that. The next portal to open besides the current middle east portal is the hoover dam portal this is the gate to the abyss when this is blasted open you figure it out what do you think is down there i give you hint…the bottom less pit.

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