Ascension is imminent now but it will be some process proceeding over a certain period.”

“Ascension is imminent now but it will be some process proceeding over a certain period.”

Three Waves Of Ascension Research:

IITM:  It’s like a big jolt of electricity is coming… and we may need to release the heavy metals/TOXINS/blockages from our body to handle the shock.  Can you feel transforming buzz in your body… your crown chakra tingling… the sudden changes in health attitudes… the desire deepening to want to master all self-imposed limitations? Or all that might mean nothing if you are toxic and blocked… perhaps I’ll just hand back to you, the remote control and the microwaved gmo popcorn…

At this point you will be able to gauge your progress on how you are doing… if you are imitating others, then you are of lower frequency, and your heart may be blocked… if you are original then your frequency is naturally higher,  and your heart is highly activated.

Remember these keys to the inner kingdom and hold them often…To be I AM present, and DIVINE, will activate the THREE FOLD FLAME OF WISDOM, POWER AND LOVE… there is no better or no less for us… the door is opening, and if we go through that door, then good things are guaranteed to happen over and over…

I am reposting Hatonn’s Photon Belt/3 Days of Darkness info… keep in mind, our reality may have greatly shifted from when these words were written… then again… he seems mighty certain about the photon belt….


…but within those waves, is a very unique experience.

HATONN: When you enter the Photon Belt a normal, healthy person is expected to feel a jolt similar to putting your finger in a live light socket. It’s a true shock. This is like going through a light wave—and some bodies cannot stand it. The transformation, however, will be complete. You will, in that period of time, have changed from a Corporeal person to an Atmospherean person and if you can’t make it, you’ll be changed to immortality—and here comes the important concept—without the separation from death and it will happen in the twinkling of an eye.

(written in late 1980’s)…In all of the United States, you have just experienced the warmest winter since you have been keeping records. This is one of the signs of approaching this Photon Belt.


2 thoughts on “Ascension is imminent now but it will be some process proceeding over a certain period.”

  1. Painful process, in some cases!

    This requires comprehension of what is not going crazy/insane, requires maturity, requires control over the power.

    “Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil.”

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