~ Archangel Raphael through Marc Gamma ~ Divine dispensation will be resolved now! 26 October 2013

~ Archangel Raphael through Marc Gamma ~ Divine dispensation will be resolved now! 26 October 2013

Original language German, translated by (Contra)Mary]

My beloved humans, this is I, Archangel Raphael speaking to you.

This is  a new message that I am bringing to you and with it we are concluding a past series of messages by which I have informed you repeatedly about ascension, health and your activities pertaining to these topics.

Now we shall choose some new direction. And this has been already explained a bit by my brother Archangel Michael in his message of this week.

And here I am to continue this new line.

As you know meanwhile human mankind here on earth has made great progress so that we may now direct our focus towards other matters. Our focus is as always on ascension, is still the ascending human being yet we shall add here still another component to our endeavours which will give the entire undertaking still even some more interesting touch.

As announced already you will obtain some dispensation from our all Creator. This has been announced already and now I want to explain you this piece of information in a bit more detailed way.

With this dispensation you will be liberated from everything which was made for you extraordinarily in order to learn your lessons here on earth. This again comprises everything that you have decided yourselves – e.g. which lessons you wanted to have for your learning – before you incarnated here on earth.

In order to learn all these lessons in some optimum way and mode you have been endowed with various restrictions, impediments, sorts of illness, situations of your family etc. so that you may be able to learn accordingly in your surrounding of duality.

Time to learn has passed by now and now there will come that period when you may be able to enjoy your life in full way!

And thereby I mean the following: All these restrictions and problems described above in a very short and simple mode will just be omitted in next days and weeks – since one or some others like this channel have already experienced it.

And all this will include difficulties, many a sickness or pains and other matters so long lived-through and experienced and thus you will be able to regain your full potential of resources and strength. You will be put into the very position to live a carefree life again and you will proceed to the “Antichambre” of Ascension.

And there in that spot you will receive some kind of foretaste of what is expecting you after ascension. Since then afterwards expect please matters like peace, happiness, success, wealth and many other benefits of wellbeing.

Be set and prepared to receive all these presents and to enjoy this very new sensation of living. However, we shall take all this on in some stepwise activity since all these dispensations may not be resolved all of a sudden push but will arrive step wisely at your level of earth-reality.

If it were otherwise there would be too much for your to digest all these events and such process would not be exactly to the purpose of it. And moreover one would want to properly enjoy newly gained liberties one by one and all at the same time.

This will be your experience now step by step and you becoming aware of it in such way ! Regarding these upcoming changes I ask you urgently to accept everything with gratitude and I shall accompany you when you ask me to. My brothers and sisters and  I – we all are at your side if you invite us to you. We shall assist and help you to enjoy and make proper use  of all these newly re-gained liberties in due time.

Be prepared for all these changes and do you know why? Because all these changes will not take place sole with you in some direct and personal way but will spread with  its dynamic effect all over your globe. Karma of groups and karma of individuals will be also resolved leading to the very consequence that healing will occur on all levels. This will be for all of us such a most wonderful experience when we may observe when light will spread over all areas of Gaia and wash away even the very last remainders of all darker spots!

I shall return to you next week and will supply many more details about the above. There are many reports still to be submitted to you and we shall be allowed to mutually experience everything step by step with you.

For Light has arrived at its target – has returned home and now has come the very time to progress a step forward in the process of human ascension and its beautiful planet Earth !

With so much Love to all of you humans.

Yours Archangel Raphael


Copyright © Gamma Marc. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.http://soul4free.wordpress.com

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