Do Pyramids Produce Special Energy Fields?

Do Pyramids Produce Special Energy Fields?

Apparently so…



  1. The Ancient Egyptian Pyramids Were Giant Power Plants (Tesla 

    Jan 3, 2012 – 4 Responses to “The Ancient Egyptian Pyramids Were Giant PowerPlants (Tesla Towers) That Supplied The Whole Of Egypt With Electricity 



    How similar was Tesla’s Wardenclyffe tower to the pyramid technology of the ancients? Consider This: Could the energy generation of the pyramids have been a 


  3. Tesla & The Great Pyramid – Ancient World Mysteries

    How the Tesla lab set up at Colorado in 1899 for the Wireless Transmission of Poweris Harmonically linked to the Placement of the Great Pyramid of Egypt.

5 thoughts on “Do Pyramids Produce Special Energy Fields?

  1. I love the kirlian photograph. I was hypnotized one time, immediately I saw myself on top of a pyramid twirling around & around just as the photo shows! This only affirmed what I was experiencing was real! I also enjoyed reading about your next post, I’m 71!

  2. The pyramid is a powerful symbol that does carry enhancing energy… That’s why the “elite” use it for their benefit and then have the masses thinking its just a “shape”…

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