This is what $20 will buy in Mexico… it’s very organic… no stickers. ;)


This is what $20 will buy in Mexico… it’s very organic… no stickers. 😉  So refreshing to drink fresh juice… dark tree ripened grapefruit… lime and spices… avocados so conditioning to the body… passion fruit yellow bag to the left… trippy stuff they say…. the lime is mixed with whole cane sugar and cinnamon or ginger…. with water and chilled for major immunity booster… and to balance out morning coffee…. that bag to the left is arugula… peppery walnut leaf taste.  Add as much cinnamon and honey to your body as you can get it in… high immunity booster honey is… take a overripe banana and/or avocado and smear it all over your body and hair for conditioning…. especially if you are in dry climate… an old friend of mine did this just ONCE and looked about 5 years younger.

4 thoughts on “This is what $20 will buy in Mexico… it’s very organic… no stickers. ;)

  1. I made a huge fruit salad with tropical fruits, nearly ate it all, it was so invigerating and energy over powering, I felt I could live on just a feast like this.

  2. I saw this post as I was going to bed. Now I’m wide awake 😉 Who knew the sight of freshly plucked produce could cause such a stir….while visions of canteloupe danced in her head….

    Que linda! I feel like I’m at the art museum, studying some piece of art from the ancient masters.

    Fresh fruits and veggies (especially cilantro) are proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy, see?

  3. Wow….Mexico sounds like the place to be. I hope that they also have good tasty oranges, my favorite fruit. Cabbage, onions and carrots are my favorite veggie mix. Unless there is a great salad with dried cranberrys. Yum…..

    All those things you have on the table will surely cost more than 20 bucks here. A great salad alone will cost you almost 20 bucks. Thanks for letting me share.

    Be easy with the trippy stuff okay. lol

    Love Geeta

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