Close Encounters with Celebrities And Show Business: Clones, satanists, prostitutes and serpents… dying for attention…. literally!

Close Encounters with Celebrities & Show Business:  Clones, satanists, prostitutes and serpents… dying for attention…. literally!

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While if someone is manipulating you, you are better off to know, ultimately, our galactic family encourages us to turn our backs on what we do not want… and to put our focus on what we do desire… so you can click on the above link, or simply focus on what you desire. 🙂


Now We’ve Got Unusual Tidal Waves, Strange Weather, Record Earthquakes, Record Fireballs, Bending Magnetosphere, Weather And Earth Wobble, High Volcanic Activity and More… Why?

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  1. 33rd degree Masons are the most evil people in the world pretending to be saints. They sat in churches with their arrogance and sociopathic eyes roaming all over the youngsters bodies…..walking and talking bullshit and bragging about all their good deeds and “community work”…..Yet, at night, I was used for ritualistic sexual, physical, emotional and psychological abuse from ages 4 to 12 by my Masonic stepfather and his monster friends …… It’s real ….they are monsters and I do not mean metaphorically……..

    1. Hello, I feel your pain. If you feel like you need to get some things off your chest, or out of your mind I have a listening ear. If you reply please just remind me by a brief introduction, and use relevant subject matter in the email description which will make me determine if it’s spam of genuine. All the best. Bye

  2. “Seeing that the high priest is a Sadducee, and since the Sadducees do not believe in angels, what
    shall we teach the people regarding the heavenly ministers?”

    “The angelic hosts are a separate order of created beings; they are entirely
    different from the material order of mortal creatures, and they function as a
    distinct group of universe intelligences. Angels are not of that group of creatures
    called ‘the Sons of God’ in the Scriptures; neither are they the glorified spirits
    of mortal men who have gone on to progress through the mansions on high.
    Angels are a direct creation, and they do not reproduce themselves. The
    angelic hosts have only a spiritual kinship with the human race. As man progresses
    in the journey to the Father in Paradise, he does traverse a state of being
    at one time analogous to the state of the angels, but mortal man never becomes
    an angel”.

    “The angels never die, as man does. The angels are immortal unless, perchance,
    they become involved in sin as did some of them with the deceptions of
    Lucifer. The angels are the spirit servants in heaven, and they are neither allwise
    nor all-powerful. But all of the loyal angels are truly pure and holy”.

    “And do you not remember that I said to you once before that, if you had
    your spiritual eyes anointed, you would then see the heavens opened and behold
    the angels of God ascending and descending? It is by the ministry of the
    angels that one world may be kept in touch with other worlds, for have I not
    repeatedly told you that I have other sheep not of this fold? And these angels
    are not the spies of the spirit world who watch upon you and then go forth to
    tell the Father the thoughts of your heart and to report on the deeds of the
    flesh. The Father has no need of such service inasmuch as his own spirit lives
    within you. But these angelic spirits do function to keep one part of the
    heavenly creation informed concerning the doings of other and remote parts of
    the universe. And many of the angels, while functioning in the government of
    the Father and the universes of the Sons, are assigned to the service of the
    human races. When I taught you that many of these seraphim are ministering
    spirits, I spoke not in figurative language nor in poetic strains. And all this is
    true, regardless of your difficulty in comprehending such matters.
    “Many of these angels are engaged in the work of saving men, for have I
    not told you of the seraphic joy when one soul elects to forsake sin and begin
    the search for God? I did even tell you of the joy in the presence of the angels
    of heaven over one sinner who repents, thereby indicating the existence of
    other and higher orders of celestial beings who are likewise concerned in the
    spiritual welfare and with the divine progress of mortal man.
    “Also are these angels very much concerned with the means whereby man’s
    spirit is released from the tabernacles of the flesh and his soul escorted to the
    mansions in heaven. Angels are the sure and heavenly guides of the soul of man
    during that uncharted and indefinite period of time which intervenes between
    the death of the flesh and the new life in the spirit abodes.”

  3. HI, Feliciag. I, too, am Felicia G. I am also Native American. I am also adept. I also have witnessed sex trafficking of sorts at the lower levels of things. These synchronicites are a bit much right now.

      1. Hello.. I’m African-cherokee native American and I have seen some super terrible things…

    1. Hi Felecia
      Love your name and would love to have a conversation with you about the sespool I used to call home… Blue ray is my name and please find a way to contact me

  4. Jezus Christ is the Way , the Thruth and the Life and no one comes to the Father but trough Him.
    if you want to live in the Kingdom of Light, be really free and healed please pray to Jezus the rissen Son of God and ask for repentence and if He will heal you, renew your hart and mind and show you the Truth.. i did after 20 years of drugs and occult involvment and He set me free,Thank God for that and everything He’s still doing in my and familylife my wife repented also and we now know/ have real love thats from God for Him and eachother!

  5. I am a victim of Hollywood multi personality disorder and microchip implants. I’ve posted much such as handlers, abusers and the mind control used on me and for some reason no one seems to believe me please check out my website. Here is a video removing my chip and my website links are connected there as well!

  6. Wow! some of you are crazy!, misinformed, mislead and watch far too much youtube!.
    I see alot of crap, such as masons are evil, Albert pike was evil, Albert pike worshiped Satan!.
    What rubbish, Lucifer is NOT Satan, Lucifer is the light barer even trys to help mankind ascend to spirt not a fallen deamon (notice the spelling). Satan comes from Talmud and just means the opposer! Opposer to what?. We think too much polar ways, right and wrong, good and bad when really they are just perspectives. What is good for one may be bad for another just perspective and very subjective.
    Don’t get me wrong we as living divine energy know what is right and wrong, no need for laws to tell us. With out good we would not Know bad and vice versa,,, up and down left and right,, life and
    Death, something and nothing.
    How many truly studied all religions, spiritual ways etc?, all religions are just a form of control and always have been. You need to study western and eastern philosophies to understand what is going on. Man is dumbed down thats true, we mock and ridicule any person that goes against the staus quo and thats every where just look at big pharma and the poison they peddle!.
    Most masons are good people and do great works, it is based on old jewish mysticism but its even older than this it goes all they way back to Egypt and further.
    There are hidden meanings in the bible and all old texts i.e emerald tablets, bagavgita etc etc.
    The masons is about raising your self to a higher level, too pure understanding, understand you are the divine incarnated!, live, love and laugh.
    There are many strong powers that be that know all this and use media and TV to controll what you think…. it’s not called TV PROGRAMMING for nothing!.
    YOU are the universe on the micro scale… as above so below….But this has been twisted.
    In the days of old the MEDAS or MEDIA where a tribe of spell casters that would deal with the enemy… not much has changed, its about manipulation of words or grammar,, the pen is mightier then the sowrd.
    There is no black magick or white magick, there is just magick but can bring forth positive or negative, Alister crowley knew this.. the ability to cause change to occur in accordance with ones will.
    Kabbala has the tree of life and so just as anything needs an opposite… tree of death or klippoth, learn about both to have a full understanding.
    There is so much to learn about, all the occult, religions, law and courts (they play a big part), I have rattled on for sometime now and some will hate me.. But I say what I know and tell the truth.
    Learn all, understand all, don’t be quick to judge others, look at new theories, be open minded and love each other as if you see yourself in each other.
    Man is naturally loving and helpful, we must drop our programming.

    1. There is an objective right and wrong. Natural LAW does exist. You’ve got a very poisoned world view as you’ve accepted the left hand path. A very psychopathic ideology. Youtube Mark Passio Natural Law seminar.

    2. You’re lost and delusional! Satan, devil, Lucifer, Baal, Zeus, etc All the same creature LUCIFER! EVIL MORON! We know what side your on demon!
      You’re rebuked in the name of Yahushua!👊👊👊

    3. You are in deep denial of your own sin, God as creator and Father, of reality. You worship yourself and your borrowed intellect. Your post is so infantile. Lucifer was Cast out of Heaven for trying to usurp God! He’s been trying to get back ever since!

      1. Have you truly read the Bible?! Where does it say that Lucifer is Satan and was cast from heaven because he wanted to become as God?! If ” Satan” was an Angel, that is impossible! Only man has been blessed with will. & To reproduce. Angels are created specifically to do the bidding of God. They cannot reproduce nor can they self consciously elect to rebel against God and to want to be God. Lucifer translates to light bringer/bearer. In the book of Isaiah. The passages regarding to want to become as high or higher than God and rebeling and having been thrown out of his lofty position has to do with a King on earth. Who God used as a tool to punish his children. And after God lifting him to his High position of King of Kings on earth and conquering the other nations on earth as to which he acknowledges that The Israelites’ God has found favor in him, the conqueror/subjugator of His’ own chosen peoples, and gives honor and glory to him Initially. He then tries to lift his self higher than Yahweh by boasting that it was thru his power and might that he is where he is and even blasphemys God to his people that God causes him to in turn to be conquered and in slaved by another empire as He did for him first. Read your Bible! And be slow to judge and condemn. A wise person knows that there is always something new to be learned daily. And to be open minded. How can you gain knowledge if you shut your ears and mind to things new and different. You don’t have to believe anything you hear. You shouldn’t anyway. But to take that info and study it yourself and compare it to what you where taught growing up. How can you say you know what your talking about when you haven’t even took the time to test the theory you grew up on and we’re to lazy to look up and question yourself? You get angry over something that’s not even true. Don’t be a sheep and fallow blindly what you’ve heard. You have a mind of your own to verify and study facts. You sell yourself short by not working to gain truth. And by closing your mind to others’ beliefs you may miss the revelations imparted by others. Just because it’s different or new, doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

      2. You mention Aliestar Crowley and say there is no black magic your a non 33° mason your only introduction will come at possibly blue lodge 32 ° sublime prince

      1. RIGHT ON! Not only do they “NOT BELIEVE IN GOD,” they’re angry at anyone that does. It’s right in front of them; but, they “CANNOT SEE?”


        Your time is running out . . . The end of the world prophecies are being fullfilled all over the world. The signs are numerous and if you start to research by reading what a lot of Christian’s and Christian leader’s are thinking; it’s an awful lot of people that agree we are “AT THE DOOR.” GOD’s coming soon and then it will be too late, Jesus Christ warned us that he will say, “I don’t know you.” For anyone wishing to be with GOD IN HEAVEN and given eternal life, it’s only through JESUS CHRIST . . He is the way, the truth, and the light of this world. Learn the only truth by reading a bible. Everything you need to know is in the BIBLE; and it requires constant reading, discovering/connecting and learning.

        For those that are angry, hostile, or completely deny GOD’s existence, no worries . . . You will be left to be with all of those like yourself and SATAN too. One way or the other, you will see GOD EXISTENCE. There will be NO OTHER WAY OUT . . . FOR ANYONE THAT IS NOT WITH JESUS CHRIST. I urge ANYONE that is confused or has been misled, to change your mind and your ways; BEFORE the end comes.

    4. Yeah, a lot of people don’t have a clue and are just too paranoid. Can’t really blame them though, it’s not like there’s an instruction manual when one enters this life, we’re all just left to fend for ourselves, generally speaking. I suppose it’s important that one says something occasionally, not sure it’ll help though, but we can only try (I’ve been there myself, we probably all have, but only for a relatively short time when i was much younger, a few years at most). The Christian rhetoric is probably the worst danger, a lot of confusion there, it just never stops, these feelings of superiority and righteousness. Good luck people, it’ll work eventually, but oh wow.

    5. It’s been 6 years since you wrote your comment. I wonder if you’ve learned anything more about the true nature of good vs evil, because part of what you stated is absolutely not true. I don’t hate you or feel negatively about you, on the contrary I pray that you will come to the knowledge of the Truth which you do not yet know.
      You do have an enemy, a spiritual one – in fact you have countless spiritual enemies who are evil, who attempt to destroy human beings and plague their lives if allowed. Satan IS Lucifer and he rules over those, our enemies. He certainly does have a kingdom and it consists of hell AND this world. The Word of God calls him the god of this world, little g. He is the prince of the power of the air and he uses that to his advantage.
      His mission is to steal, kill, and destroy – you, and anyone and everyone else that he’s able.
      But the Children of God oppose him, God’s Angels oppose him, Jesus Christ opposes him. We do spiritual battle, and the reason I mentioned the six intervening years is bc since your comment, the world has taken on an entirely different aspect.
      It has become MARKEDLY more oppressive and oppressed, much more obviously wicked, and we can FEEL it all around us, as the human race.
      We can FEEL something coming.
      And it’s not good.
      Jesus is also coming and He IS good, but He will not come until the man of sin, the lawless one, comes first, in order to finish his destruction of this world and us.
      He – who will be the embodiment of your Lucifer – Satan – will attempt to establish himself as God himself, and force worship of himself. He wants your obedience, enslavement, and death, in that order.
      He already has your mind deceived.
      After the year of 2020, do you still believe the things you wrote? Can you not see that we are moving through extremely troubled times and it’s NOT getting better?
      There is absolutely a sure knowledge of good and evil written into the hearts of every human being. We received that knowledge in our beginning and we inherit it.
      The forces of Magick? They are completely corrupt and wicked. There is no such thing as benign magic, it is inherently evil and can never be otherwise. To dabble with it in ANY way is to invite the forces of darkness into your life and into yourself. It always corrupts, without exception, because its source is corrupt and pure evil.
      Your understanding has been deliberately darkened, in order to prevent you from knowing the Truth.
      I tell you the TRUTH – Lucifer, who is Satan, is your enemy and has deceived you and wants you Spiritually dead, separated from God forever, suffering eternally in the Lake of Fire which is to come after judgment Day.
      But there is HOPE.
      Jesus Christ also wants you – for salvation, and Eternal Life in Heaven. You can’t even imagine the wonderful things God has for those who Believe in Him and receive Him into their hearts.
      If you wish to find the absolute foundational Truth of Life, the Universe, and Everything –
      Give a serious chance to seeking Jesus Christ; earnestly ask Him to show you if He is real, and He WILL. He will reveal Himself and make Himself known to you.
      He is the source of Peace, Love, and the Holy Spirit. He is called the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and no one comes to the Father God except through Jesus.
      If you truly want Truth itself, then you must seek its source; to reject Truth you know nothing about yet is to doom yourself – do you WANT to know if what I say is true? You CAN find out, by seeking.
      Another absolute truth is this:
      Every single human being WILL come to know the Truth.
      God IS; Jesus Lives.
      There IS a Heaven, and a Hell, and an eternal Lake of Fire which will be the judgment upon the wicked.
      The question is, will you find out BEFORE or AFTER it’s too late for you?

    1. Amen Jesus is the Way and ONLY Way to true Happiness and Freedom. Speaking from my life story. I would be Dead without The Lord saving me from a life of destruction.

    2. Amen, beautiful, Jesus is King of kings and Lord of lords, our Jewish Saviour with the wonderful sense of humour, and kind heart, and bend-over-backwards-to-find-you-mercy-and-forgiveness attitude… we love him so much!

    3. Wow! some of you are crazy!, misinformed, mislead and watch far TV/medea/music, but doesn’t surprise me at all if you read the word of are creater and only true god! King of kings that I’m so greatfull for! 🙂 can’t believe how much he loves me and everyone and the fact that we are all his children, so cool we are born into royalty to the creater of all he gives live and is the only way to live threw his only son that he sent into this world just so me and you and everyone humble enough to accept Jesus as are savior, but wants to truly know who loves and wants to worship him so he gave us free will so if your pride lets you believe other wise you will separate yourself from all is good/god and be left with all that’s bad because he is light he is love,live and everything good, so you should at least read the word of god the bible with a open mind and heart to see for yourself, god tells us anyone how truly seeks him will be revealed the truth and then you will know truth from daseption and would know everything about what you believe in cos the bible warns you about it and really opens your eyes and makes sense of everything going on in the world plus you have to much to lose don’t be fooled by the wolf in sheeps clothing look into it for yourself so then you can make a informed decision about where you spend eternity heaven or hell they now have proof if you really look into it, they now know DNA has a code witch proves we were created, come on you know deep down in your heart! You know right from wrong! Study the word of god and prase him for everything you do and have that’s good it’s only because of him you have good, god is good and I’m talking about the king of kings in the bible, best to all! Love and forgive… 🙂

  7. YAHUSHUA is the truth and true light to get these people out of this negative stuff.I speak from my own experience.Do not be decieved by fallen beings of light, false ascension etc. because they copy what they have once seen in heaven, but without YAHUSHUA) Jesus it is only a trap

      1. Ever thought that maybe the world’s definition of religion doesn’t line up with God’s? Corrado Malanga is leading thousands astray. Be careful what you peddle. Here is what religion, pure religion really means. If you really have a problem with it, maybe you need to reexamine your self and get rid of whatever is misguiding you and getting you to lead others astray… Jas 1:27 “Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.” I will be praying for you as well Christinne Radu.

    1. the word Yeshuah “may his name be blotted out forever” is how jews name Christ in their TALMUD, claiming he is the bastard son of a whore who is in hell, boiling in excrement. read for yourselves, the jews are the enemy

      1. these are zionists, the synagogue of satan mentioned in the Bible, they are false jews, I know, talmud is a piece of … But Jesus was a Jew, he was given a Hebrew name.

    2. Decoding YA HU (hoo) shu A has nothing to do with freedom….only free DOMB. your either a tramp for saturn OR very ignorant and haven’t studied ANY kaballah EVER

      1. Never studied kaballah EVER? Joke is on you. Kaballah id the ancient Jewish worship of fallen angels. It is what Freemasons practice and Freemasons are Satanists. Here is the proof from their own words: Albert Pike 33rd degree freemason known as Great Grandfather of American freemasonry/has a statue in D.C. even though he was a general from the south during the civil war and created the KKK…Albert Pike explains in his book that freemasonry is the search for light and that that light is Lucifer…
        Morals & Dogma pg 741
        “Freemasonry is a search for Light. That search leads us directly back, as you see, to the Kabalah.”
        Albert Pike also on who the light that Freemasons search for really is…
        Morals and Dogma pp 210
        “LUCIFER, the Light-bearer! Strange and mysterious name to give to the Spirit of Darknesss! Lucifer, the Son of the Morning! Is it he who bears the Light, and with its splendors intolerable blinds feeble, sensual or selfish Souls ? Doubt it not!”
        I will be praying for you Tam as well.

    3. Preach it Lea. The fallen angels have been and are posing as the ascended masters and are preparing the world for a fake alien invasion. God calls it His strong delusion and He will allow it Himself to deceive all those who rejected His Truth and His Son Jesus. 2Th_2:11 “And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie” Strong delusion = fake alien invasion by fallen angels. I am Tarahumara, an Indian as well. The spirits of shamanism are demonic spirits. The supposed spirits of the dead are in fact demonic spirits posing as the spirits of our dead ancestors, star brothers from Orion or Pleiades, the ascended masters, reptillians, aliens of all shapes, size and color. It’s a trap. Main Indian, ask those ascended masters if Yahweh came in the flesh and see what happens. They are habitual liars. everything they claimed would happen in 2012 didn’t happen, so they repackaged their lie for these times. They are the little “G” gods mentioned in Genesis 6:4. !/3 of the angels fell with Satan, that’s millions of them. They are the gods of Yoga with four faces just as described in the bible. Seek Jesus Indian In The Machine. As a Tarahumara, I know they will make you feel like you are betraying your people and your culture/traditions, but know there is a reason every ancient culture had a serpent cult. That serpent was Satan, known in some places as Quetzalcoat, Kukulcan, Amaru. Amaru means serpent and Amaruca is the ancient name of America. Freemasons know this, but they keep it secret. Freemasonry is a search fort light and that light is Lucifer, the flying serpent. See the connections? I will pray for you my brother indian In The Machine. Do not let these little g gods calling themselves ascended masters deceive you. Satan’s Greatest Secret: “Aliens” Are Actually Fallen Angels!: Yoga, New Age, Hinduism gods Are Fallen Angels: I.D.E. Thomas: Christian Pioneer Exposing The “Alien” Strong Delusion: , The satanic roots of NASA / ILLUMINATI NASA CONNECTION p 6 SATANISM PARSONS AND CROWLEY: Origins of name America/The Alberino Analysis – Land of the Plumed Serpent, Part 1: What’s in a Name?:

      1. Amen. I totally agree with what you said,Manuel. some of these aliens will pose as good ones to save us from the bad ones. They will try and create counterfeit Heaven on earth, but the stench of sin will remain. Antichrist will use the name Jesus , so if people pray to jesus then, antichrist will say Here I am,so the Hebrew name YAHUSHUA must be used in prayer. Here is a link to very important prophetic dream about that YAH bless you for spreading the truth

      2. God Bless you Manuel for being a great soldier of our Lord Jesus Christ and speaking the truth the WORD.

      3. Can someone please tell these people using the name yahushua are being deceieved. It is a cult, just like the rest of the cults. It stemmed from the 7th day adventists in the early 1900’s. Its called the Hebrew roots movement/ sacred name movement and has no real basis in anything. They believe these teachings but have no clue about Greek or Hebrew and the denounce Paul and follow Torah. The Viel was torn people. The law is on our hearts now. 10 comadments. Love your neighbor! Google the cult history, not just your own Torah websites. It’s mind control as well. Leading people astray.

      4. Idk if you’ll ever see my reply, it’s been 6 years since your comment.
        But in the intervening time, the year 2020 happened.
        The year of 2020 vision… For some of us. The year of the beginning Great Delusion, for many MORE.
        We see the rollout of the End Times, the Last Days, the Agenda of the coming Antichrist drawing closer than ever.
        We see such wickedness and apathy revealed in human beings – and ARE they even human? Or are they walk-ins for those certain demonic entities that have technology to trap human souls in little black boxes while using their bodies for their own wickedness?
        This sounds pretty fantastic… But there is credible testimony of it. So I don’t know, but I DO know Jesus is coming. After the tribulation that we must face…The time for the patient endurance of the Saints.
        Dark days ahead of us, but also the time to REJOICE, because what all Believers have been waiting for, what all Creation has been growning for, for millennia, is approaching:
        Our Redemption draweth nigh!!
        Jesus is Lord, forever!
        Looking forward to meeting you in Heaven! 😊

    4. great to see that there are others who know about the truth regarding the name (s), it lonely some times.

    5. Yes Lea, you are right but those who cannot trust or bring themselves to the truth will continue following the darkness masquerading as light. They know nothing definitively because they are going through life with blinders on and “drinking the kool-aid”. Lucifer loves a good minion.

  8. I used to work in the film industry in LA for 5 years. I left in 2010.
    That industry is as dark and sordid as it can possibly get.
    We are being fed lies and parents are allowing their children to get educated on TV and film. If they only knew how evil and toxic it really is.
    I will never view a film or see Hollywood as I used to when I was a kid. That place is a breeding ground for degenerates.

  9. I found this article while searching for some info, and it was very compelling and well written. I was an aspiring rock musician, and singer. Even though this article was published years ago, I want to add my story.

    You asked for others who had brushes with celebs and the industry. I am no one famous, never was, but, I did have an opportunity when i was literally a kid, to see the other side.

    I do have a grandfather, who was historically infamous, but, a big masonic hoohaa.
    My family, on that side, has an appeal to that illuminati crowd as a master, and from my early childhood, I had uncanny encounters with rock gods. Now, I know, that I was being groomed. I think they believed I possessed, or was possessed, with the right stuff.

    I was encouraged, since pre-teenhood, to pursue the limelight, and was dropped into local television shows, almost weekly. I was taking singing lessons by the instructor who taught all the big stars from my town. Next door to him, was a man, who had another kind of business, working for the major bands and record labels. He always checked out this teacher’s students, unabashedly fishing, and he became my agent at my teacher’s suggestion.

    I thought I could trust my teacher, since he was a family friend, like an uncle, but, the man he handed him to, was like the devil, literally. My dad called him that.

    While it was happening, I had no idea, and neither did my parents, at first, but, my father caught on, and wouldn’t let my ”agent” phone me, or have me work for him. I was led into deep spiritual darkness and the occult, and use of pot became habitual, with my agent supplying me with anything I wanted. When he expected me to sleep with both he and his wife, I freaked and left. I was still a virgin.

    My next agent found me, and put me in a world class band, and our first gig was to open for a huge star at an event for the city, and he let me know that the famous lead singer picked me, because i was cute, and she was gay, and let me know that I was hers. I was 15. I backed out and was fired from the band, and sued for breach of contract, dismissed, but, still…

    My next agent in NYC, wasn’t interested in my music at all, but, had lined up, a handful of commercials for me, but, let me know it was pay to play. I was crest-fallen, and got out of NY, and went back to my city, also, a big music city.

    I never told my parents, because, I didn’t want them to stop my dreams.

    So, I just found my own bands, by networking. The next band, was an all girl’s band, and they were a perfect fit, and they had jobs lined up for six months, but, I was expected to attend ”Scientology” classes.

    I went back to my first agent, behind my dad’s back, this being the man whom my dad called, ”lucifer”, and he immediately put me in a great band, got me personal lessons for my mediocre guitar abilities, and even though he scared me away by his perversions, this time, found a way to seduce me, over time, not sleeping with me, but, just letting me get high, and watching freaky porn.

    That summer I went to London and was picked up at a club by someone very famous, as a production person, related to the Beatles, and from there, it was a whirlwind of drugs, sex, and rock and roll. I was immersed in a scene that blew my mind, and I became so much more sophisticated, that I even got into the masonic illuminati thing, which even though i knew was satanic, it was like a mystical game to me. Like the Magical Mystery Tour, for real.

    I encountered Faul, and while I agree, he may not be the original, he had a freaky power… It’s hard to explain what happened to me when I unexpectedly was in his presence. I think my heart literally stopped for a few seconds, and then, something scary happened, not to me, but, to him. He put up his hand, looking almost panicked, and literally sprinted away from me.
    The next time I saw him, he said some really vile things to me. I was just turning 17, so, there was no reason for him to fear or hate me, yet, for some reason, he did.

    I’ve never written about what went on that summer, and it would take a book, but, I’ll try to season my account with what I can without dragging it out.

    I knew I was down a rabbit hole. I was even nicknamed ;’Alice’ by a few of these people, who I called ”the club”…and I called the mason-illuminati stuff, ”the game.”

    When I came home from London, my agent grabbed me tight, this time, and found me a new band, with my own not famous but gorgeous and quintessential rock god lead guitarist, and I was even told, by him, that he was hired for me to have an affair with.

    I was madly in love with my ”agent” who i can now see was my handler. I was willing to do anything for him. i was so hurt that he hired a guy to have an affair with me, because, his wife was threatened by my love and his interest in me was strong, that i really hit the sex and drug lifestyle heavily. I was getting messed up.

    He was hooked up with top bands and the industry elite. I don’t want to identify him by explaining who he was or why he was so well-connected, to protect his family, but, through him, I learned horrific realities about the satanic nature of the music industry, and that it’s not just a myth.

    During this time, i met John Lennon, at an event, and while it sounds conceited and unlikely, he sidled up to me, kind of shy and flirty, and i slipped him a poem and other kooky occult musings, with symbolic keys, because, I knew that opened doors. I put my phone number on my teenage crush note, and he put it in his pocket. Later he called me, very drunk and insulting. But, at 4 a.m. he called and was like a different person, so incredibly kind.

    I can now see how I was being groomed by my agent, and others, but, strangely, Lennon pushed me into reality. He was so broken and spooked by everything. He liked me, and never seduced me, but, called a few times a week, just to discuss this kind of stuff. He felt like he escaped, and now was a grounded human being, again, even, though he was internally shattered. He seemed to be grasping on to me for his own stability, to regain the innocence lost, or because, of some other reason known to him. He used to compare himself to a Vietnam war vet. In fact, that’s how he used to act when he called, when he was in a shell-shocked stupor.

    He absolutely implored me to not to pursue music. He wouldn’t help me, and yelled at me if I told him I was playing somewhere. He told me everything about music that now is known to far more of a vast population, but, then, seemed highly exaggerated.

    i took it that he was that shell-shocked survivor of too much drugs and idol worship. He was totally bi-polar. But, when he was himself, he was amazingly sweet and kind to me, and was the only one that never tried to corrupt or sleep with me while underage. He never talked about Paul to me, or any Beatle stuff. When he called me, he made it known that I was to treat him like an ordinary person.

    He was kind of using me as a teenage friend outside of the industry, even though I was being groomed to enter it. I know it sounds contrived, but, I think he was trying to save me, and in the process, find some kind of redemption.

    I know people feel Michael Jackson was a demon, but, what John did by befriending me, was similar to what Michael did by befriending some of the kids he did. I have a childhood friend who was one of Michael’s kids, and I don’t think he was raped or harmed, in any way. He used to fly him out to LA, and when he was in town, he would send limos for him. He was supposed to be very kind, according to my friend, and also discouraged him from pursuing music as a career, even though he was groomed to enter, and trained by some killer musicians, on the top of the game.

    I think Michael was the one who was raped and harmed, and then murdered. His reputation was shredded, and in my opinion, while he was inappropriate with kids, he was so corrupted, he didn’t have a clue what was a boundary with these boys. He may have had some kind of sexual encounters with some of them, but, not with my friend.

    We had this in common with an extraordinary synchronicity of being friends with two of the biggest stars in the world, a kid’s fantasy dream.

    Like Michael was later murdered, John was murdered, a year after we met, and it sent me reeling into a deep breakdown. I had to be hospitalized after someone gave me some kind of psychotropic drug, and I had the exeriences of out of body travel, extraterrestrials who were like 22 feet tall, and hallucinations about being on another planet, and time travel.

    I recovered from my psychotic break, and went back to pursuing another band, but, had another episode of such profound hallucination, or alternate reality and terror which i can’t write about, and had to be hospitalized. They thought I was schizophrenic, and it totally made sense, and maybe I was, but, later, they said it was a drug-induced schizophrenia, because, I detoxed and rehabbed from all drugs, and joined reality, as unreal as my world had become.

    I saw the other side, including the demonic reality of what goes on with possession, and what goes on with those holding the reigns of power in the entertainment industry. I left this dream behind, because, it was a nightmare to me, and probably is for all those we envy and long to be.

    I went back to school, and got a degree and a professional life. Before i graduated, i returned to my mentor-agent, the one my dad called, ”lucifer”, because, I still loved him dearly, as a person and friend. Our relationship had changed to one of just old buddies, once i was in my 20s, and no longer his property to manage. He did try to entice me with new bands, however, and even said he was putting me in his own band, which he was forming, which had the auspices of top people, should he succeed. I turned him down. I became a Christian, and was involved in ministries, so, our final encounters occurred when he was very ill, and I was there to sit with him.

    One day, i came over to visit, and he was watching Madonna perform on television, and out of the blue, he threw something at me, screaming that it should have been me, but, i was lazy, and ungrateful, and an ‘f–kup”… He told me to just leave, and I never visited again…

    I can now see how youngsters are groomed, corrupted, exposed to porn and drugs, and satanism, as a cool game, not a real serious thing, and then when it is the idea of power and connection becomes addictive and enticing.

    I hope it doesn’t sound like I’m bragging about these people, and i only used the names of Paul-Faul Macca and John Lennon, because, they’re so high up, and i know they’re pawns of the powers that be. I think Paul is the biggest thing right now, like their master therion, because, people liKe JayZ and Kanye refer to him as the ”Original G” and have such reverence for him, even, though they could revere him because he’s such a legend, and all, too.

    Still, knowing what i do, i know Paul is big in this. I really don’t know if he is a replacement, but, nothing would surprise me. I think the car accident and clue thing was part of an experiment in subliminal mass indoctrination to the esoteric symbols used by the masons, and the dead thing was a ritual done on a global scale. They’re kind of rubbing our faces, like hiding in plain sight, the stuff they’re doing to corrupt the young.

    I was raised on the illuminati-mkultra-whatever satanic music, and it’s very weird to be rescued and taken to another shore, where i look at it now, with understanding, grateful it wasn’t me on stage.

    I never, ever sang again, and for the past 20 years, haven’t been able to appreciate modern music seeing too much manipulation and satanism in it. It leaves me with that PTSD spooky and depressed mood.

    There’s so much i’ve learned since then, from other people, and reading accounts, like the excellent one here.

    it’s great to get this off my chest.

    1. Hi Michele. Your story is fascinating and I would love to hear more. I have been trying to figure out for about 3 years now how much truth there is to the Illuminati-Masonic stories. Your family was involved you said. Your ancestors too? What was involved with that? How did that affect you? How aware of your “purpose” were you? I have tons of questions. I also am a Christian, a follower of Jesus. What ministries were you involved in? How are you doing now? Hope to hear from you. May God bless you and keep you. Lois

    2. So very interesting hearing this from someone who’s experienced this first hand. I hope to hear more from your past experiences. Sharing them is a way to relieve yourself,but I think it is beneficial for us to learn the reality of this dark business,it should not be hidden…so much has been hidden from us! We all grew up in a big illusion because of these kind of people and it’s only fair we hear these words you express. God bless you friend.

    3. may I suggest for healing you listen to The 9 Symphonies of Beethoven, the Piano Concerto’s of Edvard Grieg and Sergei Rachmaninoff (2nd), the famous works of Mozart and JS Bach for starts….I have a ‘listen to’ list of many more works as they relate to the 7 Rays and Chakras…..also D. Tame’s book “The Secret Power of Music” is a must read…….Charles

    4. Michele, Its so scary reading of your personal experience stuff. But, what I can say is that the MUSIC is Satanic by itself. So, if you are in Music forget about protection from evils….let me give you something that you may not know….PLS WATCH:
      Shaitan’s Azan “Music” by Dr. Bilal Philips (MUST WATCH!!!)

      1. you are ignoring the factual proof of Cymatic form through sound, which is the very essence of your physical being. Sound can be modulate just like physical form because there is no separation. Om is the macrocosm, and you have just divorced yourself from Reality, FYI.

    5. That was an amazing story..Wow, it really shows whats behind all these famous rock gods…I’m glad you got if off your chest…………..God bless you my friend,

  10. C’mon people…..there is no such thing as reptilians in humans. You people have some serious trouble with your mind……

    1. Yep, sit down like a good sheeple and believe only in religious or scientific dogma. I prefer to have troubles with my mind than to be stupid, like u are.

  11. Those Gabriel pictures are deeply disturbing. The nose does continue to grow as we age, but this looks out of scale from these pics. Also, his voice is/was one of the most distinctive to come out of England, would be hard to impossible to fake that voice. Have not listened to his stuff lately, so can’t compare. Found the link to this site thru Has had me engrossed for the better part of an hour, highly unusual behavior for me when i’m web browsing. Cheers to you.

  12. Thank you for sharing this. I too have worked in stage/theatre performance industry, and also saw/heard things. Thank you again for now I know, I am not “cuckoo” as I thought.
    Big thanks to Dieter for posting this and all the other info.
    “And the truth, shall set you free”.
    love to all

  13. Wow, this article is really eye-opening. There are at least 3 different “phil collins” there, for sure, i never would have thought to notice this until i read this article, and of course it’s logical and it just continues to amaze me how you can totally put to sleep by mnemonic mind control techniques until someone comes along and points out the obvious. I’m sure there are many more facets of evil to this industry that this writer doesn’t speak about too.

    It’s also sobering to realize the consistent “moralizing” that is written into hollywood scripts, especially regarding sexual issues and love/marriage, versus the sobering reality. This human addiction to illusion reflected in the shadow of Hollywood seems to be at the core of the limited and limiting 3d delusion that “we” keep falling into, drowning in the sea of birth and death. May we wake up as One.

    1. Well, alot of these buggers have stylishly gone clone-mode. The bulk of that hollywood community are pole-smokin child molesters, kept in the shadows by this prevailing evil everyone feels. Ya gotta approach nighttime with grim determination this era and stay ” in yer cups ” once safe at home.

    2. “May we wake up as One”

      In case u didnt know, this is alien’s and NWO’s goal, ure delusional, dude

      1. May we wake up on Judgment Day, and not be horrified by what we have done with our lives.

  14. Being worshipped as gods and calling it something else seems to be.The biggest problem in our society today.

  15. MK Ultra was, and may still be a real U.S. government program involving a lot of crime. CIA Director Helms “destroyed” all of the records to prevent disclosure of the details. So there’s obviously a serious problem with this type of stuff.

      1. Yes. It is hard work for the integration of all aspects. A respektfull human stands against many respectless persons with an respectless society and structure.

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