US Navy’s Earth Changes Flood Map of America, Earth Changes Maps, New Madrid Earthquake Zone: What Does the Navy Know?

[ These collected “post earth changes” maps below show

various visions and premonitions of how the earth

changes related flooding globally will affect land masses.

I am making no claims as to the accuracy

or veracity of these “post earth changes” maps, I am simply

presenting them for readers to examine.

I find the subject fascinating. ]

More US Navy’s Earth Changes Flood Map of America, Earth Changes Maps, New Madrid Earthquake Zone: What Does the Navy Know?

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6 thoughts on “US Navy’s Earth Changes Flood Map of America, Earth Changes Maps, New Madrid Earthquake Zone: What Does the Navy Know?”

  1. Wow, as I look through your collection of earth changes maps, I suddenly had a strong flashback to a book I read many years ago by an author by the name of Hank Wesselman, book called Spiritwalker. This guy apparently does spontaneous soul travel into the future (5,000 years) and the descendant is Hawaiin and all technology has been lost for thousands of years. The hawaiin must travel by boat to the mainland only talked of by his tribe as legend. When he actually arrives at roughly where California should be, there is a thin ridge of mountainous land and then behind it a vast inland sea. Lots of wild elephants and lions and tigers and stuff (because of zoos in the remote past). There is no metal because the people don’t know how to make it. Occasionally they find a mound and dig into it and find old ruins that contain artifacts like coins and plastics and stuff. The desendent becomes aware that another consciousness is inhabitting him ocassionally, and they learn to communicate with each other and they both soul travel back and forth on time 5000 years. Extremely fascinating read, which was brought to mind by these maps, as he exactly described this new land configuration by his soul travels eyewitness encounters. Something causes the complete collapse of civilization and in 5000 years from now, things are pretty much at the hunter/gatherer level again, but people have very remote memories and oral legends of our current high technology civilization. You should read this book. It’s supposed to be based on Hank Wesselman’s actual experiences when he lived in Hawaii and this soul travelling started spontaneously happening to him. He was a scientist at the time, but became a shaman over the course of his experiences with his encounters with his descendant. He found a carved face stone on the beach one day and that is what started the whole spiritwalking transformation for him, as his descendant still had the same carved stone and it became a soul conduit allowing for astral communication I’m assuming).

    1. I read this book and it had the ring of truth to me. What a fascinating perspective on a possible future reality. We have gone so far down the road with nuclear waste, genetic tampering, weapons of mass destruction, oil spills, etc, etc, that there is no turning back now. Can the planet survive without a massive cleansing?

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