Mysterious ‘Vortex’ Warned Is Creating Global Weather Catastrophe (Indian writes: this is also the EXACT site of the highly unusual earthquakes of Yemen.)



December 1, 2010

Mysterious ‘Vortex’ Warned Is Creating Global Weather Catastrophe (Indian writes:  this is also the EXACT site of the highly unusual earthquakes of Yemen.)

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

The Gulf of Aden [photo 2nd left] is one of the most vital waterways in the world located in the Arabian Sea betweenYemen, on the south coast of the Arabian Peninsula, and Somalia in the Horn of Africa that sees over 21,000 ships sailing through its waters each year.A bizarre report prepared for Prime Minister Putin by Admiral Maksimov of Russia’s Northern Fleet states that a‘mysterious magnetic vortex’ currently centered in the Gulf of Aden has “defied” all the combined efforts of Russia, The United States and China to shut it down, or even to ascertain its exact origin or “cause for being”.

According to this report, US scientists began noticing the “formation” of this vortex in late 2000, after which the Americans established a base of operations on the Horn of Africa in Djibouti, the capital and largest city of the Republicof Djibouti.  After the 9/11 attacks on America, Djibouti then became the home of the Combined Joint Task Force – Horn of Africa (CJTF-HOA) which is a joint task force of United States Africa Command.

After remaining ‘relatively stable’ since its discovery in November, 2000, this report continues, the Gulf of Aden vortex began to “expand” in late 2008 prompting the United States to issue an “extraordinary” warning to the entire world about this mysterious occurrence and which in response the following Nations rushed their Naval Forces to this area:

Royal Australian Navy, Belgian Navy, Bulgarian Navy, Canadian Navy, Peoples Liberation Navy (China), Royal Danish Navy, French Navy, German Navy, Greek Navy, Indian Navy, Islamic Republic of Iran Navy, Italian Navy, Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force, Republic of Korea (South Korea) Navy, Royal Malaysian Navy, Royal Netherlands Navy, Pakistan Navy, Portuguese Navy, Royal Saudi Navy, Russian Navy, Republic of Singapore Navy, Spanish Navy, Swedish Navy, Royal Thai Navy, Turkish Navy, British Royal Navy and the United States Navy.

Using the pretext that these Naval Forces were needed to protect the Gulf of Aden from Somalia pirates [who are actually nothing more than lightly armed youngsters looking for food since this mysterious vortex has destroyed their fishing waters], Admiral Maksimov states in this report that this buildup is the largest of its kind in human history and that Russia is “prepared” to join with the Americans to “defeat” what many world officials believe is an attack upon our planet by “forces”previously unknown, but described as possibly being “inter-dimensional” or “extraterrestrial”.

Beginning earlier last month, this report continues, the Gulf of Aden vortex began an “extraordinary” series of“expansions” that for the first time since its discovery were preceded by earthquake activity.  Important to note are that the estimated 40-60 earthquakes occurring in the Gulf of Aden this past month are, also, the first to have occurred in this region in all of modern recorded history.

This report further states that all of these earthquakes have ranged between 4.5 and 5.4 on the Richter scale and almost all are on or around 10 km depth and are “strangely” linked in timing to the mysterious “reappearance” of the planet Jupiter’s South Equatorial Belt stripe that “disappeared” this past May.

Though the information contained in this report is being blacklisted among all of the world’s mainstream media, the same cannot be said of alternative news sites, some of which have speculated that the Gulf of Aden vortex may very well be a“Stargate” opening up into our world from a dimension and/or world we known nothing about.

One such site, The Truth Behind The Scenes, further notes: “Another remarkable coincidence, or rather ‘synchronicity’ is that this series of earthquakes (in the stargate) fell on the very day on which the webbots and Time Wave Zero both[showed] a ‘tipping point’ indicated.”

Another such site, Danwi, from China, states about the “Stargate” hypothesis that: “Internet users have recently been concerned with news about a “Gulf of Aden Stargate.” Rumors claim that as early as December 9, 2009, a spiral of blue light, like a computer-generated image, suddenly appeared in the sky over northern Norway.

About a month after the spiral disappeared, a massive magnetic field that appeared in the Gulf of Aden opened up a wormhole or “Stargate.” The rumor said that the multinational military escort in the Gulf of Aden, ostensibly there to fight Somali pirates, is actually working to explore the Stargate and distant galaxies a million light years away.

Professor Wang Sichao of the Purple Mountain Astronomical Observatory, an authority on UFO research in China, said of the phenomenon: “The ‘Stargate’ theory is not credible. It has no basis in astronomy or the facts.”

To what the truth is that lies behind this mysterious Gulf of Aden vortex it is not in our knowing, other than to point out Admiral Maksimov’s warning in his report that since these earthquakes have begun our planets Northern Hemisphere’s jet stream as “nearly collapsed” plunging vast regions of the world into weather chaos, and as we can read:

In Britain today their vast transportation system has ground to halt due to unprecedented snow and cold, likewise in Germany where travel chaos has ensued due to abnormal snow and cold.  Sweden is reporting the coldest temperatures it has experienced in over 100 years as China is rushing to rescue thousands of herdsman trapped by their worst snowfall in 30 years and is further reporting the deaths of over 70,000 farm animals due to snow and cold.

The United States has also reported one of the most massive storm systems in its history that for the past few days has blanketed nearly its entire landmass with unprecedented amounts of rain.

To the greatest fear of the United States, and other World Nations, regarding this mysterious Gulf of Aden vortex, Admiral Maksimov’s report surmises, is the public having knowledge of it due to a website named WikiLeaks having in its possession nearly all of the secret diplomatic cables which it is threatening to release, and should it do so would “undoubtedly” sow panic throughout the Globe.

So dangerous has WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange become that Interpol has issued a ‘red notice’ arrest warrant for his immediate capture in order to prevent him from release the entire US “Gulf of Aden Vortex” file he currently has in his possession and China has taken the extraordinary step of launching against his website the most ‘powerful’ cyber attack ever witnessed from a government against a private website.

To what is contained in the United States secret “Gulf of Aden Vortex” file WikiLeaks has in its possession and is threatening to release it is not in our knowing.

What is in our knowing though is what the ancients had to say about the Gulf of Aden vortex, but which they described as the Eye of Ra (aka Eye of Horus) [photo bottom left] that was personified in the ancient Egyptian goddess Wadjet, a fierce goddess depicted as a lioness warrior and protector, and as the sun goddess whose eye later became the eye of Horus, the eye of Ra, and is also known as the Lady of Flame.

According to these ancient legends, should our human race ever threaten to destroy the Earth, Wadjet would return in “righteous wrath” through the “vortex” of the Eye of Ra to do battle with those who are “defying” the gods and their plans for humankind.

Not known to most people about this most powerful, and feared, ancient Egyptian goddess, Wadjet, is that humanities oldest recorded religious celebration was held in her honor and called the “Going Forth of Wadjet”, celebrated for thousands of years, under too many different names and religious incarnations to count, on December 25th, but called in today’s World Christmas.

So, as we near another Christmas time in World, yet again, gone mad with war and the lust for death, and as humanity struggles under the tyrannical yoke of its elite masters enslaving them more and more as each day passes, and as too many “signs” to mention in one sitting begin to appear around us, one can wonder about what’s next to come.

© December 1, 2010 EU and US all rights reserved. Permission to use this report in its entirety is granted under the condition it is linked back to its original source at WhatDoesItMean.Com.

[Ed. Note: Western governments and their intelligence services actively campaign against the information found in these reports so as not to alarm their citizens about the many catastrophic Earth changes and events to come, a stance that the Sisters of Sorcha Faal strongly disagrees with in believing that it is every human beings right to know the truth.  Due to our missions conflicts with that of those governments, the responses of their ‘agents’ against us has been a longstanding misinformation/misdirection campaign designed to discredit and which is addressed in the report “Who Is Sorcha Faal?”.]

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16 thoughts on “Mysterious ‘Vortex’ Warned Is Creating Global Weather Catastrophe (Indian writes: this is also the EXACT site of the highly unusual earthquakes of Yemen.)

  1. Hello all,
    I read all of your comments here and the main story is rather interesting to read but I have always been a science fiction fan. I am not trying to knock anyone down here but the fact of the matter is all this information is unsubstantiated. It can be said that this report and that report says this and that but where is the actual proof that these reports are valid? Frankly its easy to say just about anything and quote just about anyone and say its true when in all actuality its all based on just someones active imagination. Lets just say I am not impressed by anything but proof and I wont be caught looking at the ground for the pit when the anvil is actually over my head. I look in all directions and cant afford to listen to the child that cries wolf for obvious reasons. My understanding in Gods existence is strong and unwaivering but I base this on experience and no one can prove otherwise to me. All you people seem very intelligent so please check the facts and try not to let someone else’s imagination rule your intellect.
    All the power to you and peace out.

  2. Selamat jarin, dratzo….!!

    The mainstream media are being conditioned by the WikiLeaks revelations to expect even more sensitive information, if Julian Assange is placed with any more death threats and attacks, by the Amerikan establishment…

    His site server has been relocated to Switzerland and remains intermittent..

    To date, he has revealed embarrassing exposes on the military excesses of the US Army, overseas, absurd comments by presidents, as well as the tittle-tattle diplomatic gaffs, so frequently blundered into by the likes of Prince Andrew and similar parasites…all ridiculous and fairly low key blunders, described in the past week, involving politicians, princes and kings.

    However, the WikiLeaks founder has recently reported that he does possess above top secret US material anent the UFO subject and would release it to the world, if the pressure is increased on him…
    As this has happened, he pledges to now publish parts of the cablegate archive with references to UFOs in sensitive documents.
    In revenge against; “abusive elements in the United States government.”

    Officially, Interpol seeks to arrest Assange over trumped-up rape charges in Sweden….
    The timing of these charges has not escaped the the intelligent observer’s gaze and many are suspicious of them being raised at this particularly sensitive time..

    The frenzied US establishment can’t seek the arrest of Julian Assange on other charges, such as “treason,” as he is not an Amerikan citizen…in spite of the bluster and kneejerk pronouncements of certain ignorant US officials…

    All this effort is indeed setting the stage for the general public being made aware that the UFO coverup is indeed real and not merely a “fantasy, induldged in by New Agers and fringe elements…”

    It is also setting the stage for the fall of corrupt governments, including the current US administration…

    We must observe an increase in pressure upon the dark cabal to give up power, as these events will only increase….

    To date, the cables have been minor diplomatic gaffs, purile tittle-tattle and mischief only….but when it is known how seriously diplomats and heads of state take the UFO issue and other happenings, then at last the general mass of people will wake up and smell the coffee…
    The mainstream media seem to be running with this data….like never before.

    Good luck, White Knight Assange and all the bold whistleblowers that send him info…don’t stop until the end is reached… 🙂

    Selamat gajun akanowai dajoie….!!

    Drekx Omega, Cmdr, GFL Ground Crew

  3. While reading the information in the article I
    thought it might be more partial truths to decipher with other info that keeps coming, and to discern with the rest. A lot of it makes sense with other things I know.
    Then, I looked up the writer and her order, and it seemed good.
    Then, I began reading the links at the end.
    Did any of you read them?
    The first two were products being sold with major fear tactics.
    The next two are articles written about the POSSIBLE horrible future. I actually had a very bad physical reaction to both of them. It was very dark and fearful, and practically suffocating. How is it productive at all to write such things that could be given too much energy to the darkness to partially manifest?!! There was no truth, it was all supposition and horrible. I have never had a physical reaction like that even reading the terrible crap as I have put my pieces together and done my own life healing which was pretty damn awful.
    THEN…I had to see the rest, hoping that I was wrong, and wanted to be objective. The last two contained some of the math I have studied and was interested, besides some particular upcoming dates that caught my eye. It had interesting history. But they end with the statements that you have to donate money in order to find out how to survive the horrors and then you get the next part to read.
    If it was true, and necessary, and the writer was working for the Light and saving lives, the info would be there, available to all.
    The whole thing left me feeling disturbed, betrayed and wondering why the hell you would even think that printing these sources would be productive at all. Unless you didn’t read them…

    1. Sorcha Faal is very likely a source from Russian intelligence. The reason they have Sorcha is to transfer information to north americans to alert them to their impending doom. True, they’re not exactly angelic messages but we must own our fear, that’s the lesson.

      And we can also appreciate that non-americans…even Russian intelligence are going to great lengths to educate americans, while they party the planet away…. however one day everything will change, and no one will be able to deny it… and one day americans will know that the truthbringers changed everything. Sorcha Fall brings truth to humanity and humanity must own it’s own fear and to quit putting each other’s fear on each other….when we do that we now know we end up with naked body airport scanners and concentration camps and tasers, and chemtrails and all the many other poisons that people are sharing with each other.

      We come to know our adversary, while we turn up the joy. 😉



  4. Not going to lie, these things, deep down, something about them doesn’t sit right with me. I can’t put my finger on it, but the stronger my intuition and perception has been becoming, the more something in the genre doesn’t sit right with me. Not sure though..

    On a side note, I’ve found out about the deep web.

    I haven’t gone directly to any of the sites, just read descriptions of a few that have been found. Many are quite disturbing.. and i don’t just mean weird.. i mean very very demented, twisted, and disturbing.. I’m afraid of how I would react if I actually went to one of those, I’d also have to go through a bunch of steps to ensure that i cant be traced, otherwise there could be consequences. Makes me rethink the term evil. However, there are some interesting intels, such as this article i found:

    “In Praise of Hawala
    From The Hidden Wiki
    Jump to: navigation, search

    by J. Orlin Grabbe

    When I was teaching at Wharton, I remember one student who was amazed that he could “wire” his Treasury bill from a bank in Chicago to a bank in Manhattan. Of course there was no mystery to the process. Treasury bills only exist as accounting entries on the books of the Federal Reserve: there is no physical token or quality printed document involved.

    The bank in Chicago was the registered owner of the T-bill on the Fed’s books, and it simply sent instructions to the Fed to turn the T-bill over to the bank in Manhattan — i.e. to attach the Manhattan bank’s name as the owner of the T-bill on the Fed’s books. Meanwhile, the bank in Manhattan handed the student a computer-printed receipt, showing that the student was the owner of the T-bill from the bank’s point of view.

    In this Federal Reserve transaction we have the essence of the hawala system, a system currently under frontal assault from the U.S. because it is efficient, low-cost, and unregulated. As in the hawala system, a person in Chicago (the student) goes to an agent (the Chicago bank) and asks for the transfer for something of value (the T-bill). Through a centralized record-keeping system (the Federal Reserve), value is transferred to an agent elsewhere (the bank in Manhattan) and given to a person at the remote location (in this case, the student again, but it could have been anyone).

    A typical hawala transaction in Dubai, here on the shore of the Persian (Arabian) Gulf, might go like this. Iqbal, a Pakistani working in the Jebel Ali Free Zone, gets paid in cash, in UAE dirhams. He wants to send money to his family in Karachi, so he goes to a hawaladar and gives him 5000 dirham. The hawaladar sends an email or a fax to his uncle in Karachi (who is also a hawaladar), along with an agreed code for collecting the money. Iqbal’s wife picks up 80,000 rupees from the hawaladar in Karachi.

    The transaction is simple and efficient by comparison to most of the alternatives. Iqbal pays on one day and his wife picks up the money the next day. Iqbal doesn’t need a bank account, no one asks him to fill out elaborate forms or show a government ID number. Nor does he need to deal with an artificial exchange rate set by the Pakistani central bank — a rate of exchange intended to rip off (tax) Pakistanis in foreign countries who are purchasing rupees with their repatriated earnings. Instead, the local hawaladar in Karachi deals on the white market and gets a market-determined exchange rate. (The central bank calls the free market in currencies a “black market,” but since the market involves voluntary exchanges between individuals, it should be referred to as a “white market” — or maybe not, depending on your psychological associations with colors.)

    Why does the system work? The hawaladars are reliable and trustworthy. As even Interpol observed, “the delivery associated with a hawala transaction is faster and more reliable than in bank transactions.” And “the components of hawala that distinguish it from other remittance systems are trust and the extensive use of connections such as family relationships . . .” It takes honest people to run this “illegal” business.

    Yet Time magazine has called hawala “a banking system built for terrorism.” They accused Dubai of being the hub of the hawala business. But Time gave its game away by ominously noting: “Dubai is a free trade zone with no limitations on the movement of goods or currency.”

    Dubai, and the Persian Gulf generally, may be the last refuge of laissez-faire capitalism in the world. Yes, there are pockets elsewhere: Hong Kong seems to have survived the takeover by the PRC. And Costa Rica, for all the government’s boast of offering a “cradle-to-grave” welfare state, probably is host to the largest percentage of self-proclaimed libertarians per capita of any country in the world. But it’s hard to beat Dubai. Here you will find none of the war-mongering socialism of Iraq and Israel.

    From the futuristic buildings lining Sheikh Zayed Road to the cozy gold, electronic, linen, you-name-it souks of Deira, this place rocks. I come in at midnight to my apartment overlooking the Gulf, and the Pakistani workers who are constructing a new shop on the ground floor are still hard at work. The main streets are wide, cabs are clean, people are courteous. Dubai has 28 five-star or better hotels, including the top-rated hotel in the world, the Burj Al Arab, which sits in the shape of a large dhow sail on a man-made island offshore, a sail 1000-feet (321 meters) tall, a ship eternally headed inland. There are the free zones of Jebel Ali, with the world’s largest artificial port, and the more recent ones of Internet City and Media City. Dubai is about the size of Las Vegas, but a woman can safely walk alone at night pretty much anywhere. Here in Dubai we are living in a Golden Age, but one which, I suspect, will have disappeared in a decade because of U.S. big brother meddling.

    No, everything is not perfect. By contrast to the 1990 census which showed that a majority of Dubai native Arabic women aged 15 to 19 were married, in 2000 over 90 percent were still single. That perhaps accounts for the annoying excess of nubile females running around — especially when you add into the picture those foreign beauties from Eastern Europe, Russia, the Philippines, and South Africa. Native Dubai Arabs comprise less than 25 percent of the population, with foreigners from India, Pakistan, the Philippines, South Africa, and a horde of European countries making up the rest. Signs are written in Arabic and English, with more English spoken than Arabic. Internet City has been invaded with the likes of Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, and Network Associates. Microsoft couldn’t build a secure computer system if you held a gun to Bill Gate’s head; Oracle’s Larry Ellison is a fascist who wants to create a national ID database on all Americans; IBM has forgotten how to make a profit; and Network Associates has discontinued support for PGP. Who needs this kind of progress? With the beginning of the new International Financial Center over by the Emirates Tower (the tallest structure in the Middle East and Europe), we’ll be seeing the likes of Merrill Lynch, NASDAQ, and Goldman Sachs.

    There are other problems. The weekend is on the wrong days: Thursday and Friday, instead of the civilized Saturday and Sunday revealed to us by the Gods of Tom DeLay. And while you can smoke in pretty much any restaurant in Dubai, they have a small hang-up about alcohol. Since non-moslem tourists were believed to be desirous of having a pint now and then, hotels were hospitably given an alcohol monopoly — ordinary restaurants can’t sell it. You can buy it at a store, but you have to get a license. I got a liquor license from the Dubai Police Department, but have yet to use it. I find that when I want a drink, I tend to wander over to one of the hotels down the street. Who do they think they are?

    What is called hawala in Arabia, is also known as hundi in India and Pakistan, and havala in Iran. The word “hawala” comes from the Arabic root hwl, meaning to “change” or “transform”. A traveler’s check is called a hawala safir. The Arabic word “hawala” has been adopted into both Hindi (India) and Urdu (Pakistan). The alternative term hundi comes from a Sanskrit root meaning to “collect.” A hundi operator is called a hundiwala (recall the dishwalas who sell satellite TV dishes out of corrugated tin shacks in India). In Farsi (Iran) the “w” is pronounced as a “v”: havala. Farsi also uses the word saraf, meaning a “money changer” or “money remitter” (i.e. a hawala dealer).

    A few days ago the Gulf News, a local Dubai English-language newspaper, carried a large ad: “HAWALA IS ILLEGAL, DON’T RISK IT!” Now, hawala is not illegal here: the ad was referring to the illegality of persons in India receiving hawala payments from Dubai. Because the Indian central bank has said hawala violates exchange control laws. The ad luridly carried two newspaper headline clippings: “US tells India to regularize hawala transactions” and “US treasury nudges India to tackle hawala networks”. And who was it that took out the ad, all in great concern and alarm that Indians in Dubai might send money to the folks back home in New Delhi, and upset the poor little U.S. Treasury? Western Union. A rival money-transmitting business. The ad represents the classic case of a business attempting to use government regulation as a whip to drive out the competition. (Click here to see the ad.) What is most absurd about the whole thing is Western Union’s invoking of U.S. meddling in India as a behavorial guide for expatriate Indians living in Dubai.

    Of course Western Union is just another hawala-type business. In the old days, you took cash to a Western Union office in one city, and had them “telegraph it” to a Western Union office in another city. What happened was the Western Union office in the first city put the cash in its safe. Then they sent a telegram to the second office, with the message: “Give so-and-so this much cash.” The thing that moved between the two cities was not the cash, but rather a message that described the value transfer that was to take place in the remote location. Today Western Union maintains bank accounts, and if they need more cash in one place they take it out of the bank. If they have a cash surplus in another place, they take the cash to the local bank, and then send a wire to the place the cash is needed.

    The only thing that distinguishes Western Union from hawala is that Western Union is regulated in India. And they are quite happy to help the Indian central bank rip off expatriate Indians by selling them too few rupees for their foreign-earned dirhams, dollars, and other currencies. This, then, is what makes Western Union a great patriot and supporter of the U.S. Treasury.

    The first paragraph of the Time article mentioned above, “A Banking System Built for Terrorism” (Oct. 5, 2001), paints a sinister picture: “In the labrynthine depths of old Delhi, where the lanes are too narrow even for a rickshaw, men drink tea and chat in shabby offices. Nobody seems to be doing any work, until the phone rings. Then, numbers are furiously scribbled, followed by some busy dialing and whispered instruction. Although it’s far from obvious in the innocuous setting, these men are moving money — to exporters, drug traffickers, tax evaders, corrupt politicians. And terrorists.”

    Let’s rewrite this paragraph, shall we? “In the labrynthine depths of a nondescript floor in Manhattan’s Citibank tower, where the aisles between cubicles are too narrow even for a rickshaw, men sip coffee long since gone cold and stale, and chat among themselves across their shabby partitions. Nobody seems to be doing any work, until the phone rings. Then, numbers are furiously scribbled, followed by some busy dialing, whispered instruction, and tapping at the computer keyboard. Although it’s far from obvious in the innocuous setting, these men are moving money — to exporters, drug traffickers, tax evaders, corrupt politicians. And terrorists.”

    Clearly it’s time to shut down Citibank.”

    I don’t necessarily want to risk venturing into it myself. But if I get any more info from someone I’d be glad to share.

  5. i wish you all good luck, cause by the time you find out that the new planet you are living on is in fact worse than here…it’ll be too late. it’s too bad people just fall before finding things out….over and out. i enjoyed your postings, but this is just too sad to continue subscribing to.

    1. vanessa,

      The new Planet will be “worse than here..??”

      You really believe this imploding chaos and utter systemic disfunction, you see currently, is better…??


      Go within and see that all these dark revelations are changing the matrix into something new, which will be most welcome…

      Be discontent with the dark matrix, which has failed us all. It’s time is truly over…

      FEMA camps, chemtrails, swine flu vaccination, government black-ops, wars, economic decay, state tyranny, mass poverty and death is all THIS FAILING DARK MATRIX offers you….But it is ENDING and you are simply being given confirmation by Heaven that the time for change and a new dispensation is NOW…

      Join us in the Golden Age…you are welcome.

      But first learn all truths, process them and then RELEASE ANY FEARS….this is the key to ascension and a far, far, better reality…

      🙂 Join us sister, fear not..we abandon nobody.

      Blessed be…!! Drekx Omega

    1. Vanessa, show us right here right now, that you know God’s plan. You can’t because you do not. Are you closely collaborating with the Heavenly Hosts? Who exactly are you aligned with? Maybe that’s why you feel sad, because you’ve been duped and that is the TRUTH.


    2. Nobody is “duped” here, vanessa…

      We are confident in the Divine Plan, that is all…

      Why are you concerned and fearful that “it’ll be too late…??”

      It is never too late to ascend and enter the golden age…just release your fears, your astral baggage and join us in lighted release from this dark matrix….

      You have waited for this special time for 13,000 years, why fall at the final hurdle, now…??

      In Light, Drekx

  6. Metatron? lol. he tells you to get on the ships who are going to come and take you off mother earth even though that would be abandoning her. stop listening to the galactic federation of light….they are not LIGHT. They are trying to get you off planet before YOU become centered….you need to stay here and center yourself so mother earth can be centered as well for the ascension. doorways (ORGANIC doorways…not ships coming before the end of next year)is what you need to wait for. Ascension cannot happen properly if we abandon our mother. She needs us just like we need her during the next year and a half to center our light bodies. Where Metranon and Salusa are telling you to go is not SAFE. It is a hoax to get as many people on an alternate planet so they can continue farming us using us to further THEMSELVES. Stop channeling false light from outside of yourselves….you need to bring your own light OUT, not bring someone eles’s IN. Please please stop falling for this.

    1. Vanessa,
      I’m not positive, and am still trying to learn and discern things too, but on the site Cloverleaf Connection, and some others, it seemed they were saying that we may be saved…removed, temporarily when the earth changes are bad to save as many as possible.
      Then, we would continue to work together to heal and manifest the way things are supposed to be, on Mother Earth, then return to live in peace and harmony? This feels familiar somehow, deep inside, or maybe I am hoping so. I have had similar dreams for years, though.
      The more that I set aside fear, the more that I get peace and am able to see clearer and listen to my spirit. Weird things back each other up, and I must continue to discern them.
      I have had trouble with this however, since reading this posted article. Something is very wrong with this source, “Sorcha”. It is not clear, dark and just wrong.

  7. This is fascintating news… does anyone know if Metatron mentioned this “stargate” in the discussions of portals opening up?
    The lunar eclipse on the 21st of December is going to be a very important day, I think. Will have to do some more research as to the repercussions…

    1. Kelly,
      I will be interested in what you find.
      That date has some personal weird significance to me, especially this year and next, I am beginning to find out.
      I’ll be looking too.


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