MUST WATCH! Strangest Sunset Video Ever!


MUST WATCH! Strangest Sunset Video Ever!

This video is sure to go viral!!!!  There is definitely something unusual going on around the sun… especially around sunset and sunrise (TAKE VIDEOS AND PHOTOS DURING THESE TIMES AND SEE WHAT YOU MIGHT FIND)…  could these two sun and even three sun videos be connected to Nibiru???? It is also questionable why Nasa shut down SOHO a few days ago.

Also regarding Ison, we may have a rather large object and some ‘debris’ approaching earth… your attention is greatly appreciated, since that’s where our true power lies… by being present, and divine, in the now… no fear okay? Keep your three eyes open.  

Indian in the machine

Two things to research that are probably going to be changing all life on th planet! Ison and Nibiru



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3 thoughts on “MUST WATCH! Strangest Sunset Video Ever!”


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  2. Two nights ago I had a lucid dream that seemed not personal to me. I admit to not being a planet watcher, except the moon. I saw a “sky” scene that looked like a van Gogh painting in colors but was real. There were two suns. The one on the right was large and the one on the left was smaller. A loud commanding voice said, ” Now the world will know there are two suns.” It woke me right up. Like I said it wasn’t personal to me. I have seen overlays around the moon in the last three months or so in light blue and green. One larger and one smaller, more etheric phasing in and around the 3D moon. Interesting to watch on a full moon night.

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