Warming the Drums Before a Dance

Elizabeth had been the boldest dancer on the night we arrived, but since then has retreated. Every once in a while, usually at some dramatic moment, she will jump into the dance, her elbows and shoulders liquid, her long dark-skinned arms swaying to her fingertips, the meat loose on her bones, her flesh suddenly more exposed than you realized.


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Now, In the final weeks of 2014, many of you will feel a low ebb of energy, something of ‘The Dark Night of the Soul’.


Now, In the final weeks of 2014, many of you will feel a low ebb of energy, something of ‘The Dark Night of the Soul’. You may feel frustration, lethargy, anger and depression. This is in part due to the natural anti-climatic resonance that occurred after the highly intense series of energies that began in September and ran through the mega-eclipses of October. Continue reading Now, In the final weeks of 2014, many of you will feel a low ebb of energy, something of ‘The Dark Night of the Soul’.

Healing Ancestral Grudges Against Self And Others

Healing Ancestral Grudges Against Self And Others… Can you make full peace with white man, or brown man, or black man, or yellow man or anyone who has felt superior or inferior to you…can you make full peace with yourself for feeling inferior to those who feel superior, or superior to those who feel inferior. You gotta be present to heal these grudges… and not stuck in some past or future story. Do this… do this for the ones to come… for yourself, because you deserve peace, and the only one who can give it to you, is you… there is real true power and love that comes with peace, that cannot come forth when there is a grudge against others or self… I wish this for us…   Indian in the machine


Jesus (Sananda) And Archangel Michael, Transcripts And Ascension Report For December 2014

Jesus (Sananda) And Archangel Michael, Reptilian Update, And Ascension Report For December 2014

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Great Bright Heart Ascended Master, Lady Nada’s Weekly Message ~ December 18 – 25, 2014 Received by Julie Miller


Great Bright Heart
Ascended Master, Lady Nada’s Weekly Message ~ December 18 – 25, 2014
Received by Julie Miller
December 18, 2014


Any act of genuine kindness is considered as an expression of God’s Great Love coursing through you during that moment, where the moment is devoid of distinctions and discriminations between you and another dear soul. It is through genuine kindness that you begin to understand and expand the concept and actualization that you truly are not separated, yet connected to all things and to all people.


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Skype With Indian: Today’s Topic At Hand… Bumpy Thighs, How To Deal With It For Real

Skype With Indian:  Today’s Topic At Hand… Bumpy Thighs, How To Deal With It For Real

Hi Folks… I’m available today for this topic, that I see so many struggle with… women going to the gym… trying creams… trying this and that, and haven’t found what works…

Well… perhaps after a chat, we may have a few things ironed out… like the bumps on your legs … they do not have to be there.

You pay for your session, let me know if I am to reach you via phone or skype.

Remember you are powerful, and you can self-heal towards perfection.

Dieter (Indian in the machine)

Skype with Indian is available in limited times only… in spirit.

Payment options https://indianinthemachine.bandcamp.com/merch

Galactic Federation Of Light Hints On Temporary New Governance Around Christmas, Return To Common Law/Constitution

Galactic Federation Of Light Hints On Temporary New Governance Around Christmas, Return To Common Law/Constitution

Well well well… I reposted the latest GFL message below….these whole date things are eventually leading somewhere, as is the transition of earth governance, and revaluation of our currencies towards a FAIR world currency… but where?  Is this the moment that human can align together in unity… or will we still have our limited ones amongst us who are constantly telling us, “that won’t happen”… and then they create that… folks… it’s a matrix that we’re in, remember?

Instead of saying “that won’t happen”… why not pray for the will to get off your ass and help us create the world of our desires… pray to be inspired, to serve something way bigger than your ego?

Why not be powerful in stead of needing other people to be powerful on your behalf?

Why wouldn’t you not align with our beloved galactic family, when they are offering assistance, as if falsely believing that acting alone is the way to go?

Why do you devote less than 1 minute of your precious time to these matters, while then claiming that “nothing happens”?

Why are our galactics needing to constantly ‘toe-step’ around OUR governments… people those are OUR earth evil governments, not the galactics… THEY know how to co-exist rather nicely.

Why do so many feel they can do nothing when it comes to changing the world… but then they change the world in their ignorance, into a slave planet?

If you are not ACTIVELY SERVING OUR CREATOR, then who is it you are serving, that you expect the rest of us to join you?

If you are whining that our galactic’s dates come and go, isn’t that simply more about humanity not doing enough, because we co-create those potentials into existence, not whine them into existence?

Let us put the Creator back into our creativity… don’t be one of those low power humans, always bashing others, stealing energy, as if somehow your IQ is going up.

Take an idea that resonates with Creator whether it comes from bozo the clown or galactic federation of light, and make it real… who knows… maybe some of these dates that come may be supported by you, and the world just might hit the jackpot…  why not this Christmas?

Admit it… humans as whole, are not used to working together… humans like to feel inferior or superior… we are not used to sharing… it will take practice but we can do it… we can work together and share.

Christmas by the way is an occult holiday… Sananda’s (Jesus) birthday is August 8th… and if Sananda is no longer important than do explain why we still count our calendar from the supposed moment of his birth?  Visit the new Sananda scriptures… new autobiography… the phoenix journals… and years of Sananda messages from a variety of channeled sources. 

Indian in the machine

Red Shaman Intergalactic Ascension Mission

Read this!! Ascension Energy Update 2015 With Matt Kahn: “The Year Of The Initiated Soul”

 17 December 2014 – 1:00am |  Pegalys

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The magnetic field radiating from the heart is thousands of times more expansive in strength than the energy frequencies generated by the physical brain.

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Nibiru Pithouse Society 40-Day Food Survival/Thrival List

Nibiru Pithouse Society 40-Day Food Survival/Thrival List

Well, it might be time for society to collapse… it seems there is flooding going on, there are big time earthquakes, there is a magnetic wobble of our planet, which has also recently changed shape… the world of 3D is dissolving, we can feel it… there is a new world being born, but it hasn’t grounded itself yet, there a time in between where things are likely to get chaotic.

In short, the odds are much higher that things will collapse, than that they will remain the same… don’t you agree?

And we are not even adding Nibiru to the mix yet… most people are not prepared for passing of Nibiru, which is said by the Zetas, to be the most extreme situation in 50000 years…

Even if our society was service-to-others, instead of service-to-self, Nibiru alone would cause things to fall apart…. shall we say, to use non-frightening language.

I am using 40 days as an estimation, but hey if you’ve got a better number that resonates within your heart as ‘ringing true’, then go for that number.


These are suggestions on the basics needed or at least considered to have in stock  (notice the absence of the poisnous table salts, white flour, white sugar and overly processed anything?)… go with your own flow and intuition… you may wish to estimate the amount you will need and then multiply it, because if people may be starving around you, you may wish to have something to share, other than the supply you will personally need to stay alive.

Lentils; brown and red

Beans; black, and red

Seeds; Quinoa, millet, sunflower, hemp

Oil; Coconut, olive, sesame, hemp

Spices; Tumeric, Cinnamon, Clove, Curry blend, Coriander, Cumin, Black pepper

Tea; Peppermint,

Apple cider vinegar

Himalayan Salt

Baking Soda

Water source nearby or bottles

Fruit source? Apples, raisins, lemons, dried fruit etc… your choice.

If you are a meat or fish eater…. you might want to have a dried source BEFORE you need it.



Off ground bedding, blankets, pillows

Wood supply

Wood stove


Toilet paper or??

How will you relieve yourself?

Lighting:  candles, matches, lamps, lamp oil, solar lighting?

Kitchen supplies



Enhancers and Inspirationals

Musical instruments


Magical mushrooms? Just kidding…

Herbal medicinals

Essential oils

Writing material

Solar charged battery setup…. if so, then you get to use computer, but don’t count on the internet connection to be there.

I like the of idea of making a subterrain sauna next to the pithouse for ‘bathing’, because I’m sure how easy it will be to run and heat a bath, unless you have a set that works for your situation. :)


Preparing for after the fact:

Seeds for replanting

What about basic tools? Hammers, axes etc.

Greenhouse materials?




What is the Nibiru Pithouse Society?

It is highly probable that earth is headed towards a “noah’s ark” type scenario, that may be triggered by a Nibiru passby… last time Nibiru came by, we needed arks…this time we may need pithouses…. pithouses with supplies that is….

We will need your leadership, to assist our species to survive through earth changes.  We all have gifts to bring to the table… some have land, some have money, some have wisdom and so on. As the surface becomes increasingly uninhabitable… cities may be evacuated… and lots of chaos… we can do what the natives have done for generations… go sub-terrain… go underground…  survive, thrive and inspire… let us ask reasonable questions… are we even designed to live above the surface the way we do… and can we not build inexpensive dwellings, to free instead of enslave each other… thanks for your resonance…


How can I become involved in the Nibiru Pithouse Society?

It is simple, the Nibiru Pithouse Society is a free concept to be shared for non-commercial purposes, by heartfelt service-to-others people, not by corporate entities, or those controlled by corporate entities… you simply organize a local chapter on your own, by your own authority, as a servant of Creator… through this process, I guarantee you will align with people who you can all help each other.

Nibiru Pithouse Society (Main Chapter) Facebook

We can imagine together, how challenging it will be for a time, to build anything, if things go a little bonkers…

We can imagine what a gift it is to be able to prepare for something big, beforehand.. what if something simple like the atm machines went down? What if there was a gas shortage? What if the roads went down and stores went empty? For how long have you prepared if at all for an event of the magnitude of a noah’s ark scenario?

National Blackout: Bangladesh Hit By Massive Power Outage

NPR (blog)-Nov 1, 2014Share
An electrical link that supplies Bangladesh’s power grid withelectricity from India failed Saturday, plunging most of the country into a blackout.


It is said by the Zetatalks crew, that Nibiru may appear as a red dot near the sun growing ever brighter… and with it will come a whole lotta shaking… society itself may become unhinged for a time, as each human more fully grounds their Light into higher fifth dimensional and higher, frequencies.

Remember, if nothing like Nibiru happens, at worst, you have some cool digs for the refugees to come from coastal flooding, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions!

Ascension Energy Update 2015 With Matt Kahn: “The Year Of The Initiated Soul”

St. Germain: It Is Going To Be A Very Bumpy Ride. You Will See It In Others

Really Strong Big Winds To Suddenly Begin… Realistically This Can Happen

A Gallery Of Nibiru-Inspired Shelters For Comfort And Survival 

Nibiru Will Shift Poles Twice As It Leaves Our Solar System (Animated Video) 

Irrefutable Timelapse Proof Of Nibiru-Related Earth Wobble? Nibiru Megalinks November 2014, Click Here!

The idea here is not to just survive the physical body… but we are also attracting new light frequencies, which will result in a slew of new technologies… that are already on their way shall we say… we can call in free energy devices, we can keep envisioning a healed planet… we can keep connecting with our star family… and we can live on this planet, dig a hole if need be, and jump right on in…

With a bit of humor to balance the dire situation, onwards we rise up in our power,

Indian in the machine Founder, NPS indianinthemachine@yahoo.ca

In this moment of gratitude you can: send paypal/credit card gift help fund the pithouse of the author of this article.

More Nibiru research:


Indian in the machine music


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Ascension Energy Update 2015 With Matt Kahn: “The Year Of The Initiated Soul”

Ascension Energy Update 2015 With Matt Kahn:  ”The Year Of The Initiated Soul”

Some highly useful info on the shift from incubation to initiation from Matt Kahn… from carbon-based third dimensional DNA, to crystalline-based fifth dimensional DNA… highly recommended video… these lives are not a curse… this planet is where souls go for adventure… these days are our emergence into crystalline form, and when everything finally becomes real… sound good, that is what it sounds like in the fifth dimension…

There is no end to how brightly we can all shine. – Matt Kahn

Indian in the machine


The Company of Heaven and Gabriella: Twin Flames, Build the Rainbow Bridge With Us!

The Company of Heaven and Gabriella: Twin Flames, Build the Rainbow Bridge With Us!

The Company of Heaven:
We want to talk with you about your twin flames and your connection with them, which is part of the important changes happening now with all humankind.  Of course there are many who are not aware of what a twin flame or twin soul is, or why it is now a good time to make these deep connections.  We will explain.
A twin flame is, literally, the other half of your soul – the original soul which was created long ago.  Prime Creator oversees the creation of all souls, in cooperation with Mother/Father God.  When it is decided, by the Masters who are wishing to give birth to a new being, they go to Prime Creator to join their intention and their energies in the creation of the new being.  Prime Creator throws out the spark of life, which joins with the DNA of the parents to create a Galactic being.
It is Prime Creator who decides which Galactic species the new soul will become; which planet will be its primary home, with the agreement of the parents, and of the soul itself of course.  The DNA of that planet then is added to the mix, and a new being and its physical child form are completely envisioned.
It is then the responsibility of Mother and Father God to complete this birth process, by overseeing the division of the soul which then creates the male and female parts.  It is an equal division, with each soul carrying the same elements and qualities, but with subtle differences – enough to make them unique individuals, while also completing each other in interesting ways.
While many twin flames are created to join the same galactic species, it is not always so.  For instance, Sananda is Kumaran, but his Mary Magdalene is Sirian.  It creates a nice balance, a diversity that becomes a part of the consciousness of every Galactic being.  There is no prejudice or competition between species or races in our Universe as there is here on Earth, because all families are “interracial” families.
Now, it is time for you to reach out to meet your twin flame, the partner and closest family member who has known you forever.  We ask you to do this now not so that you will have a new exclusive love relationship in your life – many of you already have a partner or spouse.  We ask because it is such a powerful way to connect you to us.  Some of you may have already met your twin flame there on the ground, but many more have not.  The reason for this is that many of the Masters have stayed in higher realms to be the guide for their twin flames during this most important lifetime.  It is common for one partner to incarnate at a time, so that each can learn their separate lessons, with the participation and support of their greatest ally.
It is especially important to the success of our Great Project that you now make the connection with your twin flame in higher dimensions.  It also helps you to connect with your own higher self who is there in communication with theirs.  You see, this forges the strongest possible link from human to Galactic beings.  We have not spoken before of you twin souls as Galactic beings who are waiting to make contact with you, but of course they are.  They are not in human form as you are; they are in their Galactic form.
So you see, the ones your propaganda experts have presented as “alien invaders” are actually your twin souls and their Galactic friends.  They are here to help you, to join with you and to send you Love.  We have asked that you now concentrate in your meditations on sending love to us.  By us we do indeed mean The Company of Heaven, but even more so, we mean for you to send your powerful love blasts from your heart to the heart of your twin, forging the powerful rainbow bridge from Earth to Heaven.
Every single soul has a twin.  There are no exceptions.  It is the part of yourself you have longed to connect with ever since your birth here on Terra.  Now you will be able to do so, for we have encouraged all to come, to return from their travels around the Universe to be here for this momentous time, to help raise you up to reach them in their high vibration, to communicate across time and space as you help to lift all of Terra and her inhabitants into higher dimensions.
It is a joyful endeavor, this loving contact we encourage you to make now.  Encourage your friends, your family and your partner to make these connections too.  Your family who loves you will love your twin flame as well, and your numbers will double the experience of Love and satisfaction.  If you have had difficulty getting them to accept your spiritual growth, perhaps the story of how twin flames are created will pique their interest enough to encourage them to invite their own cross-dimensional connection.
It is a powerful way to increase the flow of love from you to us and from us to you.  It is a way for all to experience the Love of God, for sending pure Love to your twin soul is the essence of God’s Love, recreating the Love God feels for you.  So you see?  It brings Earth and Earthlings into the realm of Heaven!
And so, we encourage you, Beloved Ones, to call out in your prayers to meet your Twin.  Take your own consciousness high into your pillar of Light and send the message that you wish to make contact now.  It does not matter whether you have a name or an image for who your twin is.  Your energy is completely familiar to your twin, who is aware of your growth in this past year, and is awaiting your call.
Do not be disappointed if you do not hear a loud voice calling your name (or if you do).  You may experience your first encounter as a ripple of energy across your arm or a feeling of warmth within.  Acknowledge any small indication of a presence (for your twin may be approaching you quietly), and remain open to further contact from now on.  It will happen.
We are here to support and encourage you, and we look forward to feeling your love pouring forth into the higher dimensions, where we of the Company of Heaven are helping to create and strengthen the Rainbow Bridge from our side as well.
We are your Company of Heaven, in service to all humankind.
Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, December 13, 2014  (12/13/14).  10 pm, New YorkKathryn:

Even before the Company of Heaven asked me to take the previous message, Gabriella had begun writing the following heartfelt description, which you could think of as a “How-To” of connecting to your own twin flame.  It is the “boots on the ground” perspective on what The Company of Heaven is teaching.
I want to talk about the beauty of the heart connection between twin flames and the miracle of the Rainbow Bridge it creates between us and our higher selves.  This is the way I see it:  It is a breathtaking pathway of golden dust particles emanating rainbow colors complemented by bright crystal stars.  Sananda said on the last Wednesday call: “Open your heart, reach out and connect with us. It will create a portal that is seen across the multiverse.”
We have been told many times to raise ourselves higher, to love ourselves and connect to our I Am Presence.  This involved lots of constant work which of course we are learning how to do, but this “work” we have been asked to accomplish is not always easy to maintain.
This week the Masters said for the first time so clearly, “Love Us!”  They asked us to love them…Simply to love them!  They see that we have a hard time accepting fully what they are sending to us, so they ask us to send them love and light as a way of helping us to connect more easily. This is not too much for humans to achieve.  Humans can love.  We know how to give love, but do not always know how to receive it.
This is where things sometimes break down, where the connection between dimensions was intermittent because we are still learning how to receive.  What a clever idea to “reverse” this process of sending love upward instead of receiving love downward.  Of course love always traveled back and forth but it is much easier to keep the channels open when we forget about receiving and instead focus on giving.  Keep in mind that the love we give is always given back multiplied.
Now, sending love to whom?  This is another part of the work that is not always so clear for many.  Where should we start?  In a human life, we accept loving relationships with our spouse or partner.  Why? This is because it is personal and we can accept love from a love partner much more than from the neighbor, coworkers, and so on since they are often more distant relationships.
It is now time to connect with our beloved in the higher dimension.  We don’t need a name to call upon; we don’t need to talk about it with others if we do not wish to, but it is time to establish this connection and keep it steady and strong. We all have a beautiful, wonderful, perfect twin flame.  They are our counterpart, they are us!   What a good place to start.  Falling in love with this special soul is very uplifting.  It is the much easier version of falling in love with yourself.  This connection will bring you, in seconds, upward to their level, connecting you with your twin flame and Higher Self simultaneously since they are together. Those of us on the ground will be uplifted, and those in the higher dimension will refocus the intense and concentrated energy, to be used where it is needed most on Earth.
By connecting your heart from here on earth to the heart of your twin flame, you create a rainbow bridge from this dimension to the higher dimension. This is not an intellectual process. Your heart is the key.  You will feel a supercharged electrical feeling as you open your heart.  You will feel a powerful sensation in your body, as you expand your ribcage to accommodate the activation of your heart chakra.
Now, send this energy to your beautiful other half. This way we have a foot in both dimensions. This is how we make miracles happen.  We have been asked to love them each minute of the day.  The more love they receive, the more energy they have to work with, and the more they can help us.
AA Michael brought a personal message to his twin flame this week.  He was the voice of all twin flames reunited.  We could all feel at that moment our twin flame was talking directly to us, asking us to love them back! This is brilliant team work. We are finding new ways to triumph, to remove all darkness by flooding our world with Light.  “We see the time line and the wonderful effect of what we are doing.  Everything you do with a sense of faith and hope is miraculous.  When you decide to remind yourself of that every moment of every day you will become a powerful master.”
They presented the same idea but with a different twist – one that human kind can achieve naturally. As AAMichael said, “Discovering the love and the deep connection of your twin flame, it is like an ancient feeling, and it is so comfortable. Each time the vibration of love is being sent between Twin Flames, it is like new, fresh, and love is renewed.”  They need all of us on their team.  By loving them we will create the miracles that we have wished for for so long.  Let’s join with them in this joyful pursuit.  All of us are needed now.
Here is the link to the last call when Sananda and AAMichael spoke of our new “assignments”:   http://www.blogtalkradio.com/channelpanel/2014/12/11/kathryn-meg-ele-the-kids-sananda-aamichael-news-ascension-report
I will ask my beloved to explain from his point of view and to give an exercise through Kathryn on how to achieve this.
With love and light,
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Go to www.paypal.com and send to kemay@aol.com via “friend or family.”
We send thanks and much gratitude to those who have generously supported us.  We could not have continued without your help.
The New Scriptures, by Sananda/Jesus
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I am an Archangel of Transformation, Guardian of the New Age and Keeper of its Wisdom, I am Archangel Zadkiel. I extend my energy in waves of transformational magic to enchant, inspire and awaken your consciousness of truth.

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I believe that we can use our imaginations to create something into existence, rather than to continually use our imaginations to prove something is real.

I believe that we can use our imaginations to create something into existence, rather than to continually use our imaginations to prove something is real.



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