71 Nuclear Plants “Under Construction” Since Fukushima… Portia Recommends World Meditations 11 Minutes Past Every Hour And More

71 Nuclear Plants “Under Construction” Since Fukushima… Portia Recommends World Meditations 11 Minutes Past Every Hour And More

World… we have learned we cannot change this nuclear situation without coming together in both spiritual and physical energies… we can do it… our galactic family have met us where they can… it is up to us… the new unfolding Prosperity Program will be very helpful towards releasing everyone’s focus on money… towards doing mundane jobs that many are becoming stuck in…en ergetically many systems are not supported by our spirits any longer… once you learn something you are no longer fooled, and this is the case…. so be in good spirits… release the victimizationhood… release the preoccupation with physical distractions… release superior or inferior attitudes… focus 100% towards a more meditative fully presence existence… so many are living on ‘old tapes’…. and we have no bigger example than the need to collectively meditate the 435 nuclear power plants away… and bring on the free energy too eh?

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Portia:  You Carry the Ball
Portia:St. Germain and I are taking turns talking to you in these last moments before the world turns completely around.  We love talking to you, and we have both been so busy working with the government officials and world financial leaders that we have remained, like a bug in their ears, completely involved with the day to day operations of the unfolding Prosperity Programs.  Of course, we have told you that we can be in many places at a time, but it is also sometimes more effective if we pull much of our energies together for a short time to focus as intensely as possible on a single person or group. Adamos and I enjoy combining our vibrational power to apply the violet flame when needed, or to send enormous waves of Love right into the heart of a recalcitrant one whose actions are important to the greater good.

It has been increasingly effective as we join forces with you on the ground who are sending such Love and compassion to your brothers and sisters.  We observe the flow of loving energy in the environment the way you would see a drop of food coloring in a glass of water.  The swirling waves of color and light move through the atmosphere like ribbons of Light.  We see the energy being sent especially to the Middle East, to the areas of conflict, and to the leaders of the banking and finance, many who have been aligned with the cabal in the past.  Your vibrational messages of Love are literally bowling them over.  Keep up the good work!

Your planned meditations are especially effective, like when you send out your energy at 11 minutes past the hour.  We love it when you join your energy with ours to create a golden wave of uplifting and joyful vibrations.  It speeds the changes we all want to bring into effect, and we cannot do it without you.  It is part of the contract we have had with you from the beginning:  We cannot send more energy to effect change than you do.  This creates a fair balance, and it means that we can never bring about any change that you have not begun to create yourselves.  This way, you are always leading the way, designing and manifesting the world you envision.  Then we can throw our energies behind helping you.

You see, we must always allow you to have at least the 51% share of the influence upon the conditions on your planet.  It is part of the Universal Laws that we cannot intervene in the local affairs of a planet’s day to day activities.  The only exception has been if the people engage in building nuclear-type weapons, because that, as we have told you, is dangerous to the entire Multiverse.  It was decided in the Councils that it would never again be allowed that your military zealots unleash nuclear explosions, either for testing or in battle.

Of course, now they have designed missiles which can be made from small amounts of depleted uranium, the waste product from your nuclear power plants.  The use of nuclear power to create electricity was an insane idea from the beginning, since the scientists had no idea how to dispose of the waste or how to control the powerful reactions if some small error or leak occurs.  It was a truly foolhardy idea, sold to the people as a panacea, but in truth it was simply another massively profitable experiment because of the enormous expense of building and maintaining the extremely dangerous plants, and the impossibility of disposing of the waste.

Needless to say, there is no good way to dispose of a substance with a half-life of thousands of years, and no known way in your world to neutralize its toxic effects.  Of course the builders were aware of this when they convinced their friends the politicians to approve of their irresponsible plans, but everyone understood at the time that the waste products might just be a useful source of military weapons, as they have become.  You have seen the effect of this factor in the discussions of Iran’s nuclear capabilities and the waste from their reactors.  It is a world-wide ticking bomb.

For this reasons, it was determined that the Ashtar Command would begin a program of clearing away the nuclear waste, using advanced technologies brought to bear on the problem by your galactic brothers and sisters.  There has been an effective intervention in many parts of the world, commensurate with the activity on the ground to stop the proliferation of nuclear weapons and to decommission nuclear power plants.  It has been unfortunate that since nuclear power plant spills and accidents have been mostly covered up, there has been a rather indifferent attitude on the part of the people.  It is the common belief that since the plants have not exploded all around the world, there must not be much danger.

There has been little discussion in the media about the parts of the world that have been massively polluted by the Fukushima accident; it hardly makes the mainstream news that entire coastlines have been devastated by the movement of ocean currents carrying the radioactive waste.  You have been told it was completely cleaned up by the Galactics, but unfortunately that is not yet accomplished, although there is great willingness on the part of the ones who will gladly finish the job.  They require your ongoing participation and energetic input if they are to intervene in such a dramatic way to complete the job.

I want to ask all of you to join with St. Germain and me, the other Masters and the Brothers and Sisters from across the galaxy who wish to help restore Mother Terra’s oceans to their pristine condition.  It is an enormous task, but one that will resolve quickly with the concerted efforts of all of us together.  We ask that you join us for a powerful blast of violet flame energy to nullify and clear away all the toxic waste from nuclear weapons and power plants around the world, and to speed the decommissioning of the 435 currently operating nuclear plants around the world.  In addition, there are 71 under construction, 29 of them in China, all approved for construction since Fukushima.  Why has this headlong plunge into environmental roulette been permitted by the people of the world?

Partly, the answer is that governments have turned a deaf ear to protests by citizens’ groups, but the times are changing, Dear Ones.  Arm yourselves with the facts of how dangerous this time bomb technology really is, and get rid of any government officials who support it.  Make it your “litmus test” for who you want in office, and you will clear away the crooks and the irrational capitalists who care only about profit and who only look at the financial bottom line, without regard to environmental dangers.  Why would you want anyone by that description in office anyway?  You could clear them all out in one election cycle.  You wouldn’t even have to wait for the Justice Department to build a case against them to get them out of the positions of power they now hold, although many will join the “perp walk” very soon for their accumulated crimes against the people.

So, join with us to continue envisioning and creating the world of our dreams – a world in which all are safe from man-made disasters, illnesses caused by toxic chemicals, dirty water, and reckless indifference to the pain it inflicts on our dear Mother Terra.  Send your powerful energy of Love across the planet, flooding all the earth with your passionate intention to heal, clear away all destructive energies and residues of dark ideas and actions.

Include in your Vision the complete elimination of all genetically engineered food products and all pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Picture in your mind’s eye the dwindling of factory farms and the enslavement of animals.  See them emptying of animals, and closing their doors because of the lack of demand for meat and meat products, as all the earth’s beings, animals and humans alike, evolve from carnivore to omnivore, then herbivore, or as humans like to call themselves, vegans.  As your planet rises in vibration, there will be less and less interest in consuming the flesh of animals who have become your friends.

Have you noticed how much easier it is to find organic food in your markets?  Have you seen how many restaurants offer vegetarian specialties?  When you go out into the world and profess your preferences in markets and restaurants, when you get to know the farmers in your area and support their efforts to grow organic fruits and vegetables, you are making a large contribution to the positive change we are longing for.

Every decision matters.  Every food choice carries with it a moral implication.  Will you turn toward the Light in every area of your life?  Will you “vote” for a healthy and sustainable Paradise as your living environment, or will you support the cabal in your choices by buying food that has been grown with their deadly poisons?  Or buying water in plastic bottles that strangle and destroy the oceans and all who swim in them?

You see, Dear Ones, these are the changes that money cannot buy.  You do not need the RV (although you will have it anyway) to create massive change in the world you live in.  You only need to stop giving your money to the culprits who are encouraging your demise, sickening the whole population, causing birth defects and cancer, and lying about it.  It is so simple, is it not?  If every person reading this will withdraw their support from the polluters of the world, the world would be a different place.

Now, go down your lists of things that are toxic.  Refuse to use toxic cleaning products.  Eliminate all plastic bags.  Bring nothing into your house that is made of plastic.  Read labels to make sure you are not using toothpaste made with fluoride or fruit drinks made with sugar.  Buy nothing in cans or boxes.  Ask your grocer to unwrap the fruits and vegetables, or do not buy them.  Take your own bags, and do not feel you have to wrap every item you buy in plastic just to take it home.  It is a simple thing to carry mesh or cloth bags to wrap your foods.  Do it for Mother Terra, and for yourself.

Loving yourself, your family and your planet is not a sometime thing.  Be loyal; be always thoughtful of the impact of your actions, on yourself, your community, and your beloved planet.  As our dear St. Germain has said, it is the mark of a Master to be in complete command of your thoughts, feelings and actions.  Now, expand that definition to include all your actions, everywhere you go, every time you make a purchase, no matter how small it is, every time you plan a meal or step into a restaurant.  Honor your commitments to yourself and your spiritual family, and as you do, you will find yourself rising above old habits, indulging in uplifting and joyful thoughts, and becoming healthy in the bargain.

You will soon be receiving enormous blessings.  As you plan the ways you will be using your funds, be aware of the plea we have just made to you, to remember – you are the stewards of your beloved planet.  Do not forget her in your excitement to buy all the things you always wanted.  Instead, go to deepest part of your Heart, where pure Love flows from us, through you, and into the Heart of Terra.  Honor that connection, Beloved Ones, and go forth to create Heaven on Earth.

How completely and how rapidly your world changes will depend on you.  We are here, always at your side, moving the energy that turns the wheel, forging ahead when you do, holding back when you do.  This has been the reason for some of the delays you experience, of course.  We are not permitted to move “off sides” if you are not carrying the ball in the same direction we are.  So, come, let us go full speed ahead, chanting our joyful marching songs and singing the praises of our loving God.

We are here with you, reveling in the triumph of these moments, and we are dedicated, thrilled to be moving with you in harmony.  We are the ones who always, gladly, “have your back”.  You just need to be aware of what’s in front of you. Together, Dear Brothers and Sisters, we are winning the game, and changing the world.

I am yours, joyfully dedicated to the Great Plan.
Your Portia.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, September 27, 2014, 11 pm, New York

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You are the ones waking up humanity.


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When Love Shows Up As Anger

“We must remember and honor that everyone’s highest form of reality must be expressed. In this time especially, with their expected lashing out, the feeling of their pain, the blaming of us – honor their expression with detachment. We have been there, we understand how difficult and painful it is to see and feel this chaos and our shadow self – the wars, killing, suffering, the manipulation, the enslaving and treatment of our animal families, the lies, and the brutal environment we are all responsible for. So remind yourself in the time to come, that even when we see people struggling, dealing with their pain, that we must love them and allow them to express their individual emotions freely – even if this shows up in them as anger. Allowing them to feel this pain and express it, enables them to see their shadow self, coupled with the neutrality of love which diffuses the negative charge of their projection and allows their fragmentation and ego to heal.”


When Love Shows Up As Anger

We learn to be mindful and heartful of when love shows up as anger.

Sometimes people love us… and so they try to hurt us.

Sometimes people love us… and so they try to control us.

People want to control each other, because they are taught that is how you love someone.

Even someone who hates you, is hating you for your own good… (in their illusion of course)… it is their form of loving you.

Think of all those beings you claim to love… do you really reflect hate?

I love you, therefore I must criticize you.

I love you, therefore I must influence you.

I love you, therefore I must be superior to you.

I love you, therefore you must enslave yourself to me.

As we rise in our wisdom we begin to finally see…

I love you, therefore my energy will harmonize with your energy.

I love you therefore my energy will benefit from the parts of you, that are not me.

I love you as an equal of varying degrees of consciousness.

I love you therefore I will be present for your freedom… I will hold the door open rather than to slam it shut.

Is it possible to be loving in such a dense environment of density releasing itself to the void?

Absolutely… are souls are made of love, not density… it is our natural state of being.

How will you know when you are yourself?  When you feel how amazing you are. :)

How will you know when something is bothersome to your soul?  When you have an electrical static response (getting jolted out of your perpetual comfort zone), or when your hearts tells you.

Watch how the world is trying to love each other by expressing anger at each other… how people are attempting to control one another for ‘peace’ and for ‘freedom’…  watch as this illusion transmutes into nothing… who really wants to control others?  At the soul level, none of us… this is why the world has worked to disconnect us from soul…. we are now reconnecting to soul, as anger is released, as real or perceived love. An inner lie will hold a negatively charge or jolt… real love is the highest vibratory level of feeling.

On another subject that affects us all: So how about those Nibiru comments from South America eh?

“Fantastic! Unbelievable! Heavenly!” Nibiru Now Seen With Naked Eye And Binoculars In South America/South US?

Indian in the machine

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Ground Crew School: How To Make An Easy Healthy Homemade Softdrink

Ground Crew School: How To Make An Easy Healthy Homemade Softdrink cover art

Ground Crew School: How To Make An Easy Healthy Homemade Softdrink

Ground Crew School: How To Make An Easy Healthy Homemade Softdrink cover art

Ground Crew School: How To Make An Easy Healthy Homemade Softdrink

If you are consciously ascending, acidic, parasitic, overweight or unhealthy, this softdrink can help.

Indian provides some guidance on the concepts of soft drinks, and how to make a healthy one at home especially useful information for people who are bloated… water retention… digestive issues… low energy.



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Our Prayers Have been Answered!

On the 22nd of September True Divine Source signaled for the unification of Light. Essentially what will be taking place from now until the 22nd of February, 2015 is an expansion and activation of the Merkaba/Light body through cosmic, galactic, creational infusions of light.

via Our Prayers Have been Answered!.

Earth Changes, Ascension, Nibiru, Photon Belt, How To See New Sky Energies, Transformational Health, Sananda, Ashtar, Native Wisdom, Spiritual Guidance And More


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