Red Dust From The Heavens Now Falling! “Lower Jet Stream” Theory, Jet Stream Tornados, And Setting Up Earth For The Biggest Boo! It Has Ever Known

Red Dust From The Heavens Now Falling! “Lower Jet Stream” Theory, Jet Stream Tornados, And Setting Up Earth For The Biggest Boo! It Has Ever Known

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Imagine 8 Billion Humans Removing Their “Sleeper Cells”, To Suddenly “Wake Up”, Did YOU Remove YOUR “Sleeper Cell” Yet?

Imagine 8 Billion Humans Removing Their “Sleeper Cells”, To Suddenly “Wake Up”, Did YOU Remove YOUR “Sleeper Cell” Yet?

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Captain Kaye On Breakaway Mars Civilization: Mars Colony Headquarters, Mars Warm, Mars Air Breathable, Two Indigenous Mars Species

Captain Kaye On Breakaway Mars Civilization: Mars Colony Headquarters, Mars Warm, Mars Air Breathable, Two Indigenous Mars Species

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Question: Is It True That 5 Million Of The Cabal Went To The Light? The Answer May Surprise You

Question: Is It True That 5 Million Of The Cabal Went To The Light? The Answer May Surprise You

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You May Feel Out Of Place, Off-Balance, Perhaps A Bit Confused And Reticent About Knowing How To Proceed, Allowing Transition and Integration to Occur, Maintaining Your Driving Force

You May Feel Out Of Place, Off-Balance, Perhaps A Bit Confused And Reticent About Knowing How To Proceed, Allowing Transition and Integration to Occur, Maintaining Your Driving Force

This messages below hits a home run big time, for what the majority are feeling…

The old way is slowly…er, make that quickly, dissolving.

This leaves us feeling like we have no foundation….. no safety net…

The truth is that old way was a bubble, and not a safety net at all… a bubble.

The truth is that we are all learing how to walk, live, create and love, in the new energies.

The new energies feel out of place, because a the physical level, there is still lingering old energy.

There is a tightrope to walk now.

The tightrope is to not get pulled into old energies, while you are learning to walk, live, create and love in the new energies.

Focus focus focus….

Two messages just coming out are very helpful, reposted below:

1.  The Angels, via Tazjima


2. Melchizedek via Julie Miller

Thanks for tuning into this process of creating, living and loving in new energies… no one here has been here before at this level….

Indian in the machine

The Angels: Allowing Transition and Integration to Occur

 17 February 2015 – 1:08pm |  Tazjima


The Angels: On Allowing Transition and Integration to Occur

We are the Angelic Legions of the Divine Mother. We come to you today to lend our support and comforting energy to the transitional stage in which some of you find yourself.

Are you feeling a bit raw these days? Like your skin has been removed and your flesh and nerves are exposed to the air? Are you feeling vulnerable, like you want to withdraw and hide from the world?

You are in a new stage of gestation, where the old has been stripped away. The new energies are being felt, but because they are so new to your perception, you feel out of place, off-balance, perhaps a bit confused and reticent about knowing how to proceed.

Be there with your feelings. Allow yourself to feel deeply into this process of completing the release of the old and integrating the new.

You are like a newborn lamb, a bit shaky on its feet. You will find your balance, but be sure to give yourself time to adjust.

There are no more parameters on how to be. For those who have grown up within a rigid paradigm of society mores and expectations, this newly discovered freedom can be upsetting, even frightening. Remember the pictures of newly freed creatures who hang back in their cages, afraid to leap forward towards the beckoning light. This is how many of you feel now, when you are honest with yourselves.

And yet… and yet, the light beckons you forward and gives you the needed strength to go forth into the unknown. You take a deep breath, center yourself as you have been taught and step out into the light, when no longer are there any rules, gates, fences, boxes or other impediments to prevent you from pursuing your highest dreams.

Perhaps your body is still in a state of rebellion, filled with aches and pains, refusing to do what was once easy. Listen to your body. Give it the rest it needs. Treat it gently for it is the vehicle that will carry you forth. Adjust your expectations as to what is possible in the physical realm, but do not ever lose the favor of your dreams. Go slowly at first and pick up steam as your level of confidence increases.

There is no place in this new world for doubt and hesitation. Feel into your direction. Test the wind and make course corrections when you no longer resonate with what you have been doing. It is all right to leave what no longer works for you. It is all right to stay if you feel you must. Each person is now responsible for their own journey. The rules have changed. You have changed and are ruled from within, as a sovereign being.

A great Teacher once asked his followers to consider the lilies of the field. The flowers had no need for raiment, as Nature had provided them with great beauty and grace. While you have basic needs as you live in a physical world, your needs may now be less than they have been in the past when you were perhaps driven by forces from outside of you. Listen within. Chose those things that are useful and enough for the journey, no more, no less. Choose what gives you joy. Let go those things that weigh you down. You will find that you have no more needs than the lilies of the field, sunlight, water, air, food and shelter when the winds grow cold. Find within a new born desire for simplicity, lightness, as you step forth upon a newly fledged earth.

The earth is feeling raw, too. Storms and unusual weather patterns still rage. There are people who fear the power of Nature even as they have become separated from her. There is nothing here to fear. Adjust and go with the flow of seasons, the changes in precipitation, with the storms and the changes in temperatures.

Humanity has a great ability to adjust to the rhythm and flow of nature. You can see this ability in the manner in which indigenous people have lived, close to the earth, its creatures, knowledge in the ways of medicinal plants and simple diets. Modern man has separated from nature or been separated from it by political and financial agendas, designed to place a wedge between man and nature. It is time to remove that wedge and drive your toes deep into the soil. It is time to heal yourself and nature by joining forces with her. It is time to rediscover the rhythm and ways of being that are sustainable, gentle and kind to nature, to your own bodies, to your children and to the future of this world.

Release the fear that arises when you gaze out upon the troubles that now haunt the world. This is a time when the darkness that has been here for a very long time is now being outwardly exposed for what it is… and what it is not.

You have the power to overcome the presence of darkness in your world. Do not look away from your own inner darkness and project it upon others through blame and shame. Deal with your own miscreations, those that have been carried within your genetic lineage, within the lineage and experience of your people, and release your condemnation of “other”.

In forgiveness, you do not need to live with darkness. You integrate it, but unlike paint where the white mixed with black becomes gray, there is no gray here within your true heart. The light when integrated with darkness still retains its essence of light. It is the darkness that dissipates, that disappears, and which is overcome by the light emanating from within your own heart’s flame.

You do not need to suffer the darkness of others. Seek not to judge, but to understand that where there is darkness, there is pain, suffering and fear. As you drive out your own darkness, you will feel this pain, these feelings. There is no need to analyze these feelings, perhaps of despair, anger, depression, frustration, loss… as these are merely echoes of the primary wound, the sense of separation from your own divine self, from your “roots” that connect you with the greater portion of self, that which exists beyond the ability of your physical eyes to see, your eyes to hear, your mouth to taste, your nose to smell and your fingers to touch.

Allow for these feelings to arise like cream separating from milk. Allow these feelings to be transmuted by the Violet Flame and succored and healed by the Blue-green flame of the Eighth Ray, by the Mother energies of the Goddess… the Goddess who has returned in the guise of the Holy Spirit, now revealed as the Woman Clothed in Gold. Bathe your body and its elements with golden energy, the Christ Light that seeks reunion with the light within. Allow for that reunion to occur, first in tiny steps as your physical body adjusts to the heightening of frequencies.

Remember that your body is energy. It responds to energetic patterns of thought and intent. Hold an immaculate conception of where you wish to go and allow the body time to adjust and incorporate those dreams and desires. Your flesh and blood and bone is changing. This alteration in form and quality and frequency takes a toll on the physical vessel, so do allow yourself time to rest. Find things to do when your energy levels seem down. This allows your body to do its work, making minute adjustments that cannot be seen with the naked eye, but can be felt if you allow silence to speak to you in its still voice.

Where your perception of the world has been much outer driven, you will find yourself needing more time for inner contemplation. This will perhaps throw off those who have been accustomed to leading active lives. You will still be required to live actively, but in a different way, a more thoughtful way, one that takes into consideration what the deep inner stillness within is bringing forth.

Like a lily you will spring out of the deep, rich soil of winter, and grow as your body and mind bend toward the increasing light within this world. You do not need to know now where you are going, as the lily does not need to know how tall to grow, when to spread its leaves to catch the sun, when to form the blooms and when to shine in the light of day, for all to see and marvel. You will know, from a deep internal sense of knowingness, what to do, when, where and how. Trust. Have faith.

We are ever with you, gentle beings of light. We know our power. We know our beauty. We know our strength. All these things emanate from our connection with Source, with the One who is ALL THAT IS. There is no need to question or to look for answers that cannot be found in the meditations of the heart. We are one. We live for the One. We serve the One.

You are becoming aware of your own light, your own power, your own beauty. You question as this is the manner in which you have acted in the past. Let it go. Learn to pause, reflect, consider and feel into any decision that comes upon you. And allow yourself to change direction when what seemed good no longer feels right. There are no mistakes, only experience. Release the need to judge self or others from the point of right or wrong, black or white or any other measure from the dualistic paradigm in which you have existed in the recent past. And realize that some of your family, friends and community members still work, think and act (or rather react) from that way of being. It is a choice that you will have to make from moment to moment, as you catch yourself falling into the old modes of reacting, without thinking or pondering upon a decision and then falling into shame or regret. Let it all go.

Moment from moment you will encompass more changes than most people lived within one lifetime inside the old ways of being. You are being reborn every moment of every day, in the Now moment which is the only moment upon which you now focus your entire being. Be in the moment. Reflect and consider. Learn patience if you have not had the capacity for it before. Be kind to yourself and others.

Stop where once you would have reacted. Ponder, meditate, and observe and then make a choice. Accept your choice as the best one for what you know now and change when you can, if needful. Leave regrets behind, unburden your heart of those things and imaginings that do not render one free to move forward. The burdens and fences around the heart can be let loose now. As your capacity to love self and to love self in others continues to expand, so, too, does the light within your own heart expand in its ability to naturally protect and nurture your further expansion.

Darkness contracts, rejects, judges and condemns, lays blame, projects shame and guilt upon those outside self and seeks to control everything in a rigid, limited manner. Light integrates, blends, grows, expands, blossoms, gives strength to the weak, renders the fearful fearless and lends courage to the faint of heart. It is your choice, moment to moment, where you will go, what song you will hear within your heart, what wisdom will guide you. As you make your choices, as you go through your day thoughtfully, as you adjust the manner in which you act or react to the actions and words of others… will determine the speed in which you adapt to the growing intensity and purity of the energies of the new world.

Step by tiny step, perhaps for the time following the lead of others, you will go. Realize, dear ones, there are many paths that lead to the new world. Have faith that you will be given what you need when you need it, that you will know what you need to know. Release the doubt and fear which only serve to bind you up and lead to confusion. Understand that there will be moments when you feel these feelings arise up from within, but do not cling to them and berate yourself for your perceived failure. You have not failed if the direction in which you have been proceeding leaves you at a dead end. Change direction. Go within and seek guidance. Allow yourself the time and space, the alone time, to release all sense of failure, of missed expectations, of self-judgment and condemnation. All these things are of the old energy and have never been yours.

Perceive yourself as a pioneer, one who is going first into the unknown. The trails have yet to be blazed. The cities have yet to manifest upon the surface. The communities are still dreams within the heads of the imaginative. Allow all these dreams and the deep desire to serve as we do, to serve the divinity that exists within, allow you to move through the doubts, release the fears and step forth, armoured in the love and light that you are now truly beginning to believe that you are.

Go forth, human angels, go forth, with heads held high, imbued with the strength that emanates from an open heart, a balanced mind, a sensitive nature that feels without outer compasses and know that you will find a way. You are here for a purpose and that purpose is to bring heaven to earth, to imbue your world with the qualities you know as “home”, to heal each other and your world, and to bring it into its full destiny as a galactic nation, one of many, light-filled and joyous.

We are here. Call upon us in time of need. Call upon us when you feel you need to talk to someone who will understand your deepest feelings. Even if you cannot hear us or see us, know that we are there, for each of you. Whenever you grant us permission to work with you, we will. We honor your strength and determination and desire to serve… in a different manner than we do, but no less grand in its depth and imagination. If you could but see your selves as we see you, you would no longer wonder if you are capable of bringing your innermost dreams to fruition. You are and you will.


Thank you, dear Angels, for the words you have shared with us today.

Channeler: Eliza Ayres (aka Tazjima Amariah Kumara VaCoupe), All Rights Reserved.


Maintaining Your Driving Force
Melchizedek’s Weekly Message ~ February 15 – 22, 2015
Received by Julie Miller
February 15, 2015

It is well understood that in order to attract good and positive things into your life, you first must cultivate the desire for it. Without having drive or desire, you will not cultivate anything new to come into your life, you will be unable to manifest anything. Before an athlete can become great at what he or she does, they first must have the passion and desire to train, to have an objective or goal and to love what they do enough to become better each day. You see this also with businesses that started from someone’s dream—they had a desire and a dream, they persisted because they believed and this belief in their dream or ambition fueled them into positive action.

It takes concentrated effort to bring goals into motion through the steps you put in place. Cultivating desire does not come naturally all the time, some days it will be difficult, especially when you don’t see anything happening from the effort you have been steadily applying. It is then dear ones that you need to continue believing in what it is you are striving so hard to reach and persevere when times seem the bleakest.

Having a strong desire to succeed in something is nowhere the same as idly wishing or daydreaming for something. Many dear souls day dream about attaining certain spiritual quests, or they day dream about purchasing expensive jewellery or idly wishing to be more than what they are. For the dear people out there that have a good working grasp of the law of attraction, this idealism of wishing idly can be extremely frustrating. To bring more good into your life, you first must desire it and work endlessly manifesting what it is you are wanting to attract and bring forth.

It all begins with a determined desire to attain something that is specific and purposeful. The height of ambition that is needed to put your plan into motion comes from you having strong, yet positive emotions that supremely compliments the deep need to reach this goal. It is a process dear ones, one that is often considered as the foundation of your yearning thoughts, combined with strong emotions, that is forged with faith that is brought together by a magnified desire to bring the ambition or goal into reality.

It is true dear ones that by merging your deeply rooted desire with strong and positive emotions, that your thoughts become transferred into your subconscious where they are transmitted into Spirit in order to attract similar energy that will provide, in some way, bring forth the successful outcome you have been desiring to achieve. Without the positive, strong emotion dear ones your thought forms alone does not have enough power to influence its own self at the level of the subconscious.

We see this often, people praying for answers but not receiving them simply due to the fact they repeat words that don’t get heard. It is the strong positive emotions combined with the words they are using that will provide the results they are looking for. It is important to not confuse emotions that often cause attachment and to come from a place of purity when praying and your words will become much more powerful. It is true, you can repeat a wonderful affirmation a thousand times, but without positive emotional support, the words you mutter either aloud or silently will not have the cohesive power needed to become heard by Spirit.

It is important to comprehend that in order to create the right amount of desire that will cultivate the power to bring your ambition or goal into definite reality, you need to figure out what it is that you truly want and then devise the plans to make them absolute. You need to be specific with what your desire is. You can’t put all that you want to attract into a large pot and still expect it to come when it’s all mixed up and unclear. Know what it is that you exactly want, decipher through all the clutter and pin point what is most important. Some people actually write this down, so not to forget or become distracted from it. Be realistic with what you are trying to bring forth, because whatever it is you are trying to manifest doesn’t come from Spirit alone, it comes from the energy and effort you apply.

Once you have determined what it is you exactly want to achieve that is a definite, then it is you dear ones that must begin working towards achieving that goal. What you desire isn’t going to just fall into your lap without an effort. God will help you achieve your goals, but you must help yourself reach them. Remember you must be strong in mind, understand all the details needed to bring what you want into actualization and utilize your effort that is filled with positive emotions combined with focused thoughts. You will bring yourself to your goal when you help yourself receive what you desire by applying all your energy into each step, adopting from your determination when sudden changes appear that make use of your own natural born talents and abilities that will help see you through successfully.

Creating a specific desire to achieve a definite outcome and to intensify its power, you simply need to include the appropriate emotion that will direct you towards the actions that need to be taken next. Having the original incentive that created your desire that helped to cultivate the exact atmosphere provided you with the motivation to take action. Once the momentum starts, there is no going back, there is only going forward until you complete what you started.

If, for some reason you are empty of ideas about how to obtain what you desire, then dear ones use that glorious mental power you were given and create new ideas…look around you, have your ears opened, and think thoughtfully. Ideas will come and they may come to you from the most unexpected of places so be open-minded and grateful when you are greeted with new ideas that are possible to put in use.

What many dear souls seem to forget about is to listen to their inner voice. It is there for a reason; to guide you. The voice of your inner person will direct you towards opportunities and possibilities that may have otherwise remained hidden if you continued to ignore them. Tune in to what this voice is saying or directing you towards. Don’t be stubborn and remain on a path that will take you to a dead-end. If you are not going forward in the direction that would bring you to the outcome of your desire, then re-think your plan and if necessary make some changes that would put you back on track. It is up to you dear ones to maintain your ambitions and to keep your desire strong and unwavering until you reach what you started out for.

If you are able to maintain the driving force of what you desire to manifest, you will have little trouble staying on track. Whatever the goal you are trying to reach you will succeed because you are applying all that is necessary without deviation, with pure concentrated effort, by understanding completely all that is involved and by not giving up on yourself or your dream.

I AM Melchizedek through Julie Miller

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Dead Man Provides Simple Cancer Cure And Warns Humanity Against Hospitals, Spirit Energy Warns Humanity Of Vaccines, Says They Block The Soul!

Dead Man Provides Simple Cancer Cure And Warns Humanity Against Hospitals, Spirit Energy Warns Humanity Of Vaccines, Says They Block The Soul!

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HIGHEST RECOMMENDED READING! Rising Into Your Newly Expanded Co-Creative Roles – April Bender (via Higher Self)

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Fluctuating Earth EMF Throwing Earthlings Off Balance, New Earth Birthing, Dimensional Wavering Affecting Sight/New Lifeforms In Vision

Relay Relay Relay:  Archangel Metatron: Fluctuating Earth EMF Throwing Earthlings Off Balance, New Earth Birthing,  Dimensional Wavering Affecting Sight/New Lifeforms In Vision

“…perceive people coming into your fields of vision because you are wavering between Dimensional Fields now. “

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Do You Lead A Distracted Existence? 44-Point Quiz: You May Not Know How To Be Alone, You May Not Know How To Be Together

Do You Lead A Distracted Existence? 44-Point Quiz: You May Not Know How To Be Alone, You May Not Know How To Be Together

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Zeta Guide To Booms, Trumpet Sounds, Earthquake Lights, Humming And Groaning Sounds

Zeta Guide To Booms, Trumpet Sounds, Earthquake Lights, Humming And Groaning Sounds

The Zetas appear to be on assignment from Creator to assist humanity with making the transition… this appears to be so because the Zetas had been in alignment with dark earth forces, to overtake humanity… along the way, because the Zetas realized they could not advance as a cloned species, without making ammends to their past actions, and to assist those they have previously harmed… read on… and see if their take on our earthly changes, resonate with you…

Booms & Drums:

ZetaTalk: Booms

ZT Q&A Dec, 11 2010

ZT Q&A Mar, 3 2007

ZT Q&A Feb, 17 2007

ZT Q&A Jan, 14 2012

Humming, Groaning:

ZetaTalk: Groaning

ZT Q&A Oct, 10 2009

ZT Q&A Nov, 29 2008

ZT Q&A Aug, 9 2008


Multi-tonal, Trumpet Sounds:

ZetaTalk: Trumpets and Howls

ZT Q&A Oct, 1 2011

Earthquake lights & flashes:

Earthquake lights

ZT Q&A Apr, 9 2011

ZT Q&A May, 21 2011

Mysterious Booms Into 2015 Signal Arrival Of Nibiru, Towards Continental Rip-Related Pole Shift, So Say The Zetas

Zetatalk: “The Closer Planet X Comes, The More Violent The Wobble.”

Oh Dear… Zetas Right Again! Time Lapse Photos Of Sun Confirm “Earth Is Wobbling” Theory

Inuit Elders Say Earth Shifted, Wobbled Or Tilted… Confirming ET Zetatalk Poleshift Information

Zetas Say Increased Meteors And “Electromagnetic Tides” Are Proof Of Planet X/Nibiru Debris Trail

ET Zetas Describe Life After The Poleshift (Written in 2002)

Zetas: “The Earth Is Now Trapped In Front Of Planet X”,…Devastation Not Seen In 50000 Years Forthcoming

The Effects Of Nibiru’s Approach And Resultant Earth Changes In One Paragraph Via The Zetas

Indian in the machine

Mysterious Booms Into 2015 Signal Arrival Of Nibiru, Towards Continental Rip-Related Pole Shift, So Say The Zetas

  1. Mysterious ’booms‘ return to Oklahoma

    KOCO Oklahoma City-Jan 9, 2015
    NORMAN, Okla. —A day after hundreds of people called 911 to report hearing mysterious sounds and vibrations, the booms were back on …
  2. Strange booms heard in Oklahoma 8, 2015
    The boom sounds similar to a sonic boom. … Geological Survey says it has not received any reports of mysterious noises or unusual activity.
  3. Mysterious booms shake up Elkhart County residents over weekend

    The Elkhart Truth-Jan 6, 2015
    It didn’t have the sonic boom sound — that’s different.” … Reed, who also lives in the area, said he woke up to the sound at 5:30 a.m. that day.
  4. Agencies investigating mysterious ’boom‘ in Hamblen County

    Knoxville News Sentinel-Jan 6, 2015
    “People report windows shaking or a boom that sounds like a … Director Chris Bell or Teresa Ewing if they have heard themysterious “booms.
  5. What is the source of the loud ‘booms‘ in central Oklahoma?

    KOCO Oklahoma City-Jan 8, 2015
    The mysterious booms rattled his home Thursday morning. … The USGS said it didn’t get any reports of unusual sounds, and there were no …
  6. The frost quakes have returned. What have we learned since 2014? 8, 2015
    It’s been a year since mysterious booms echoed across parts of … rock which can feel and sound like a large boom that can shake a home.
  7. MARTHA SEZ: There’s life in them thar bodies

    Lake Placid News-5 hours ago
    Sounds like a personals ad, doesn’t it? One of those “looking for love … Nothing complicated or mysterious, just boom! Problem solved. Cured.
  8. Mystery booms: What’s the cause?

    BBC News-Dec 2, 2014
    There’s no real need to panic, though; mysteriously loud noises have … Whereas sounds of deeper earthquakes may be too low for human …
  9. Early Edition: Newsmakers looks back at 2014, and questions 

    The Elkhart Truth-Jan 7, 2015
    Early Edition: Newsmakers looks back at 2014, and questions remain about themysterious weekend boom sounds. Newsmakers also looks at …
  10. Boom shook homes over New York AND UK at same time despite 

    Daily Mail-Nov 30, 2014
    ‘I was at home when a LARGE BOOM sound accrued. My house …boom. Are these the mysterious bangs that were heard across the UK?

    Louisiana Loud BoomMysterious ’Sonic Boom‘ In The Sky Rattles 

    TravelersToday-Oct 15, 2014
    The mysterious Louisiana loud boom was heard about 4:27 P.M. … by the deafening sound in Shreveport’s Highland neighborhood at 4:27 p.m..
    Louisiana loud boomMysterious boom causes widespread panic in 16, 2014

    Explore in depth (8 more articles)

    Lafayette police, residents still confused by unexplained boom

    WTHR-Nov 10, 2014
    It’s very weird,” said Lafayette Police Lt. Brian Gossard. But officers who … Amysterious sound in the night that inexplicably came and went.

    Mysterious Booms Into 2015 Signal Arrival Of Nibiru, Towards Continental Rip-Related Pole Shift, So Say The Zetas

    Wow… so these booms are continuing in patterns similar to what is highlighted by our Zeta friends:

    From Zetatalk: Booms are Back

    Since the arrival of Planet X into the inner solar system, mysterious booms have been heard. For example these reports from the Great Lakes region were posted on a message board on October 12, 2003.

    I am just west of Duluth, and we have been hearing that same thing for about 20 hours now. It´s not so much a sound, but a vibration, you can feel under your feet. For the last few days, I and my family, and my co-workers have been talking about this loud thwomping sound. It has been going for days now, and sounds like we are about to be invaded by indians on horses, but the sound is too big. I figure it is coming off the lake, maybe big waves hitting the rocks, but we have never heard waves shake the ground like that, and it just keeps going, like a drum-beat. The whole damn town is talking. 

    And this mysterious boom in London was heard a year later, on October 13, 2004.

    Riddle as Massive Blast Rocks Homes 
    October 13, 2004

    Police and the fire service received dozens of calls from the public about the blast which happened at 7.30am. But despite efforts by both services to locate the source nothing was found. The British Geological Society is investigating. Though none of their earthquake signals were triggered, it said that it may have been too shallow to register on their measurements. Another possibility is that the blast could have come from old mine workings. There are disused shafts in the Walkden area and at Agecroft where a pit closed at the beginning of the 1990s. One caller to a radio station has claimed that she saw something falling from the sky.

    And a month later booms were heard on November 10, 2004 in Fort Wayne, Texas.

    Boom is Back 
    November 10, 2004

    Newschannel 15 and the Fort Wayne Police Department have each received dozens of phone calls about the noises. The Fort Wayne Police have no answers.

    Per the Zetas, these are caused by air clapping over land that is adjusting in elevation due to the ground heaving, causing voids in the air over the land which then come together to clap. This is equivalent to a thunder clap, as the same process of clapping air is involved. When booms happen over water, the process is the same, but here is due to a sudden drop in sea level caused by Earth movement under the sea.

    ZetaTalk Explanation 6/15/1996: Increasingly as the pole shift nears, the Earth will give evidence of the compression and tension in her surface by what humans will perceive to be sonic booms. The mechanism is in fact the same, clapping air masses, the same mechanism that produces thunder. Where thunder is caused by air masses separated by what is essentially a vacuum created by the superheating lightning bolt, and where sonic booms are caused by a compressed air mass pushed in front of the plane exploding back to equalize with the thin air mass trailing the plane, pre-cataclysm booms are caused by heaving in large bodies of water. Earthquakes where plates are compressing are measured by humans as the friction causes jolting, but for every compression adjustment there is, somewhere, a widening in a rift. Most often these rifts lie underwater, as water fills low lying places. A widening rift does not jolt the bordering plates, it is a silent adjustment. However, the sea water rushing to fill the new void has an effect on the air masses above, creating a thin air mass and causing the air on all sides of this thin air space to rush in, and clap!

    Recently booms have emerged along the New Madrid Fault line and the diagonal stress lines that the Zetas have predicted for the N American continent as it approaches a major adjustment in the New Madrid area. The Zetas have stated that N America is being pulled at a diagonal, with the New England area being pulled toward the east while Mexico is pulled to the west.

    Mystery Source, Likely Sonic Boom, Shook Southeast Missouri Last Week
    March 10, 2008

    At 2:48 p.m. last Wednesday people for more than 200 miles, from Forrest City, Ark., to Cape Girardeau, felt what they thought was an earthquake. Scientists at the Center for Earthquake Research and Information (CERI) at the University of Memphis in Tennessee know it was not. The disturbance was first recorded on a seismic station in Pemiscot Bayou, in the lower part of the Bootheel. It then traveled southeast at about 1,115 feet per second to a station in Lennox, Tenn., and was eventually recorded on all of the CERI’s 100 seismic stations in the New Madrid Fault Zone.

    During the same week when the New Madrid Fault region was experiencing a boom, New Jersey also experienced a mysterious boom.

    Early Morning Shake Rattles Some Residents 
    Tuesday, March 11, 2008

    It all started with a loud “bang!” In the early-morning darkness Monday, residents in the Pedricktown section of the township felt their homes shake, some said rather violently. The event, which occurred between 5:30 and 6 a.m., scared many. Was it an earthquake? An explosion? Perhaps as unsettling as the actual event is the fact that by late Monday afternoon there was no real answer as to what had actually caused the homes to shake. A spokesperson for the United States Geological Survey had no records of any seismic activity on Monday, or even Sunday, in the entire state of New Jersey.

    The Zetas have stated that the land along the eastern seaboard is being pulled down due to the Atlantic being pulled apart at the Atlantic Rift. This happens more dramatically closer to the equator, per the Zetas, as continental drift is more pronounced there. Thus the pull on Florida is more pronounced, and there is a break-off point in Pennsylvania. Land to the north of Pennsylvania rises up as it is freed from restraint, while land to the south of Pennsylvania is pulled down. Thus, there is a point near Pennsylvania where rock would be bent and thus would be snapping.

    ZetaTalk Explanation2001: Continental rip, which is what occurs during pole shifts rather than continental drift, occurs down the length of the Atlantic Ocean. Prior to the rip, there is tension and consequent dragging down of the coast line on either side. The East Coast of the US south of the New England area will suffer during the pole shift, due to this general stretching that the plates under the Atlantic during the crustal tension ahead of the shift. With the crust resisting a ripping apart so that the land on the edges of the Atlantic Ocean are pulled down. This is most intense the closer one gets to the equator. This will bring the islands in the British Isles underwater, and along the southeastern US too for an astonishing drop in level beyond what the inhabitant think possible. The New England states will find themselves bouncing up during the shift, due to the quick ripping of the already separating St. Lawrence Seaway prior to the shift, where the southern states will find themselves pulled under the water prior to the shift. The entire peninsula from central Pennsylvania north, will experience a bounce, but being on the edge of this drama, Pennsylvania will have its toes in water but its head above water.

    If booms have been heard from Seattle to Duluth and from New Jersey to New Madrid due to stress on the rock, then what is the ultimate outcome? Per the Zetas, the N American continent is locked at the top, so cannot shift or roll to reduce stress as the Atlantic widens. Thus, the N American continent will adjust during the pole shift, and in great quakes prior to the pole shift, by ripping the St Lawrence Seaway open and pulling the continent at a diagonal along the New Madrid Fault.

    Indian in the machine:  Some of these mysterious noises people here may be related to methane exploding underground… or the ripping or rock… or even project bluebeam… or even something unknown… or even something completely new… soooo keep up with your discernment for this and all that is to come… I am not sure who ou are going to put your faith in when the continent of North America rips apart, and there are great earthquakes, and land masses rising and falling, but my prayer is that all of humanity chooses Creator.

    Each of us can provide a stabilizing force to all this earth shifting… envision the best outcome for all… envision you and everyone on earth, serving Creator… that is how we get to paradise, not by stealing it from each other…. either materially, emotionally etc…

    It is a little weird to see so many out there, frozen… unable to respond… in a trance really, and not a good one…

Humanity Forced To Eat Wheat, ET Commander On 9000-Year Old Supergrain Spelt

Humanity Forced To Eat Wheat, ET Commander On 9000-Year Old Supergrain Spelt

Dear human, if you look around at the cheap food that is commonly available, you will notice that it is either wheat, starch, white sugar, and white salt… why is that ?

It is simple, our world was under a planetary takeover, that has failed in recent times.

Galactic Federation Announce Anunnaki Left Earth Nearly 20 Years Ago, World Under Control Of Superwealthy, And Well-Situated Minions

As Hatonn says, other healthy choices, were forcedly removed from our realm of choices, and in 2015 unhealthy choices are subsidized by government and forced upon the people… spelt was almost exterminated from planet Earth, and it is the God Grain.

Spelt is making a big comeback because people are realizing that wheat is a poison…a filler… a gluey mess… a big farting disaster…a belly bursting tornado… an explosive toilet extravaganza… okay you get the point…


1.  Spelt is high in B17… very very high… so high in B17 that the reptilians that were trying to take over planet earth, almost wiped it off the face of the earth.

By the way, the reptilians have been removed:

Jesus (Sananda) And Archangel Michael, Reptilian And Ascension Report For December 2014

Creator On Reptilians, 2012, Earth Galactic History, Galactic Federation Of Light, Lucifer, And The Divine Plan

B17 is anticancer….. so anticancer that apricot seeds are gasp!!!…..illegal!!!…. nasty nasty seeds…. go to prison!

2.  Spelt is the only grain Hatonn recommends… he says the rest are filler. Hatonn is a high ranking ET Commander….


MODERN WHEAT IS A MUTATED HYBRID… ARE WE WHAT WE EAT? Ascension or being a healthy person, may be extra challenging with a wheat addiction… this is THE BEST article on wheat I have ever read… baked bread smells good, but is it worth the mutations of depression, diabetes, immune response, arthritis, swelling joints, and little nutritional value…? Btw, notice the similarity between ‘wheat’ and ‘we eat’? Seek out ‘spelt’… the only grain recommended by Hatonn.

3.  Spelt melts in your mouth, thus your body is digesting it the moment you taste it, it is that soluable… instantly absorbable by the body…. instant energy without feeling you need a nap just because you ate something….


4.  When you clean up the dishes after making spelt pancakes, bread or something, you may notice that there is not a sticky cleanup… no glue like mess to scrub…. spelt rinses very cleanly from the dishes, once again demonstrating how water soluable it really is.

5.  Look at it this way…those who want you to eat tons of wheat so that you would be sick, would rather have you not eat spelt so that you get well.

6. Eat spelt and be healthy for real… no covering up bad skin with makeup… no more covering up an unhealthy body, with clothing, because there will be no more unhealthy body to cover up.

7.  Spelt basically cures everything…. especially diabetes… but everything!

8.  Spelt is very easy to grow… it has a hard casing that makes it easy to grow without chemicals, or harm to mother earth.

Since Spelt is the God grain, it is perfect in every way.

If you are sick or imbalanced with any condition, spelt can help.

Indian in the machine

Click Here If Feeling Off In 2015 – Urgent News On The Energetic Shift

Click Here If Feeling Off In 2015 – Urgent News On The Energetic Shift

Some timely info.  from Elizabeth Peru… the theme of the times appears to be a complete purging towards letting go of anything holding anyone back…

Elizabeth Peru

URGENT NEWS ON THE ENERGETIC SHIFT: As I reported two days ago there has been a major energy shift on Earth. It occurred just after New Year and particularly affected our lower chakras, the stomach, spleen, liver, digestion etc. It has been a total clear out of the ELIMINATION organs. You have been LETTING GO of 2014 and more. All of those strong desires you have mentally created for a better life in 2015 are now ACTIVATED. You are getting what you wanted. Believe it. Sometimes we need to clean out what holds us back before we can get to the good stuff underneath. Your elimination on the physical level is showing this to you. The physical is always the last place to shift energy. This is a physical year in 2015 and straight away we get a major toxic body release occurring. It’s perfection actually. The forces are with us

What I have noticed over the past few hours is that this clearing movement is shifting to the upper chakas, they are now on the move. We have started clearing out the lower centres over the last few days and the bowels in particular are moving for most people (LOL). Let it go is the theme. We now proceed to clear out old, stuck energy around the chest, throat, third eye and crown.

So over the next day or so you may notice an increase in third eye and crown clearing signaled by headaches/migraines, sneezing, heavy or sore eyes, tiredness. AND throat chakra clearing signaled by sore throats, raspy voices, phlegm build up, not wanting to talk. AND heart chakra clearing signaled by heart/thymus palpitations, tightness across the chest, crying/high level of emotions.

Resting up and taking it easy (no matter what you are doing) is advised. You can still get on with your day without over doing it. Drink LOTS of filtered water (with lemon slices is great for accelerating the cleansing). Know you are NOT going mad. You are simply experiencing what we all are. Yet other people might not talk about it or know what it is. I will always let you know in straight forward language. As this is nothing to be scared about. It’s a NORMAL energy upshift (albeit a big one this year). We go through them constantly.

Let me know how you are going with this shift and if you have questions. The more we speak about it the easier it is on everyone.

Please share with your friends who will benefit.

Learn more about my daily energy updates with The Tip-Off Forecast

Click Here If Feeling On In 2015

No revolutions… transform….

Your “Revolution” Will Lose Again… In Your “Transformation”, You Will Win Forever

Expanding consciousness…

Truth Alert! Non-Multidimensional Universe Theory Has Never Been Proven To Be True

Nibiru is here…

Weather Going Crazy + Magnetosphere Wacko! Earth Shields Down + And Human Dimensional Portal Experiments In Upper Atmosphere? 

Zetatalk: “The Closer Planet X Comes, The More Violent The Wobble.”

Oh Dear… Zetas Right Again! Time Lapse Photos Of Sun Confirm “Earth Is Wobbling” Theory

At the same time, we are reversing many health issues… because we will have MORE not LESS to deal with in 2015… but with out upgraded system, like a computer that is upgraded, we can process much more of the new energies of life, rather than to close off.

People Can Get Fatter, Eating Less or Healthier… Why???!!!

Healing Ancestral Grudges Against Self And Others

“The 2015 Pattern of Seeming Chaos” As Told by Archangel Metatron Via James Tyberonn


2015 Is About  Energy Clearing And Then Coming Together With Heart

Ascension Energy Update 2015 With Matt Kahn: “The Year Of The Initiated Soul”

St. Germain: It Is Going To Be A Very Bumpy Ride. You Will See It In Others

Archangel Michael: “Turbulent Years Ahead”

Billion Of Humans Getting It “Wrong”: Company Of Heaven Explains Why They Seem To “Stay Away” 

Change World And Return To Self? Activate Pyramids, Obelisks, And Leylines Of The World With Merkaba Divine Feminine Meditation

Life Sucks When You Undervalue Love Doesn’t It? Try Archangel Michael Love Affirmations

…because the big event is gonna break through… we will all need to more not less powerful…

North American Continent Now Under Extreme “Bow Stress”?


What else do you gotta deal with… oh yeah…

Natives Do Not Conspire To Take Over The World… Who Does?

We Are All Native To The World: Top 10 List Of Modern ‘Smallbox Blanket’ Gifts 

The Hazards Of Certain White Foods Which Are Reservation Foods


There is no sense going forward if you do not have time to listen to mother earth…

Fellow Earthlings… Earth Would Like To Speak With Us Right Now… What If We ALL Listened?


And remember that the more corporate the news, generally the more fabricated it is…

Supreme Master Teacher Sananda “Jesus” Says Earth News Concocted In Studios, Rather Than Reported


Which makes sites like this, even more important than ever…



Stay true to your expanding heart, or get it going if is almost stopped, 

Indian in the machine

HS Message – The Solstice Fires of Ascension: A Message for the Masters

HS Message – The Solstice Fires of Ascension: A Message for the Masters

by April Bender
The flood gates are open, an explosion of light dances it’s way in, the unified heartbeat of Prime Creator pulses forth.
Anchored pillars of light ignite and blaze forth colossal fires of shimmering crystalline energy, casting aglow all vessels/portals which have been painstakingly prepared. They now stand awash in brilliant crystalline fires of divine truth and divine potential – simply waiting for thy master’s blueprint (thought/feeling “impressions”) to give it form, function and purpose.
Living, moving, breathing crystalline codes/glyphs dance upon invisible walls of translucent light within these portals/vessels – sustained they are by its crystalline fire. Invisible to those who see only the material, visible for those with spiritual eyes to see. They are everywhere, every several cubic feet, running from the celestial heavens above, down into the darkest underworlds of earth – illuminating all possibilities, all possible coding/matrix arrangements to the master, so that he/she may select from among these the coding of tomorrow.
Each master must now center, and call forth or decree (and by doing so co-create) that which must be made manifest from this crystalline fire energy that is now made available through each master’s portal/vessel, and exists at every dimensional level (as the bandwidth of crystalline light implies). You are to mold, fashion and make form from this fire light of creation. You are to hold the image in your mind continuously of that in which you would see made manifest/form for the greatest good and liberation of All. Hold the idea/intention/impression in your mind and then give it a little push to “lock” it in, and repeat. Keep your incubated impression charged by seeing the crystalline fire in your portal/vessel/field envelope and nourish this thought form. Soon you will have a nursery of higher dimensional, highly charged thought forms.
IITM: Tools of fire and water… this is good… realllll good… thanks April and your Higher Self. 🙂

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