St. Germain: A transformative event is coming upon you and within you.

Saint Germain – A Transformative Tsunami of Love Is On the Verge and Answers From the Masters


Saint Germain:
I am Saint Germain. The time has come my brothers and sisters, for whoever would be in this room and whoever would read these words – the time has come. It has been said you are on the verge – you are on the verge of a transformation. A transformative event is coming upon you and within you. First it will be within, first you will know it without a doubt that there is a transformation happening within you. It will not be denied. You will not be able to move throughout your day and know that you have not felt the transformation within you. This is for most will come even in this month we are in now. There are many that are in the process now of their ascension. Some have already moved on and are returning. Others have moved on and don’t even know that they have yet moved on. But after this transformational event within you, you will no longer doubt that. You will know that you have transitioned. This is not something that is going to take years and a lifetime – you have been through that already. You have been preparing for this for lifetimes, some thousands of lifetimes, preparing for this very time, this very moment that you are approaching, that you are on the verge of now. Some would say they are not ready for this. Some would say others are not ready for this for they would pass a judgment upon another saying “how can you ascend…you are not ready”. But how can one say that one is not ready? Who is it that can make that understanding but the Creator, Himself or Herself. Continue reading “St. Germain: A transformative event is coming upon you and within you.”