DREKX OMEGA COMMENTS ON POLAND UFOs: Amazing 7 UFOs flying slowly over Poland early April 2010


indian writes: whatcha feel… galactic ufos, military ‘hot’ aircraft or chinese lanterns (lol)?

Selamat jarin….!

They are intelligently piloted craft and appear to be conducting a strata-layer atmospheric survey, in a systemic fashion, which I have seen before…this requires a slow pattern sweep at differing altitudes, the initial wave above cloud level and subsequent sweeps below cloud level….
These ships are noted for their plasma fields uniformly retaining a pinkish hue, indicating their slow, constant and deliberately congruous velocities..if the slow speed were slightly higher, the ionisation field hues would morph to orange, which they don’t….so they are all consistent for the pattern of the sweep to allow for maximum results…

I have not confirmed this mission with my own contacts yet, but I know it was not a Sirian mission, as the craft were Agarthan scouts…
However, the Agarthans have a close rapport in the Galactic Federation with other Star Nations….

As the observation was noted to be over a centre of population in Poland, there was possibly a pollutant in the atmosphere that warranted this survey…but I can’t be certain yet.
If anyone does wish to know for certain, let me know and I will glean the details from the Sirians.

Drekx Omega, Cmdr, GFL Ground Crew