Humanity Lives In A Mansion With Unlimited Resources, And Servants… Here Is What Happens Nex

Humanity Lives In A Mansion With Unlimited Resources, And Servants… Here Is What Happens Next!

You are a very wealthy human being, as are all beings who live on earth. Humanity is rich in unlimited resources, even though we often do not like to share with one another. You my friend are very very rich!

You live in one of God’s mansions which is ‘earth’.  This planet is already your’s to enjoy for free, although so many human agree this is not true, but this earth mansion truly is for all of us to share….nonetheless, back to our story…

Humanity is so rich in resources, that it did not know it has, it has trouble managing all those resources.

Humanity decided that it needed beings who would help us to manage the great mansion that we are living in right now.

Humanity decided that it is natural for humanity to have servants… that is, specifically…public servants.

Humanity created these public servants to essentially serve humanity.

Humanity essentially hired maids to take care of the mansion.

These maids, are very immature and greedy.

The maids are so greedy they do not stop plotting until they steal everything.

Humanity didn’t really notice because as long as the maids cleaned the house, humanity thought things are okay… humanity did not notice the maid, slowly stealing this and that, because humanity thought the maid actually liked the arrangement.

Over thousands of years, humanity began to notice that the maid was stealing everything, but didn’t care because humanity was in denial.

The maids realized that no matter how much they steal from the mansion, that they never get caught, and the owner of the mansion, never fires them.

The maids essentially resent the wealth of humanity, and now have stolen so much from the mansion, they really do not care if they get fired.

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The maids in fact, are goading the owners of the mansion to do anything about the situation.

The maids are now plotting to take over the mansion from humanity.

This story is ongoing right now in real life… are you going to let the maids of humanity, kick you out of the mansion, just because they want it for themselves?

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In the meantime, as humanity decides what is going to with the maids… humanity decides to stop eating the food the maids are preparing nightly, suspecting there are poisons in the food…

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A final hint this story that affects us all… the maids that humanity are trying to fire, are highly organized, and they were trained to be maids, by non-humans…

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The mansion is reclaimed back with this prayer:

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…And working with light that we cannot see (yet)

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By the way, Jesus has been sitting outside the doors of the mansion this entire time… but the maids told you that no one is there…

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Now that you are figuring things out… you will have to figure out to move on, so that you can fully clean up the mansion from any maid who would covet what is your’s.

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Humanity learns that the songs the maids are singing are slowly over time, like magical spells, brainwashing…

Humanity now has a choice… it knows it needs to have maids, that it will have to keep an eye on… it also knows it has to find some music that does not cast spells…


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