Have A Nibiru Science Moment: Compare American Meteor Society Fireball Chart, With Earthquake Chart

Have A Nibiru Science Moment: Compare American Meteor Society Fireball Chart, With Earthquake Chart

Earthings, how ya doin?


1. American Meteor Society Fireball Chart

2.  Earthquake Chart

Earthquake Chart 2003-2015 Now Heading Off The Charts! Zetas Say Nibiru Entered Solar System In 2003 And North America Is Ripping Apart Triggering Further Global Shifts! 

Since we can assume with high probability that they are likely related… the fireballs are coming because of something out there… the fireballs are not caused by earthly causes.

Both incidences

That something out there, is Nibiru.

Why do you feel I work so hard to warn so many… the charts are still going up!

Calling All Modern Day Noahs! Get Busy! Jaw Dropping Scientific Earthquake Data Supports Zetas Nibiru Theory: 2015-2016 Nibiru Flyby Guesstimate 

Relocate Population Of Europe?!!! Parts Of Europe To Drop 150 Feet, East Coast US To Drop, Ocean To Rise 650-700 Feet; Sunken Forest Supports Zetas Poleshift Data 

Zetas Are Before Its News Superstars! Excellent Track Record On Nibiru, Poleshift, End Times, Earthchanges, They Recommend Houseboats, And Tiny Houses, Earthlings! 

Get Real! Billions Soon Caught Off Guard, The Age Of The Spoiled Brat Is Over, Leaders Abandoning Ship… 

Pole Shift Cleartalk: Will You Be Waiting For A Rescue That Never Comes???

The thing is…

Your leaders told you…

And you ignored them…

Weather Channel “Rogue Planet” Show, Eerily Similar To Nibiru/Planet X Scenario; Pole Shift, Orbit And Weather Changes A’Comin’???

And are you already imbalanced and yet the big changes have not happened….

You May Feel Out Of Place, Off-Balance, Perhaps A Bit Confused And Reticent About Knowing How To Proceed, Allowing Transition and Integration to Occur, Maintaining Your Driving Force

Detox or your body will continue to have more damaging electrical short circuiting.

You will need to rebuild yourself, stronger than ever:

A Mineral Rich Soft Drink That Helps To Build And Strengthen The Body

Yup… Nibiru is coming by for a fly by…

Indian in the machine