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Former US President`s Granddaughter Claim, Alien tech is used to thin population

Former US President`s Granddaughter Claim, Alien tech is used to thin population

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One important thing we need to remember here, is that Laura Eisenhower, is D. Eisenhower’s granddaughter and she have probably heard a lot of things as she is part of the Eisenhower family, and of course things were discussed inside the family i`m sure of it.

Laura Eisenhower

Laura Eisenhower was speaking on the sidelines of a UFO, science and consciousness conference in Johannesburg. She said natural faults in the earth were being manipulated to produce catastrophes like tsunamis and earthquakes using Haarp technology or bio-weapons. According to the website LBN, Haarp technology is a focused and steerable electromagnetic beam used to heat the upper atmosphere and bounce electromagnetic waves back to earth. Eisenhower said this was part of a secret agenda by a number of governments to decrease the earth’s human populationin favour of colonies on mars and the moon.

Human population growth

“Extraterrestrials have been working with governments for a while,” she said, adding that treaties with the other-worldly beings were signed every 10 years.