1996 St. Germain: Those who call you ones “crackpots” or “paranoids” shall be flocking to your Light and stability for guidance

“Always ones wake up too late, only to realize how truly foolish they have been.  This is the way of those who choose to remain in ignorance of what actually has true lasting value.” – St. Germain

1996 St. Germain: Those who call you ones “crackpots” or “paranoids” shall be flocking to your Light and stability for guidance.

These words are as timely as ever, are they not?

Sooner or later you will need to come out of your shell, to survive, or to even help out.

Sooner or later you will need to come out of your shell, to stop criticizing yourself and others.


Indian in the machine







6/17/96   GERMAIN

Germain here in the Radiant Light of Aton, the One Light.  It has been some time since last we have written.  Thank you for receiving me this day and at this time.  Be at peace, for God knows your heart.

The Great Transformation is underway!  It is time for testing of MANY levels.  I, Germain, have a most important task in this Transformation.  As keeper of the Violet Flame of Transmutation, my energy will be called upon in order that the upcoming changes go successfully. Continue reading “1996 St. Germain: Those who call you ones “crackpots” or “paranoids” shall be flocking to your Light and stability for guidance”

St. Germain: It Is Going To Be A Very Bumpy Ride. You Will See It In Others

St. Germain:  It Is Going To Be A Very Bumpy Ride. You Will See It In Others

Watch video here:
If you would like to know WHY it will be bumpy, it is probably because most people do not serve our Creator… read my other postings, to get a good idea…
Published on Dec 5, 2014


‘On the 1st of December, on the 11th to the 22nd – we will ceremony all those days.

There is a great purification of energy being blanketed on the planet earth. Many will have minor moments of madness, insanity. Some of you have already noticed it, some of you have had moments of feeling it in yourself.

A great purification is occurring, and it is being sent through the grace of the Divine Mother, and all beings in service to Mother are connected as one, pouring forth an energy through the core of earth, radiating outward, and going through the feet – up through all humanity.

The work we will do on those days will help pillow the energy, help all of you co-hese, to be of service to all those who do not know what is occurring. And with the grace of this work, connected with others who will be doing their ceremonies, some you will know of, some will be silent, we will divert energetically a travesty, a great shake on the planet at the core.

Much is occurring. Cleansing is inevitable. Be centered in your heart. Keep clean in your body. Take care what you entertain.
The volume, as they say, is increasing.

Some have called it a ‘chaotic node’ – a word being used; yet is there to point to you, all that which is dormant, the toxic, the poison. The energetic is rising to the surface, and it will move quickly, preparing you for the next equinox.

Nothing to fear.

Continue to align yourself with the Ascended Master Energy. Continue to align your self with Divine Mother. Continue to align your self with the core of the Earth. Be in your heart daily, every moment. Bypass your mind. Love each other. Serve each other. Be there for one another. Be vulnerable, be open, share, connect, and you will ride this wave.

Follow the inclination of thought; it will be a very bumpy ride. And you will see it in others as the days go by.’

more st. germain  https://indianinthemachine.wordpress.com/?s=st+germain

Dear Saint-Germain, for a long time I feel that I have had such trouble finding my path in life. I already gave up my studies three different times, and I feel disoriented, as the pursuit of my needs and interests does not seem to fit with the demands of the modern world.

Dear Saint-Germain, for a long time I feel that I have had such trouble finding my path in life. I already gave up my studies three different times, and I feel disoriented, as the pursuit of my needs and interests does not seem to fit with the demands of the modern world.


Saint Germain: Ebola and Other Fears

Saint Germain:
Ebola and Other Fears
Ashtar On The Road Teleconference 
October 14, 2019

“Greetings!  I am Saint Germain and I come with so much Gratitude, it is almost beyond my ability to express!  At the same time that I congratulate you for being willing to look at Truth and shine the Light of Love upon it.  I acknowledge to you, Beloved Ones, that it is not easy!  It is not easy when you contemplate the destructions that those of the dark hats are wanting to accomplish.

“And so the best news I can give you is that they’re not getting away with it!  They might seem to be, but remember that propaganda has worked for them in the past, indeed in the most recent past, but there are too many eyes wide open – too many Hearts who are welcoming Love and the Light that it brings, and they are shining that Light upon that which is Truth.  And in this way, they are literally transmuting the darkness of the propaganda!

“And as the Light shines brighter and brighter,there are more witnesses who have first-hand information, who are finding the Courage within their Hearts to come forth and to speak the Truth.  And it is spreading!  It is spreading faster than any virus that those who would control and rule all everywhere can possibly concoct.

“Think about this.  Where is the swine flu virus these days?Where is the bird flu virus these days?  Where is the ebola virus these days?You’re not hearing about the swine flu and the bird flu.  Now it’s all about ebola.  Well, there are many, many who are not necessarily conscious Lightworkers, but who nevertheless are saying, ‘Wait a minute!This is an all too familiar tale!’

“Now it is true!  There is a virus which can kill and it was deliberately made by what you call the ‘black ops’ division of certain governments and intended to be the greatest pandemicever created!  It did not just spring up out of the air somewhere.And, yes, it will be deadly if people accept the vaccinations for it, not against it.  This is a vaccine to put the virus INTO the bodies.  But we tell you this – with your help, this virus will soon be off the front pages, just like the bird flu, the swine flu and all of the others!

“This is a form of germ warfare!  That is its classification.  It is a weapon!  Why? Well, you heard many reasons given.The bottom line is they are using it to instill F.E.A.R– False Evidence Appearing Real!  And they are lying about its origin – well, they’re not telling you, its true origins.  They are lying when they tell you it is going to kill all of the people that they have in mind to kill with it!

“It is about greed.  It is about taking over.  It will NOT HAPPEN on the scale that they are propagandizing.  It is to dispel the fear that defeats the virus!  It is to transmute fear, and all that fear is, and all that fear expresses, into High Dimensional energies of Love, of Light, of Truth, of Peace within one’s own Heart.  You will be singing and we will be singing with you a song of Peace at the conclusion of our Gathering.*  And it is an expansion for your own Hearts, because that is where Peace must begin!

“I, Saint Germain, inspired the founding of the United States of America and I have inspired revolutions and, what you call ‘uprisings’ many, many times throughout the history/herstory of Planet Earth, and most particularly, within the last thirteen thousand years.  Every so often, as the time went by on your calendars, there was a leader, someone who might have risen to the rank of leader from very humble beginnings, someone who might have been a slave.  Do you recall Spartacus?  What about the one called Braveheart?  What about all the ones who have stood in their villages, in their communities, in their countries and said, ‘People must be free!’

“And even though they may have given their lives or been punished most cruelly, they still stood for Freedom, with their expressions, with their understanding that it was not in the highest interest of Humanity to be ruled over by someone else whose only goal was to enrich themselves at the expense of the majority of the people!!!

“That has not changed, but what has changed is the perspective! We who dwell in the Light, and you, too, who dwell in the Light -there is a part of you that knows this, this is the end of slavery!This is the end of rule and control by the dark hats!  This is the time for everyone to come together and come up and into the Light of Love where Love is the prevailing energy and the guideline!!!  What would Love do now?  Whenever you have a question that perplexes you, ask that question and you shall receive!

“Now my Brother, Sananda, stands with me and the Grand Company upon the Bridge here of The New Jerusalem. And I say again – go to His Course!**  It does not have any label or energy of religion.  It has only His Love and by extension, the Love of all of us because We Are All One with you!  Allow that to guide you in transforming your own perception of life, of Love and of yourselves, Beloved Ones, as Divine Beings.

“I offer you my violet ray to assist you in transforming your perceptions and your perspectives.  Come up into the Light, where you can see everything as you do in your Higher Self – as we do here on the Bridge of The New Jerusalem, as you are seeing it now, or perhaps feeling it in your Hearts.It is for you to perceive all with your Hearts, to be not in judgment, but rather Compassionate Understanding, and to share your Light with the entirety of Planet Earth and the Universe beyond, continually increasing its radiance and continually transforming your perspective so that you realize the Truth of all Life is Love!

“That is all that is real.  Everything that has the density of 3D is a holographic image, if you will, a creation borne out of the necessity of existing and finding your way through 3D, and up and out of it.  Accept Love as your True Reality and all else, all enlightenment, all knowing will surely follow!!!

“Here stands Archangel Michael offering you the sword Excalibur. Let the blue ray of Truth always be in your field of vision as you view from the perspective of the Light of Love!

“Together, Beloved Ones, we are accomplishing the entry of Planet Earth into its glorious and free Golden Age of Love. And so it is.  Namaste!”

* I’m Declaring Peace, composed and sung by William Florian.  This song is available for downloading, free of charge, atwww.williamflorian.com .

**A Course in Miracles, given by Sananda,published by the Foundation for Inner Peace.

Transcription by Marta
Given through Susan Leland, October 14, 2014. www.AshtarontheRoad.com
© Ashtar On The Road Publications 2004-2014. All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.

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St. Germain Drops 911 Bombshell!!!: Osama Bin Laden Is CIA Operative, Tim OsmanSt. Germain Drops 911 Bombshell!!!: Osama Bin Laden Is CIA Operative, Tim Osman

St. Germain Drops 911 Bombshell:  Osama Bin Laden Is CIA Operative, Tim Osman

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St Germain: RV World Currency Update…Take Yourself Out Of Matrix Of Trivialization And Disasterification Of Everything


St Germain: RV World Currency Update…Take Yourself Out Of Matrix Of Trivialization And Disasterification Of Everything

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Conversations with St Germain via Goldenlight 7-19-14 ~ The transformation of money through alchemy will transform your planet which affects the entire universe


Conversations with St Germain via Goldenlight 7-19-14 ~ The transformation of money through alchemy will transform your planet which affects the entire universe

Sacred Geometry 197 by Endre Balogh

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Dear Company of Heaven: Can you please first identify yourself and then tell me, and the world, what the truth is about Dr. Kathryn May – the one who has been channeling several of you for quite some time now? Thank you.


This Scribe, Aleasha posed the following question

Dear Company of Heaven:

Can you please first identify yourself and then tell me, and the world, what the truth is about Dr. Kathryn May – the one who has been channeling several of you for quite some time now? Thank you.

“It is I, St. Germain, who wishes to come forth to defend my beloved Lady Portia. It grieves me immensely to see her name dragged through the mud like some agent of the cabal, when all she has ever done is to work in service, often without compensation of her time and talent, and often without extrinsic reward for all the work she has done to become a clear channel for our messages we have long wished to offer your planet on a larger scale.

The depth of hurt Kathryn feels from this debacle is immense and her heart grieves for lost relationships. But far, far more than her pain, is her concern that those who relied upon our messages are left floundering and confused, indeed betrayed and hurt, to think that she has “gone dark”, now that several have falsely convinced them that Kathryn, who has always been of the Light, is now “of the dark”, a “fraud”, a “charlatan”.

For it is the listeners who most needed to hear our agenda-free (we sold you nothing) messages of Love and Light – those messages which raised their vibration, and which encouraged them to spread Light and Truth and higher vibrations to others; the “Good News” as it has been called, which they now put into question and feel that they have to now even defend their own credibility to those with whom they, in turn, shared our messages.

Indeed it feels as if the very foundation of everything they thought they knew has crumbled beneath them, and that Kathryn is the one who toppled the structure. Nothing could be further from the truth, both in Kathryn’s actions or channelings, or the actual truth of the channelings which remains as such.

Sadly, the message to the audience that heard that call was cut off before more clarification could have come in future transmissions on that Network to those, and future, listeners. And it was indeed forthcoming Dear Ones, and if Kathryn does not yet know this, we will ask her in the coming days to summarize, or post (if possible), the call in question and we will provide clarification to all that was controversial in the call which began this whole fiasco. And that is how we see it. A fiasco. It was never our intention to place Kathryn in such a position, but it has been a tremendous learning opportunity for each to know, at a minimum, that they should to seek to understand before discarding, to listen with the heart rather than quickly condemning, and to ask for clarification for what one does not understand.

This is, my Beloved Ones, what we mean by discernment. While it can be instantaneous, we would strongly caution anyone to use what may have come instantaneously to THEM – and what is THEIR truth – to project that onto others who may wish to take it into their own heart mind, in their own time, to decide what is truth and what is not, and what to set aside to consider at a later time.

That opportunity was denied ALL listeners, when our beloved Kathryn was immediately banished and condemned, as indeed she has been, by those who are clearly operating from ego in this matter, and from their own PERSONAL discernment which they have effectively, however “unintendedly”, foist upon others who look to them for guidance. Indeed, it sadly reminds us of your Salem Witch Trials where the presumptions of a few were cast like wildfire to the many. You can read in your history books the results of such irresponsible and influential actions.

We are, furthermore, puzzled that, by the same individuals who are shunning and condemning, “discernment” is fervently encouraged, yet it is effectively removed from each individual by their very own proclamations of what Kathryn allegedly “is” or “has become”. Which is, of course, nonsense.

Sadder still, as a result this incident – in which no further messages were “allowed” to be broadcast to the same Network to provide clarification of our transmission – so many have now been dragged down to the depths of despair such that they, most tragic of all, no longer trust their own inner barometer of what truth is. One they had worked so long to cultivate. We disagree that it has been removed, only momentarily forgotten, in the midst of this ongoing campaign (and it has in effect become that, a campaign) as one can NEVER lose their connection to spiritual truth. NEVER! We wish to make that clear.

This incident is a direct result of someone, indeed several someone’s feeling that they were being “attacked” when in fact, new information was emerging in order to make a product with much potential, better – by improving packaging and fine-tuning ingredients which would bring the product into even higher vibration for the benefit of humankind. That was the major contention regarding the “controversial” call. Had they had an actual conversation about this, rather than quickly “rolling up the sidewalk” to their own truths, more information would have been forthcoming about the product in questions, and about Hollow Earth, and others mentioned in that call.

It is sadly amusing to us (yes, we know that is a strange combination of words), that those who spent YEARS with Kathryn and the messages she faithfully delivered on our behalf, could think that all of a sudden, she “switched sides”, was a “double agent” so to speak, and was now spewing, we will use the term Dark Matter, and attempting to take throngs of Lightworkers – those who listened to such messages, with her. In fact, it is so absurd we feel it beneath dignity to address, yet we must, since the campaign continues. To use your texting parlance, we are “SMH” (“shaking my head”), more properly “SOH” (“shaking our heads”) at this most unexpected development. And even more so that it continues.

We are pleased, however, that Kathryn took the “higher road” as it is termed, but now is the time for us to vindicate her since she has refused to do so directly herself. While we understand her feeling that it is not necessary – that the messages speak for themselves – we will tell you we have had enough of mudslinging and wish to clarify our position in this most sensitive matter.

In fact, we wish to share that this very scribe who writes this (she questioned whether we wanted her to write this part, lest it seem she has an agenda (she does not)) telephoned one of the Network program hosts directly to respectfully inform her that a bit of information she projected to the (indeed) millions who listen to the Network calls, was factually incorrect, and perhaps a retraction might be issued since it could cause listeners, especially the caller who asked the question, to misunderstand, and indeed miss an opportunity because of misinformation that was provided (in regard to a particular Prosperity Program) because the host said, in effect, that because the host has not “heard any more about it”, it was, essentially “bunk” – even when indeed this very scribe had just applied and been accepted into the program only days before.

This scribe still listens to all of the shows since she has always used her inner barometer (especially in the last several years) to discern truth, particularly spiritual truth (and does not proverbially “throw the baby out with the bathwater”), and the scribe was surprised that the host never issued a retraction or clarification of the matter, (a Trust) the host erroneously thought was a “wealth building tool” rather than a prosperity program, nor did she note that additional research had been done (or was being done) on the matter for the benefit of listeners who indeed would “qualify” for the program,.

This lack of follow-up disappointed this scribe since she felt that the truth was not told, an easily verifiable truth, and that one did not admit that she did not know the whole truth, that she could have been mistaken, “off a bit” or that she did not know what she was talking about. Yet, is condemning Kathryn for what she believes to be the very same actions.

Kathryn is greatly beloved here in the realms of Heaven, as are each of you, and while she – LIKE EACH OF YOU – is on the path to enlightenment, never claiming perfection, we would urge Lightworkers who tune into the messages we transit through her, to question the (indeed), “attacks” that have taken place upon her and our message, and in fact, the attacks that are continuing to take place upon our Kathryn, and to use your own discernment to determine what you feel, as Tony’s callers would say, “in your heart of hearts” is truth, and ask yourself, individually, “Now who does that make sense to?”.

We want Lightworkers – and all people on your planet – to understand the what comes from Spirit is not always “sunshine and rainbows” and we would caution those who take what you would term a “Pollyanna” approach to what is sometimes uncomfortable spiritual truth, by “plugging their ears and humming” instead of truly trying to understand and shunning and vilifying those whom you so not understand or agree with, and sullying their reputation they have taken a lifetime to build – not from ego, but from a genuine love of humanity and hope for the human race and its Ascension. To do so is a dastardly deed, regardless of intention – since few could not know the impact it has on both the person and their body of work. Indeed they know. But “put it off” as “information for the good of the people” when in fact what they are “removing” from the people is their right to discern. Hence, they removed the links and all of Kathryn’s body of work from their website, stating it was now associated with the “Dark” when what many of the people really want is to decide for themselves. They removed that ability, yet continue to bash, yes, bash, Kathryn, without allowing ANYONE to listen and decide for themselves. Questioning is encouraged by us – bashing (however “nicely” and “with love” is not). This should not be news to anyone.

We would urge Kathryn to, as we heretofore eluded, if it is possible, to obtain her body of work of all of the broadcasts, including the one which sparked such controversy, and post them all on her website and let those who wish to be in their own discernment, decide – in full context of what has been delivered both before and after this now most infamous transmission – what is truth. We understand that Kathryn has a right to her body of work and can properly request that copies of the electronic files be sent to her for this purpose. We would not object to her contacting what we would call a barrister to get advice on this request, or indeed to send it through him or her. This is not meant to be acrimonious but we feel it is most important that the entire body of her work be available to her to post for those who seek to decide for themselves the truth of matters, instead of having a small group decide for them.

After all, is this not in line with exactly what we are doing to help you change your planet in the Now, after wresting control of it from the cabal, alongside you and each soul committed to Light, claiming it back from the true Dark Ones who did this very thing – told you what their version of truth was – for so long?

Again, we ask you, “Who does that make sense to?” And we believe that when you go into your “heart of her hearts”, we would surmise the answer would be, in this case, “all who are in their knowing”.

I Am, Your Beloved St. Germain. I Am With You Always, Especially At This Unique Time Upon Your Planet When Great and Glorious Changes Are Taking Place, and I Say in Closing, Put On Your Party Hats, the Time is Nigh!

Namaste My Beloved Ones, Namaste.

Aleasha A. Lewis, L.M.T.

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Mysterious 1885 Photo Of St. Germain


Mysterious 1885 Photo Of St. Germain  ​ 

1.  Brief background on St. Germain

Via Valerie Donner:

I channel Mother Mary once a month. She and St Germain are close. (She was Mary, Jesus’s mother, and St. Germain was Joseph, her husband.) He had an incarnation as Merlin, William Shakespeare, Sir Frances Bacon, Leonardo Da Vinci, and was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States.

He precipitated, actually appeared, at the signing of the Declaration of Independence. He represents freedom and the I Am Presence. He also brought forth the Violet Flame for transmutation. He named this country Iamerica but the “ I” was dropped to America. St. Germain speaks after Mother Mary in these classes. He loves the United States and continues to be involved with the governance of America.


From the book,  “He was reported to be 300 years old, and to have prolonged his life by the use of a famous elixir.”


2. Brief background on the lady in the middle, Madame Blavatsky, who wrote about the inner earth in 1880’s.

“Helena Petrovna Hahn was born on August 12, 1831 and died May 8, 1891 London, England. She was better known as Helena Blavatsky or Madame Blavatsky was the founder of Theosophy.

Helena Blavatsky was a great authority on theosophy, the doctrines of which she professed she derived from the fountainhead in Tibet.

She was born of Russian nobility and later became the secretary of the Theosophical Society. Also, she was referred to as HPB. She did much to spread Eastern religious, philosophical and occult concepts throughout the Western world.”


3.  Check out this photo! El Morya in the middle… St. Germain on the right!


4.  A Good Partial Summary of St. Germain’s interesting life…

The writer in All the Year Round says:

This famous adventurer [the Count St. Germain] is supposed to have been a Hungarian by birth, but the early part of his life was by himself carefully wrapped in mystery. His person and his title alike stimulated curiosity. His age was unknown and his parentage equally obscure. We catch the first glimpse of him in Paris, a century and a quarter ago, filling the court and the town with his renown. Amazed Paris saw a man—apparently of middle age—a man who lived in magnificent style, who went to dinner parties where he ate nothing, but talked incessantly and with exceeding brilliancy on every imaginable topic. His tone was perhaps over trenchant—the tone of a man who knows perfectly what he is talking about. Learned, speaking every civilized language admirably, a great musician, an excellent chemist, he played the part of a prodigy, and played it to perfection. Endowed with extraordinary confidence or consummate impudence, he not only laid down the law magisterially concerning the present, but spoke without hesitation of events 200 years old. His anecdotes of remote occurrences were related with extraordinary minuteness. He spoke of scenes at the court of Francis I. as if he had seen them, describing exactly the appearance of the king, imitating his voice, manner and language, affecting throughout the character of an eye-witness. In like style he edified his audience with pleasant stories of Louis XIV., and regaled them with vivid descriptions of places and persons. Hardly saying in so many words that he was actually present when the events happened, he yet contrived, by his great graphic power, to convey that impression . . . intending to astonish, he succeeded completely. Wild stories were current concerning him. He was reported to be 300 years old, and to have prolonged his life by the use of a famous elixir. Paris went mad about him. He was questioned constantly about his secret of longevity, and was marvellously adroit in his replies, denying all power to make old folks young again, but quietly asserting his possession of the secret of arresting decay in the human frame. Diet, he protested, was, with his marvellous elixir, the true secret of long life, and he resolutely refused to eat any food but such as had been specially prepared for him—oatmeal, groats and the white meat of chickens. On great occasions he drank a little wine, sat up as late as anyone would listen to him, but took extraordinary precautions against the cold. To ladies he gave mysterious cosmetics to preserve their beauty unimpaired; to men, he talked openly of his method of transmuting metals, and of a certain process for melting down a dozen little diamonds into one large stone. These astounding assertions were backed by the possession of apparently boundless wealth, and a collection of jewels of rare size and beauty.

From time to time this strange being appeared in various European capitals, under various names, as Marquis de Montferrat, Count Bellamare, at Venice; Chevalier Schoening, at Pisa; Chevalier Weldon, Milan; Count Soltikoff, at Genoa; Count Tzarogy at Schwalbach, and, finally, as Count St. Germain at Paris; but, after his disaster at the Hague, no longer seems so wealthy as before, and has at times the appearance of seeking his fortune. At Tournay, he is “interviewed” by the renowned Chevalier de Seingalt, who finds him in an Armenian robe and pointed cap, with a long beard descending to his waist, and ivory wand in hand—the complete make-up of a necromancer. St. Germain is surrounded by a legion of bottles, and is occupied in developing the manufacture of hats upon chemical principles. Seingalt being indisposed, the Count offers to physic him gratis and offers to dose him with an elixir, which appears to have been æther; but the other refuses, with many polite speeches. It is the scene of the two augurs. Not being allowed to act as physician, St. Germain determines to show his power as an alchemist, takes a twelve-sous piece from the other augur, puts it on red-hot charcoal, and works with a blow-pipe, the piece of money is fused and allowed to cool. “Now,” says St. Germain, “take your money again.” “But it is gold.” “Of the purest.” Augur No. 2 does not believe in the transmutation and looks on the whole operation as a trick; but he pockets the piece, nevertheless, and finally presents it to the celebrated Marshal Keith, then governor of Neuchatel.

Again, in pursuit of dyeing and other manufacturing schemes, St. Germain turned up at St. Petersburg, Dresden and Milan. Once he got into trouble, and was arrested in a petty town of Piedmont on a protested bill of exchange; but he pulled out a hundred thousand crowns’ worth of jewels, paid on the spot, bullied the governor of the town like a pickpocket, and was released with the most respectful excuses.

Very little doubt exists that during one of his residences in Russia, he played an important part in the revolution which placed Catherine II. on the throne. In support of this view, Baron Gleichen cites the extraordinary attention bestowed on St. Germain at Leghorn, 1770, by Count Alexis Orloff, and a remark made by Prince Gregory Orloff to the Margrave of Onspach during his stay at Nuremberg.

After all, who was he?—the son of a Portuguese king or of a Portuguese Jew? Or did he in his old age tell the truth to his protector and enthusiastic admirer, Prince Charles of Hesse Cassel? According to the story told by his last friend, he was the son of a Prince Rakoczy of Transylvania, and his first wife a Tekely. He was placed, when an infant, under the protection of the last of the Medici. When he grew up and heard that his two brothers, sons of the Princess Hesse Rheinfels, of Rothenburg, had received the names of St. Charles and St. Elizabeth, he determined to take the name of their holy brother St. Germanus. What was the truth? One thing alone is certain, that he was a protégé of the last Medici. Prince Charles, who appears to have regretted his death, which happened in 1783, very sincerely tells us that he fell sick, while pursuing his experiments in colours at Ekrenforde, and died shortly after, despite the innumerable medicaments prepared by his own private apothecary. Frederick the Great, who, despite his scepticism, took a queer interest in astrologers, said of him, “This is a man who does not die.” Mirabeau adds epigrammatically, “He was always a careless fellow, and at last, like his predecessors, forgot not to die.”

And now we ask what shadow of proof is herein afforded either that St. Germain was an “adventurer,” that he meant to “play the part of a prodigy,” or that he sought to make money out of dupes. Not one single sign is there of his being other than what he seemed, viz., a possessor of ample means to support honestly his standing in society. He claimed to know how to fuse small diamonds into large ones, and to transmute metals, and backed his “assertions” by the possession of apparently boundless wealth and a collection of jewels of rare size and beauty. Are “adventurers” like this? Do charlatans enjoy the confidence and admiration of the cleverest statesmen and nobles of Europe for long years, and not even at their deaths show in one thing that they were undeserving?


5. Where Is St. Germain in 2014?

St. Germain is still alive and well…. to my awareness, he’s not on the planet, but is working alongside Sanada, Hatonn, Ashtar and others, on the ships…. spaceships!… He co-authored the Phoenix Journals written in 1980-90’s. I’m sure if you read these journals, you may recognize a superhigh consciousness from St. Germain.  Some of the info., in the journals has never been given to humanity before… St. Germain authored that material.


Watch for St. Germain’s involvement in the new financial system to come, and as a gifted messenger and teacher, in modern spiritual teachings.

More modern day St. Germain message are found here:


Indian in the machine

Humanity Has Lived Through The Last Nuclear War In The Universe, And “Sandy Hook: The Movie”, According To St. Germain

Humanity Has Lived Through The Last Nuclear War In The Universe, And “Sandy Hook: The Movie”, According To St. Germain

Nuclear war has been completely eliminated as a possibility for your planet, and all armed conflicts will shortly become a thing of the past. ” – St. Germain

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