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Historic Galactic Soltec Message Says Humans Actually Create With Desire, Not Money

Historic Galactic Soltec Message Says Humans Actually Create With Desire, Not Money

This is very interesting info. from Soltec 1997 Galactic Geophysicist (reposted below), and very timely for us in 2015, as we learn to create with focused desire, rather than a focus on money.  Interesting…

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Imagine with focused desire, now as you live from the centre of your brain and heart… and that IS MASTERY.

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Indian in the machine


Good morning, my friend.  It is I, Toniose Soltec, come in the Radiant One Light of Creator Source.  Be at PEACE!

Please find comfort in knowing that ALL is as it should be, and that there are reasons for ALL things.  You may not be able to see the WHY at any given moment, but with persistence in your searching, that which you seek WILL be revealed to you as you are ready for same.

From a Higher perspective, all is seen in terms of energy flows.  The ability for one to understand and use these energies in a responsible manner is what “living” is all about.  There would seem to be various conflicts in this idea, for many are efforting to utilize energy in such a manner as to keep others from tapping and utilizing the same Potential within.  This sort of suppression is what has placed your world in the state of turbulence that it is in today.

As ones begin to awaken to the TRUE purpose of experience, they will rightfully begin to utilize their own inner determination, and thus also begin–perhaps for the first time in their current experience–to take control of their destiny.  This is a new experience for most of you–to CONSCIOUSLY take control of your life, that is, take control of your energy flows.

Most, at this time, are in a state of semi-consciousness and are constantly being lulled back to sleep or overwhelmed to a point of various levels of shut-down.  This is to say that ones are being bombarded so heavily with external pressures and worries that they find little to no time for the inner part of life that would bring nourishment and balance.

Money has become a primary consideration for most people.  Your world has become “brain-washed” into believing that you must first create the money before you can have anything.

This is a very big lie.

Money is, in its purest form, a means of exchanging energy.  The fundamental concept is not too different from the flow of electricity in a circuit and the storage of that energy in a battery.  You work (put forth energy) in exchange for dollars, which are a mode of storing that energy of work.  The dollars can then be converted back into energy by such as paying a contractor to build a new front porch for you, or even by purchasing a washing machine, which itself is a product of the labors (energy) of others.

The most overlooked fact is that Creation begins with desire, not money.  The inner desire of the heart will radiate out to the rest of the universe and your desires will begin to manifest.

If you struggle constantly to find money, then your focus must be upon dollars.  Let me ask you this: Did you come into this existence to seek out and create dollars?

Let us assume your answer is “No!”  Then why do most of you put dollars foremost in your experience?

Those of you who focus on projects and see them as complete, seldom have any problem with the incidentals of money.  The difference is in your thoughts or beliefs about same.  If you believe that you must first have the money prior to doing anything, then you are greatly mistaken and very little will get done while you wait and continue to worry.

Remember your past lessons.  You live in a bi-polar, electric, pulse-wave universe.  The physical is a PRODUCT of this energy–not the other way around.  The energy that created your planet, Sun, solar system, galaxy, universe, and beyond came first in the form of desire–not money!  Who could pay for such?!  How much do each of you pay for the Sun to shine each day?!

The point here is to illustrate that money is a distant second to that of the creative desire that wells up within.  If you are having trouble with money, then look carefully at what it is that you plan to do with it when you get it.

When you can take what little you have and move forward an inner desire, and put energy into manifesting your desire, you will find a multiplication of that energy because the basic Law of Creation states:  Go forth and create!  And thus expand and grow.  This implies the use of energy; the same energy that was used to create the physical universe; the same energy that was used to create YOU!

When you can become more focused upon the end desire of what it is that you want, and not upon the money you think you need to accomplish that end desire, you will have 90% of the creation completed.  You will only have to recognize the opportunities when they present themselves to you.  In most cases you will be amazed by the coincidences that begin manifesting all around you!  This is how you create the “miracles”.  This is the secret to creating your own “luck” whether it be good or bad.

There is no reason that any of you should lack for anything that you are wanting.  For many of you, you have been trained to believe that you must work hard for what you have.  I say to you now that when you can get rid of these old programs and come into a better understanding of the TRUE nature of yourself, as well as the energy framework of the current experience that you are in, you will realize that this limitation is not so!

How hard do you think God “worked” at creating YOU or your physical universe with its TRILLIONS of suns and planets?  He did not have to “work” at this, for He understands perfectly the Laws of Creation.  Neither do you, when you can let go of the old ways of thinking.

When your idea is more inspired than not, others will recognize the value of adding their energy to yours in both desire, and if need be, money.  This is the secret of those who are “lightning rods” for facilitating projects.  The magnetism of the confidence they radiate literally attracts whatever is needed to accomplish the goal.

When the focus is more on the LACK of something, then the energy you attract will be more of the same and you will multiply your LACK!  This is at the heart of the mind-control programming strategy aimed at you ones by the elite would-be kings.  If you can come to recognize what is at work here, you can reverse this downward spiral.

When a good idea can be held in the heart, and you can see the idea begin to manifest ever more solidly within, you will, if you hold the thought long enough, begin to attract more and more ideas (details) into your consciousness, if you but ALLOW for them to come.  This is where the value of focused persistence comes into the equation.  Maybe the better word here is to become “passionate” about the ideas!  What is fundamentally implied is the FLOWING of creative energies in the same way that electricity or water or wind currents must flow to be useful in the natural order of balanced energy exchange.

Many of you will block these energy flows due to past programming of your “middle-class” (suppressed) upbringing.  Those of you who came from a more affluent upbringing will generally find that you seldom lack those things that you desire for you were not programmed with negative beliefs regarding money.  Any of you can overcome the past programming and beliefs, and thus change how you flow energy.

When you become more CONSCIOUSLY aware of how you are focusing your energy (thoughts and desires), you will begin the first step necessary to taking control of your destiny.  You will find that you spend less time sitting around waiting for something to “happen” and more time creating the life experiences that you want.

The manner in which you focus your energy is directly related to all aspects of your life.  Whether it be money or health concerns or relationships with others, look first to where you are placing your thoughts and desires (energy).  You will see that, for instance, when you overly fixate upon (pump energy into) a health problem, then there will be a MULTIPLICATION of that desire–and it will likely get worse!  This is why a placebo is so often effective at “curing” someone–because they believe and thus focus their thoughts on the new belief instead of the old.  Esu “Jesus” Immanuel rarely healed anyone while in his teaching mission upon your planet.  Rather, it was usually the strong belief of those he touched which allowed these “passionate” ones to heal themselves.

The Creation is not interested in what, from your vantage point, you may term “good” or “evil”, “right” or “wrong”.  The Creation is only interested in expansion and growth.  From that experiential vantage point, ALL can be viewed as learning.

When you put forth a desire, and hold that desire within your heart, it will be multiplied.  When you are inspired, you most often pump great energy into that inspired idea, and thus you will see more clearly the energy amplification.  This is a key to the success of those you call great artists.  From a technical point of view, success comes from the energy-accumulating (and thus idea-manifesting) condition held in place by the “force field” of the inspiration.

Likewise, when you hold into a state of negativity, negativity shall accumulate around you.  When you live, for instance, in a chronic state of depression, you will often pump great amounts of energy into the depression, and thus amplify your “desire” for more depression.

This is why it is often said that there are two great motivations of people–INSPIRATION and DESPERATION.  Remember: you live in that “bi-polar” (yin versus yang, positive versus negative, yes versus no, right versus wrong), electromagnetic, pulse-wave universe of Light.

There are ones on your planet at this time who know well these basic concepts of energy flow and energy utilization, but not all of them are what you would refer to as “nice” people.  When these ones can keep you, in a sense, “fat, dumb and happy” between the two polar-opposite extremes, then they can more easily control you.

That is, like a cornered animal, if you are driven to become too desperate, you become dangerous to these ones who are trying to control you.  In a condition of desperation, your resourcefulness may be “inspired” to kick-in and do something creative.

Likewise, when you finally awaken to the true (energy-driven) nature of this material “canvas” upon which you have chosen to “paint”, your everyday levels of confidence and inspiration become such that you cannot easily be fooled or controlled, and there again you become a threat to the would-be controllers.  The last thing they want is for you to grow beyond their manipulation techniques!

This is enough for now.  This message contains the insights that many are looking for, yet do not quite know it.  May this be of value to those of you who desire to know why your life’s experiences have been what they have been.  I am Ceres Anthonious “Toniose” Soltec, come as Teacher and Guide.  I am sent by our Father, Aton (The One Light).  Blessings and Salu!

11/22/97   SOLTEC

Good morning, my friend.  It is I, Toniose Soltec, come in the Radiant One Light of our Father.  Be at peace, for there is work to be done.

At our last writing session before important interruptions, we left off talking about energy flows and the dynamics of creating.  These principles are the basis for bringing into existence all that you recognize as manifest reality–whether we are talking about a child’s creation of a clay turtle, or Creator’s manifestation of an entire universe.

We can see that many do not hold long in their consciousness these ideas, for there are great numbers of distractions all about you.  These distractions are, for the most part, deliberately calculated and set into motion by those who are efforting at controlling every one and every thing.  These ones provide you, who have desire to be free and to grow through your limitations, with a most challenging environment in which to experience!

Look not upon these ones with negativity in your heart, but with appreciation for presenting you with such challenges that will bring forth the growth that you desire!  Many of you in previous times were in similar capacities as these ones are, and you are now seeing the play from the opposite perspective.  This is so that you can appreciate the value of both experiences, so that you can better choose what it is that helps you to grow in a quite responsible manner.  Such are the cycles of experience when viewed from a more expansive perspective.

The importance of recognizing consciously how it is that you are utilizing your energy at any and every given moment, is the key to creating your heart’s desires.  When you ones become overly fixated upon a negative condition that you witness, you tend to get stuck and thus constrict the natural cosmic energy flow through you into the physical realm.  Joy comes from allowing the energy to flow naturally and freely.  You can know how your energy is flowing simply by how it is that you are feeling at any given moment in time.  I do not mean here how you THINK you are feeling (an intellectual focus, often susceptible to lack of honesty with self), but how you actually ARE feeling (an emotional reading of the heart).

YOU decide how it is that you are going to focus your energy (thoughts and desires)!  Thus, the responsibility of how you are feeling at any given moment in time is up to you, and you alone.  If you perceive yourself to be a victim, and you spend any length of time dwelling on this idea, you will surely begin to manifest your desire to be a victim.

So then you say, “BUT, I DO NOT WANT TO BE A VICTIM!”

I say to you that what you dwell upon, you radiate as a desire, and The Creation responds to you, for you are a CREATOR!  Whether you recognize this consciously or not, YOU ARE A CREATOR, MADE IN THE IMAGE OF THE CREATOR SOURCE OF ALL THAT IS!

Your desires are what you manifest.  What you mouth has very little to do with it!  When you entered into your current experience, you knew that there would be the challenges of distractions that the physical expression would provide.  You also knew there would be great value in overcoming these distractions, that you would learn from them how to more deliberately focus your thoughts and desires, and ultimately expand and grow as an extension of Creator.

Let me give you an insight that may help you to see more clearly the point here.  Make a list of all the things that you are wanting.  Write out next to your list why you are wanting these things.  If you stop now and take the time to do this, prior to reading further, you will recognize a greater impact from the points I have made above.  So stop reading, and make a list of everything that you are wanting and why it is that you are wanting them.  You can have ANYTHING.

Now I am assuming that you made your list.  And if you could see from my perspective, you would recognize how basically similar are so many of the wants on your lists.

In order to point out how it is that you are focusing your energy, look at what it is you are wanting–and more importantly, WHY.

Let’s say that you wanted a good, strong, healthy body.  Most all of you want that.  Now let us look at the reasons for wanting this.

Why do you want the good strong healthy body?  Is it because you hate feeling bad or sick?  Is it because you do not want to be inhibited in any way?  Is it because you don’t like being a burden to others?  Is it because you have things to do and you don’t want to be held back in any way?  OR–is it because you love to have the energy to do the things that you are wanting to do when you want to do them?  You love the adventure of living and the exhilaration of freedom.  Is it because you appreciate the balance of well-being that radiates from within?

I hear you saying, “Well, all of those are good reasons!”  Well, I say to you: let us look at these reasons more carefully and perhaps we can see where it is you are, energy-wise (pun intended) in relation to your desire for a good, strong, healthy body.

First, take all of the “don’ts” and “do nots” out of the above reasons, especially before the “OR” in the above example.  When you say, “I don’t want to be inhibited”, you are radiating to the universe and all of Creation INHIBITION!

The “don’ts” and “do nots” fail to register an emotional (energy) intent because they are merely “window dressing” words on otherwise worry-laden and fear-laden underlying actions.  See this, and more importantly, FEEL this.

That is, when you say you “don’t” want to be inhibited by a sick body, what are you actually thinking (and emotionally worrying) about?  You are thinking about being inhibited by a sick body!  You can’t help but begin to radiate the thought of inhibition.  Likewise, when you “hate feeling bad” this idea will cause you to dwell upon the idea of feeling bad–and you will actually cause yourself to feel bad if you stay with the thought long enough!

When you can shift your focus to a vision of a young, strong, healthy body, full of energy and life, eager to explore new and exiting environments, full of joy, without dwelling upon the negative reasons, then you will be radiating with the heart in perfect synchronization with your head-desire, and the energy will begin to manifest quickly and, in many cases, miraculously.

Let’s make this contrast clearer with another example.  Consider the following two statements:

(1)  I hate to come home to a dirty house.

(2)  I love to come home to a clean house.

At first glance you might say that the statements are saying the same thing.  However, the vibration induced by the two positions will cause you to FEEL quite a bit different.  Recognize that the two are polar opposites.  Would you rather attract into your experience “hate” of dirt or “love” of cleanliness?  FEEL the effect of each, even as you read these words!

When you can discipline yourselves to use thoughts that cause an UPLIFTMENT WITHIN, rather than a downward negativity, you will have realized a key to synchronizing the head and the heart. Please appreciate the direct “physics” of what I am explaining here:  We are talking about consequences of higher – versus lower-frequency energy radiations.  There is much more POWER OF MANIFESTATION within the higher-frequency emanation, for such joy-generated energy is DIRECTLY FLOWING from the Infinite Source!  The awesome power of this Energy is what the dark ones wish you to remain ignorant about, and thus they do everything within their abilities to subvert or divert it.

You ones are being bombarded with negativity that is constantly influencing your thoughts.  The “don’ts” and “do nots” are everywhere in your daily doses of mind-control programming.

We witness many of you pumping out contrary vibrational frequencies to that of your desires.  This is to say that the mental focus is not in harmony with the emotional emanations coming forth from within.  Many are wanting from an energy vibration of fear, the fear of the unknown.  When the fear of lack wells up within, we see that many are preoccupied with the fear and thus dwell in such an emotional state as to cut-off themselves from the natural energy flows of Creator.  In actuality, it is generally a constriction of The Energy moreso than a complete disconnect, else your own physical manifestation could not maintain form and you would die.

The point of this exercise is to show you that though you are saying you want one thing, you are often radiating the opposite.  Look to your list of reasons and remove all of the “don’ts” and “do nots”.  Also look for words with a negative feeling to them like “hate”.  These statements are often reflections of the self-talk or thoughts that go through your mind when you focus upon your desires.

Learn to focus your thoughts deliberately and, most importantly, learn to focus your FEELINGS associated with your desires.  When you can feel good about the subject of your desires, then you can know that your energy is flowing in a direction that is in alignment with who you really are and why you are there.

This is the reason behind the statement we of the Hosts have made so often to you, that if you can’t do a thing with love in your heart, it is better to not do the thing at all.  And we would also call to your attention the wise words to the older popular song which goes:  ”Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative–and look out for Mr. in-between.”  Consider these ideas from the point of view of energy flow and you are well on your way to a more fulfilling and productive experience–as Creator intended!

If, over a period of time, you begin to feel anxiety over a specific desire or subject of focus, then it is because there is always a multiplication of your desire.  This is to say that you are projecting that which causes the anxiety to well-up within.  This is as it should be, and you can be thankful in knowing that your Inner Guidance system is functioning properly and presenting you with that which requires your attention toward balancing.

With simple effort to change your focus toward something that makes you FEEL better, you can take conscious control over your emotional state at any given time.  Perhaps the most simple and direct way is to look around you and find something to appreciate.

Can you appreciate the Sun that warms your day and gives forth life-producing energy?  Can you appreciate the rain that waters the vegetation that gives forth, directly or indirectly to you, energy in the form of nourishment?  Can you see how wonderful is the opportunity that you have before you to meet your challenges and thus grow beyond who you are this day?  Can you see that the environment in which you find yourself is, in fact, perfect for providing you with these challenges?

The excitement of the journey is most often that which you long for, not the destination.  You are Infinite, experiencing beings.  You are co-creators who are directly expanding the ALL THAT IS. Within you lies Infinite Potential to create.  You are molders of this Energy.  Your greatest joy comes from flowing this Energy–not bottling it up or hoarding it like your elite, would-be controllers attempt to do.

When a goal is reached and the journey is over, you are often left looking for your next challenge.  This is to say that you are left looking for another journey of experience.  These are the endless cycles of life–both in the physical dimensions and beyond.

Money makes a good analogy, for it symbolizes energy and is a commodity you all can easily relate to.  Let me leave you with this thought:  Is there more fun in saving money (energy), or in spending it (setting it into motion)?

I am Ceres Anthonious “Toniose” Soltec, come in the Radiant One Light of Creator Source.  May you find Inner Understanding beyond the limitations of these words.  And from that Source of Understanding, may YOUR Joy radiate from within and thus be that which manifests all around you.  Salu!

Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, November 25, 1997, Volume 19, Number 1, Pages 40-42.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.


‘First Contact’ Symposium~North America (Calgary) April 2015

space animated GIF

‘First Contact’ Symposium~North America April 2015

We are excited to take on this unique and exciting honour. Universal Unity will be hosting the FIRST ANNUAL ‘First Contact’ Symposium, North America, that will be held here in Calgary on April 11, 2015, at the University of Calgary.

Joanna’s higher awareness show

Galactic Reality Check: Nothing is being left behind and what is here shall not remain in it’s present form… all is being transmuted into new forms of resonance…


Galactic Reality Check: Nothing is being left behind and what is here shall not remain in it’s present form… all is being transmuted into new forms of resonance… all of creation is partaking in this process… earthlings now have great influence over the Cosmos… we have proven that great love is possible and the only choice, in the situation we are in… we  choose life over death… and love over fear… to standing ovations in Heaven… let thy presence be placed upon thy pedestal of thy heart bursting into pink, yellow and blue flames…. tend to that fire, it lights infinite doors… while anything that is not of heart, will be losing it’s allure… watch for all states of imbalance to be less and less supported… on all levels… watch for reflections of our Creator now becoming more intriguing…  humans get over our issues with our Creator of feeling neglected or abandoned…  and with the greatest of faith ever possible, we are all taking a leap together into an unknown and unexplored part of Creation, detoxing ourselves into liquid crystal super humans eventually partying in the cities of light.

ET Channeling Says Masters Of Universe Now Among Us… Humans Have Great Influence In Creation Right Now

I’ve had lots of people wanting back into this blog after policy changes and I do love sharing within the circle…. wow hard to believe almost 7100 blog postings here… however  your participation in the mission is essential …one financial contribution a day from anyone, keeps the blog open for everyone….and even further… it is possible to help out on the travel expenses for the upcoming Magical Spirit Drum Tour.  (Maybe you can organize something to help bring Indian to your canadian community. email Dieter: )
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If the energy at this website were a native tribe and people did nothing or as little as possible to support the chief, when they were perfectly able, while feasting at his table… instead choosing to focus on their personal fortunes and addictions,  while claiming they are broke and helping, they’d be kicked out, or at least given a few wtf’s… that is the capitalistic egoic masculine way, and it does not work for anybody… never has and never will. Watch for more women and children to take leadership roles in areas of society, especially after the collapse to come… according to Zetas, we’re at a  potential 10% survival rate, regarding the pole shift. When the earth changes kick in, competition with others on any level, will soon look about as mature as sucking your thumb. This website is one of those gems that actually has been acknowledging what the mainstream media is now only hinting at regarding Nibiru and earth changes…we’ve been ‘beforeitsnews’ for years in spite of all odds… ALL of them, every odd has been stacked up against this website ever existing and yet not only does it exist, but there are many readers… I wish so many were not hiding… but the chief sees the tribe anyways and has led the tribe to water against ALL odds.  🙂 A huge personal thank you to the many women, who have time and time again, been a thirst quencher in my own spiritual awakening experiences, and have been stepping up the table with a force of power, love and wisdom that inspires me with no end… often acting as an angel to help guide me, as in the recent channeling to guide me to do more drumming and less blogging.
I can see already why this new age is and will continue to be led by women, and men who have male/female balance in their energy fields… nurturing care is essential to right relations… enough of the harsh male competitive dysfunctional energy… we all deserve better.

Many relational strains right now may be due to feminine energy rising in one’s energy field, wanting to express itself, wanting to be heard… yearning for the fuller presence of the masculine, while the masculine energy tries to turn it down, or tune it out, while starving for affection, and competing with everything.  For women overall, the area the needs focus is the throat  chakra… for the men overall, it’s the sacral chakra.

Would you personally carry someone up a mountain, that is perfectly capable of walking, or even has a vehicle???… I believe a breakthrough for all of us are inevitable, as we are learning to be unlimited with each other.  Thank you for not sending out energy to limit me or anyone, and thanks for all the lifts, guidance, support and one tribe resonance.   -Dieter/Diego/Richard/Indian in the machine

ET Channeling Says Masters Of Universe Now Among Us… Humans Have Great Influence In Creation Right Now

Humans… listen up… our ET family continues to provide little clues here and there, as to the magnitude of our lives  (see Aisha North message reposted below)… while many struggle here to pay the bills, on earth, and the heaviness of life, we may respond with “whatever!”… as one spiritually awakens, we can see the ‘bigger picture’… and not just the laundry and problems… and the constant trail of blocking the progress of someone especially self.

The basic premise of what is incredulous to believe goes like this:

Earth is becoming the crown jewel of the multiverse, as a planet now turning from a dense planet of war, into a star of peace, also in the blink of an eye.  While the Third Grand Experiment is coming to completion of having a seed species, such as humans, go from homo sapiens, to homo crystos, also in the blink of an eye.  The rest of creation have never done this before, so it has garnered great interest.  The Cosmos sees earthlings as basically being in the Cosmic Olympics for only the souls who could withstand and thrive under great challenge.

It is a rare gift to be an earthling with your own reality show program isn’t it? Each of us has many viewers on our channel… the idea from here, is that the human earthling inside each of us… now grows up… we become more present… we engage that presence with our wisdom, power and love… and then when we make that ascension into a new species… there will be a big party on the other side… in fact, they are already partying.

Another reason the Multiverse is tuned into earthlings, is because we are helping to bring a full resolution to many old tapes being played over and over.

Many now walking the planet are a master of something… hand picked by all those now watching… ET spaceships… angelic fleets… great beings from all dimensions… ancestors… the spiritworld… interstellar fleets in the billions… they are tuned into earth… so if you feel you are being watched… it’s because you are!  Surprise!  Watch for more clues that what I have shared is now playing out… watch for those clues, that life here on earth is much bigger and grander than what we have perceived…  if you do not enjoy something in your matrix… change it!

Indian in the machine

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The manuscript of survival – part 429

November 9, 2014 in Channelings

Once more we would like to take the opportunity to thank you all for the way that you continue to embrace these ever evolving and rapidly unfolding sequences of events that were initiated during the week of gatherings that took place a short while ago in Crete. Again, this was indeed something that involved a much, much larger number of participants than those collected under the same roof or even in that specific geographic location. For not only was that crowd more than outnumbered not just by all of the otherworldly beings that came together in that same space at that same time period, for in addition, a whole host of souls took part in what can only be described not just as a global but also as a truly cosmic affair. For in this, we can in no way overstate the importance of what took place during that one week period of staged events, for it was indeed something that had far reaching repercussions not only geographically but also time wise.

You see, as you entered that time period here on this planet, you also entered what we can only describe as a pocket, or perhaps bubble would be a better word for it, of linear and non-linear sequences of time, all coming together for the very first time in such a way, what was undertaking during one of them, affected also those more free flowing ones. So what took place during that week of coordinated events did not simply affect life in your timeline, it also managed to literally jump over into other and far less linear concepts of time than the one you are all currently experiencing. Let us explain. You see, during this period, the sea of time can be likened to a frothy foam, one where individual bubbles of cosmic time are thrown together, seemingly haphazardly, but with a carefully orchestrated plan behind all of it. And so, as you went about putting into action those seemingly small and unconnected pieces of the puzzle that you as individuals were given to carry out during that same time frame, what you did had a far reaching effect, one that literally crossed over into so many other sequences of hitherto unconnected timelines. And so, as one spark may jump from one cable to the next without any parts of them having any direct contact at all, what you set into motion in your timeline affected so many other timelines as well, setting off a veritable firestorm of interconnected events that in turn served to sever that hold the Old world had not only on you, but also on your forebears and indeed your children’s children’s children in an ever widening ripple of time sequences.

So again we can only say thank you – not just for your willingness to step forth when asked to do so, but also for your tenacity. For this was not a one-off thing that was concluded as that week was concluded. No, this is to all intents and purposes an open spiral that will continue to unfold and evolve as your timeline continues to roll out, and every day you add another layer of intricately wedded pieces to this spiral, making it ever wider so that it in turn can encompass ever larger swathes not just of humanity, but of All of creation.

Again, we know that our words will be met by hesitance and perhaps even incredulity, but let us just remind you of this simple fact: everything you do now is connected to everything else that was shaken into motion as you set forth to set yourself free. And as you finally managed to open that hitherto closed door that stood between you and the New, you created such a huge surge of energetic realignments that it can only be likened to the most complex of what you describe as the “domino-effect” but in this, more pieces were set into motion than any record breaking event that you yourselves may have witnessed on your TV-screens or anywhere else. For what was previously unconnected has now become connected in a very new way, and for some of you, the results from all of this coming together has already become more than obvious. For now, you are truly multi-dimensional and multi-faceted beings, capable of travelling at a speed that far surpasses the speed of light and capable of feats that would seem to be more than impossible just a few short weeks ago. For as you decided to step across that divide that separated you from the new beginnings that you have hankered so for, not just during this lifetime, you also ignited so many of the underlying layers that are contained within your own merkaba of light, you each became like a veritable troupe of time acrobats, all contained within that single bubble of existence that carries your signature.

We know that this will be more than a little bewildering for most of you, but let us simply say that as you became ONE by stepping into the New, you also split into a myriad of parts that individually will continue to carry out the work that was set into motion by that one single YES you gave not only to yourself but to All of creation. You see, you are indeed more than just the forerunners, you can also be likened to the special forces, beings capable of carrying out a wide range of tasks that crosses over any and all borders of abilities, and unlike the rest of creation, you can do so while currently being housed within the confines of that seemingly frail human body. Not only that, your ability to split into a myriad different compounds at the blink of an eye can only be explained by diving into the field of fractals, and yes, we do mean that in a very literal way. And so, we do think that a large number of you are already beginning to understand in what direction we are trying to direct your focus. For even if many of you still will struggle just trying to take in the magnitude of what has taken place energetically over the last two weeks, we know that there are some amongst you who have already started to literally tap into this never ceasing source of numerical information that you can now access and that is housed just within your own energetic field. For as that door to the New was opened and you gave yourself permission to access it, you also gave yourself permission to access the totality of your being. And as you did just that, it began to not only unfold, but to multiply in a way that can be likened to the sequence of a fractal equation. In others words, your field of influence and your field of intercommunication started to come alive in such a way, it will actually continue to unfurl itself in ALL dimensions, and before you get lost in this billowing sail of seemingly impenetrable information that we share with you now, know that you are more than capable of not only accessing, but also in controlling this formidable source of information. For you are old hands at this, remember, you were chosen for this very task because you are the true experts in this combination of linear and sequential computations that in turn gives birth to a very fluid movement of energies, one that is capable of penetrating every single barrier of time that has ever existed.

Again, we speak in convoluted terms, but the significance of what we are sharing with you is simply this: you have accessed your “mainframe” to use a word that will perhaps help to explain the force field we speak of, and through accessing this, you will be able to re-compute the underlying algorithms that control thetimelines in your area in such a way, you will be able to literally figure out how to reset them all in such a way, the past, present and future will become one single fluid sphere of interconnected information. And when that system is fully set, you will no longer have to contend with any of the old programming that still clogs up some of that interstellar space that you inhabit. In other words, you are not only Masters of Love, you are also Masters of Time, in ways that will be hard to fathom in that single dimensional layer of your being, but that will start to seep into the other and far more advanced layers of your consciousness at an ever faster rate. And when this begins to permeate your being more and more, even those human parts of you will begin to truly take this into the equation. Again, we like to play around with the words, not to add to the confusion but simply to allow the deeper parts of your consciousness to begin to fall into place so that it in turn can begin to focus more on the tasks ahead. For they are indeed many, and they are in their very nature so complex, you have little or no ability to truly to understand them at your current level of capacity. But as we have already told you, the motion that was set into motion just a short while ago will continue to increase not only in speed but also in magnitude, and so, what was incomprehensible just a short while ago will begin to be not just understandable, but also doable in every sense of the word.

For you have come to the stage where what you do will literally help to change not just your world, but so much more of this vast interconnected fabric that constitutes All of creation, and in that sense, you are indeed Masters of the Universe. And before you begin to think that these words carry within them some rather ominous echoes from the past, let us simply remind you that when we say Masters, we allude to the fact that you are at heart nothing but light, and through your many sojourns here on planet Earth, you have finally stepped into your true roles as Masters of Love, and it is through this capacity that you now can begin that last and most impressive part of your assignment: to recreate the fabric of the universe through your willingness to let this newly acquired expertise of love permeate ALL that you come into contact with, and through that, setting off the vibrations that will bring everything else into tune.

It may sound like a task too large to fulfill for anyone, let alone a group of human beings recently arriving within their own self-created space of harmonics, yet, it is nothing less than what you are about to embark upon, and there is no one in All of creation that have any doubts at all as to your abilities to succeed at this. For in this, nothing has been left to chance so we will simply remind you of this: what is to come has already come to pass, but in order for it to truly become, you must take all the necessary steps that have been set up for it to come into being. And for that, we could not have picked anyone better suited than that glorious group of souls that have come together on this little sphere of light that you call Earth, but that the rest of us simply refer to as genesis 2:0.

Ohhh I Get It Now!!! Nasa Has Showing Proof Of Extraterrestrials After All… Ashtar Command Cigar Shaped UFO Revisited

Ohhh I Get It Now!!!  Nasa Has Showing Proof Of Extraterrestrials After All… I.S.S./Mars Ashtar Command Cigar Shaped UFO Revisited

Continue reading “Ohhh I Get It Now!!! Nasa Has Showing Proof Of Extraterrestrials After All… Ashtar Command Cigar Shaped UFO Revisited”

Earth-Sized UFO Near The Sun Now Increasing Earthling Options

Earth-Sized UFO Near The Sun Now Increasing Earthling Options

So many options are now upons us earthlings… earth sizewe can accept that our solar system has much visitation right now, or we can perhaps ignore these matters and let evil continue… perhaps we can all work together… or perhaps we will use these times of chaos and change to further use and abuse each other… we can choose to acknowlege the spaceships near the sun, in our earth atmosphere, but we don’t have to… we can acknowledge the millions of galactic federation or light ships in our solar system, or we can continue to act like they don’t exist or matter… we can acknowlege the coloured stars in the sky that are different from the other stars, or we can not acknowledge them, as simply write them off as atmosphere anomalies.  We have the option of acknowledging that earth governments aligned with negative ETs, who have been removed from the planet, or we can continue to act like everything is exactly how it seems… we have lots of options earthlings…

Earthlings struggle to welcome the ISS visitors…

Ashtar Command Visits International Space Station October 21, But No One Answers

The hologram seems real doesn’t it?

ET Arcturians Say Earthlings In Hologram, Thought To Be A “Real World”… Is Physicality The Hologram?

Even angels are popping by…

Sky Angels In Action Caught Cleaning Up Chemtrails!

More friendly craft coming by…. but few earthlings take notice.

Friendly Colourful UFO Photobombs International Space Station Oct. 7, While European Space Agency Conducts Spacewalk

You may wish to prepare now…

Nibiru Flyby… How Spiritually Prepared Are We For This Or What Else Is To Come?

Indian in the machine

5 Easy Steps To Become Your Own Self-Healer Of The Physical, And Improve Your Overall Vibe

UFO Sun 2 jpg


Ashtar Command Visits International Space Station October 21, But No One Answers

Two cigar shaped UFOs appear near the International Space Station

Ashtar Command Visits International Space Station October 21, But No One Answers

Folks… the Ashtar Command cigar-shaped spaceships have been appearing all over the world…  earth leaders are impotent to do anything about it… this time Oct 21, near the ISS.

From Examiner: “Newly released video from the International Space Station’s (ISS) Live Stream shows what appears to be two cigar shaped UFOs near the ISS. The UFOs briefly appear in the video stream before there is a signal interruption. When the live stream resumes the UFOs are gone. The incident was uploaded to Youtube on October 21 and has already begun generating much discussion. It is difficult to estimate the size of the UFOs but previous sightings of similar cigar shaped objects have been estimated to be aircraft carrier sized, big enough to host smaller UFO craft. Leading astronomers and astrobiologists are now telling us that the cosmos is teeming with exoplanets capable of hosting intelligent life, and we need to prepare for its discovery. This leads to the question, are extraterrestrial ships monitoring the ISS?”

It is not the first time this has happened!

Friendly Colourful UFO Photobombs International Space Station Oct. 7, While European Space Agency Conducts Spacewalk 1525


Cigar-Shaped Ashtar Command Spaceships Is Disclosure!

These cigar-shaped ships… keep flying around… making appearances…. they are undefeatable… earth has no technology to compete with them…. that’s a good thing isn’t it? Sure is!  Now we’ve got two of them visiting ISS on Oct. 21… doesn’t anyone say ‘hello’ in return… or at least offer them tea?



Because some people are playing an old tape, over and over… the old tape says that earth is a prison planet… people all over the globe, are so darn good at enslaving themselves and each other. The old tape says earthlings cannot handle the truth.

The new updated tape, says earth now has company coming… in a big way…  what about you? We can offer them a welcome right now, or send them away… but either way…. they are still coming…  earth is no longer a planet separated from the rest of the universe.

*****Undefeatable “World Peace/NESARA/Ashtar Command UFO” Is Touring The World*****, Earth’s Militaries Are Impotent To Do Anything About It

The old tape continues to play…war…. Ebola…celebrities… corruption… heavy living… competition….

The new tape continues to play too… peace… love… healthy planet… ETs visiting us to assist us… unity… living in harmony with all lifeforms, not just ones chosen by your mind….

What tape are you playing?

Indian in the machine

Red Shaman Intergalactic Ascension Mission

Saint Germain: Ebola and Other Fears 595
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Unexpected Solar Effect! Matrix Lifestyle Of Illusion Now Fading Away… Sun In Process Of Flipping Axis?

Unexpected Solar Effect! Matrix Lifestyle Of Illusion Now Fading Away… Sun In Process Of Flipping Axis?

Who knew that the sun is assisting us with lifting illusions from our energy field?

When you are grounding new light energies it is important to ground yourself literally to earth… because new energy pathways are being activated. Those who live above ground may have an extra challenge to ground themselves. Watch for symptoms for ungrounded behaviour and connections to high solar activity… don’t take it personal… help those who may be unaware of the connection.

During this phase of the matrix dissolving..

Archangel Hermes has much to say on these matters (see message reposted below)… including calling our reality a ‘holo-reality’…

Remember… all that is experienced, has a spiritual and not a physical foundation… go from here to figure things out.  If someone has a more or less advanced belief system than you, try not to hurt yourself or others in the process, of figuring out than you actually may be in error… I say this because I can see how many struggle with messages that come from spiritworld… when these messages have a very grounded foundation, because can see beyond our physical-based illusions.

The sun knows each of us by name…is that too hard to believe?

And so we absorb this wisdom, that the sun has a direction relationship with out consciousness… if it resonates as truth. Watch for people’s focus on physical distraction, to fade away as people adapt living closer to “the cause”, and less dragged around by “the effect”. Remember the spiritual is the cause and the physical is the effect and you will then see where it is all heading.

We can now see that if we live closer to our spiritual nature, we will be less dragged around the consequences of ‘the effect’… watch for those who have little spiritual connection to flounder in life…

Watch for those with great spiritual connection, to soar with the eagles and the sun…aho!

The lifestyle now being sold to you, is to focus on ‘effect’ and little on the ’cause’… this is so you can be sold items to assist you with your bumpy journey called, ‘your life’… is there is easier way to life? Yes! Focus on the “spiritual cause” of all matters, the very thing you have been trained to not focus on… if you have been trained to focus on the “physical effect”.

Folks if the sun if flipping it’s axis, then we have something very big going on… look outside the solar system to really figure out what is going on… and then look into the spiritual too. 🙂

Indian in the machine

Red Shaman Intergalactic Ascension Mission

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Sirian Archangel Hermes 10/20/14

 20 October 2014 – 8:11pm |  Czar

Greetings fellow beings of light! I come to you now as solar energies are flooding your planet with invisible plasma rays of light!

As revealed in our last channeling, the second half of the Hyperborean series eclipse nears within your linear timespace. Many have been feeling the roller coaster ride of emotions and ultra dimensional experiences that accompany ascension of consciousness and infinite time awareness, wonderful indeed. I say to you, if you think this was an intense period of linear time since the lunar eclipse, to prepare yourselves for even more intensity as the solar eclipse shall lift many veils, so to speak. Many who have long remained in denial of what they know deep within is their truth, shall no longer be able to dismiss it. They will finally find the courage to stand and act for what they have long known, is what they should be doing. The bondage and energy draining aspects of their everyday matrix lifestyles will begin to fade away, and some of the events that will lead up to this from their personal lives, shall be quite severe.

It is this shock, this sudden jolt of higher consciousness, which makes it reality. Just as an infant coming into this world from their mothers womb is overwhelmed with sensory perceptions, such as seeing color or hearing music for the first time, so shall many become overwhelmed by what they are thinking and feeling. Grounding is very important during this phase, take time to meditate and collect yourselves so you are better prepared for the transmission from source into your consciousness.

It is beginning already, your solar disc is increasing its energy output and its magnetic poles are flipping. The possibility of a very large solar flare, which may be directly facing the Earth, is very likely to occur around the linear time window of this solar eclipse. The sun reacts to your thoughts and emotions, and as you become more familiar with the workings of fifth dimensional consciousness and infinite time awareness, you shall be able to communicate directly with the sun via solar codes or plasma induced thought forms. You shall become one with the sun, you shall begin to comprehend how it effects everything around you and within you. Light is time and gravity and magnetism, this is mans interpretation of how the sun effects your third to fourth dimensional Earth. However, as you are graduating from these dimensions and densities, you shall begin to come into a fifth dimensional perception of these concepts, you shall begin to see the Earth as Gaia, or Terra, and your past and future quantum selves shall gather within your present self to increase your overall awareness.

It may feel as if you are within a lucid dream, you shall begin to manipulate the holo-reality you experience with more precision and efficiency. You shall feel that everything your senses pick up on, in those moments, was done so exactly for you. Linear time will not resonate with you as strongly as it has, in fact you may at times feel as if you are working backwards, in linear time, with your thoughts and manifestations. You shall begin to observe stellar races, masquerading as human beings around you and discern them with much more ease. Many of your doctors and healers are in fact of Pleiadian origin, many of your scientists and politicians are of Reptilian origin, many of your bankers and religious leaders are of Draconian origin. These are great clues to the mystery which shall unfold before your eyes and all of your sensory perceptions, and it shall make perfect sense to you. Know that this is simply third and fourth dimensional perceptions fading away from your consciousness as you further resonate and align to fifth dimensional timelines. Your consciousness will quickly move from regional, to planetary, to galactic, and for some who are ready, universal, multiversial and beyond.

We have been working slowly with you for a very long period of linear time, now, as it begins to fade away, the truth will become so blatant and clear to you that it shall feel as if it has struck you directly in the face, an excellent parable of this is the apple falling upon the head of your great scientist and philosopher, Issac Newton. Adjusting to this may be difficult, however the more you trust in it, the more it shall trust in you, and reveal more to you.

I come to speak briefly of science and biology. The recent scare tactic of your planetary cabal concerning the virus that is called Ebola. First of all I come to say, there is no need for you to fear. This, along with all disease, has already been cured, and as you come into higher consciousness, you too shall begin to affirm this. Within a lower consciousness, it would seem that there is no cure, and that it could become a pandemic of biblical proportions. In fact, there exists synthetic life, within most all of you, that can cure this without any vaccines. Do not be fooled by the cabal and their tactics, for they are an illusion of the lower realms of consciousness. The virus itself, is real, and it can be deadly to those without spiritual and physical health. The horror stories of zombies rising from the dead, in fact has some credibility. You see, the Ebola virus is “alive”, although not sentient as humans would think. However, when the virus begins to integrate with the human body and brain, so does the human brain and body begin to integrate with it. The virus is capable of “learning”, once it has entered the brain. Scientifically, it can in fact re-animate the dead, by restoring basic motor functions. Just as all living things know how to survive, viruses and bacteria are the same. The human body itself, is merely a host for many forms of life, just as your planet, just as your galaxy, and so on. That which is above is like that which is below, and this applies to all things manifest.

As you begin to make better choices to align to fifth dimensional timelines, such as within your habits, your diet, the people you choose to be around and peace within yourself, you shall begin to feel better and become more courageous, your inner virtues which have not served you in the lower dimensions and densities, shall begin to have much more value to you within a higher consciousness state. By changing yourself you shall change that which is around you and beyond you. Trust and determination are key, a fall is possible at anytime, so walk in the light and become the light, that you may be able to see the holes and traps which are set before you.

Lastly, we come to share with you the solar sigils which were promised upon the last channeling where we provided lunar sigils. Just as those were, these sigils are charged with the light of both god and the goddess. We provide this to you to place your righteous intents upon and further charge these solar codes for the transmission that shall occur during the solar eclipse. When the two become one, a new type of being is born, a perfect, balanced gestalt of duality becoming singular, the trinity of two becoming one. The one divine and omnipotent source can only reach most humans through duality, through masculine and feminine energies, as humans are a creation of duality and this invisible third force. These sigils are capable of tapping into the archonic gestalt of consciousness, and thus can nullify their power.

Behold, son of sun, daughter of moon, the light of god shines in all, and simply must be welcomed and made comfortable within a vessel, a host of incorruptible and pure righteousness and virtue. In infinite love, I am looking at you this way. Blessings in light!


Spaceship Shows Earthlings It’s Laserbeam That Reacts With The Sun

Spaceship Shows Earthlings It’s Laserbeam That Reacts With The Sun

Ben Time Traveller is a hoot… it’s great to use a bit of humour to help the reality sink in, that there is basically lots of sun activity with spaceships…lasers…. antennae…more spaceships… fleets of spaceships…armadas of spaceships…. and it all gets excused away as a lens flare… well folks, there appears to be a spaceship with a laser that affects the sun saying yoohoo to the earthlings… just thought you might want to know!

Our sun has had much traffic over the past years…

Unfortunately on earth, millions over the past week have looked at Jennifer Lopez’s bum via the mainstream media’s onmi presence in our lives… it’s nice but it’s not that nice that you can’t look at the spaceships too… or Nibiru now that it has become a dominant factor in our lives…

2nd Sun In Our Earth Sky… Suddenly A Dominant Factor In World Events, Unacknowledged?


Indian in the machine

Red Shaman Intergalactic Ascension Mission

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IITM Music


Disclosure Weirdness: Almost 100% Humans Believe In ET Life… But Few Dare To Learn Their Names

Disclosure Weirdness: Almost 100% Humans Believe In ET Life… But Few Dare To Learn Their Names

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: “We Are Living In The Most Important Time In The History Of The Universe” Dolores Cannon Discusses Our Current Paradigm

Dolores Cannon has over 40 years of regressive hypnotherapy experience from which she's acquired remarkable information about life in the Universe.

“We Are Living In The Most Important Time In The History Of The Universe” Dolores Cannon Discusses Our Current Paradigm Continue reading “HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: “We Are Living In The Most Important Time In The History Of The Universe” Dolores Cannon Discusses Our Current Paradigm”