Do You Mouth Words Of Assistance, Like To This Website, “But when put to the test where they might have to suffer a bit so others can benefit, they draw the line and refuse”

Do You Mouth Words Of Assistance, Like To This Website, “But when put to the test where they might have to suffer a bit so others can benefit, they draw the line and refuse”

Those who are Service-to-Self will often posture as Service-to-Other for the benefits this brings to them. They make a grand gesture of giving to some charity and make sure everyone knows about it, thereafter going for something of a free ride among those who honor such generosity. They in the main mouth the right words, not followed by action. But when put to the test where they might have to suffer a bit so others can benefit, they draw the line and refuse.

It is okay if you are service-to-self, it isn’t easy to be service-to-others in this environment, I know from years of experience.

New readers… thanks for not assuming the old readers,  are service-to-others… I’ll just smile here.  🙂

Still, I am hopeful that there are kindred spirits out there, who can tell who is service-to-others, or self, and help support those who are service-to-others. 🙂

Thanks to one of our latest angels at this site, Carolyn for your generosity. 🙂

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“For Real”, Real Estate Investment In Noah ‘ s Ark Times! Modern Above Ground Housing Becoming Obsolete Around Pole Shift Time?

“For Real”,  Real Estate Investment In Noah ‘ s Ark Times!  Modern Above Ground Housing Becoming Obsolete Around Pole Shift Time?

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Dead Man Provides Simple Cancer Cure And Warns Humanity Against Hospitals, Spirit Energy Warns Humanity Of Vaccines, Says They Block The Soul!

Dead Man Provides Simple Cancer Cure And Warns Humanity Against Hospitals, Spirit Energy Warns Humanity Of Vaccines, Says They Block The Soul!

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A Mineral Rich Soft Drink That Helps To Build And Strengthen The Body


A Mineral Rich Soft Drink That Helps To Build And Strengthen The Body – Indian in the machine

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“The excitement of the journey is most often that which you long for, not the destination. You are Infinite, experiencing beings.”


“The excitement of the journey is most often that which you long for, not the destination.  You are Infinite, experiencing beings.”

Imagine billions of people awakening from limitation, and embracing unlimitation, and you have just created our destiny.

Imagine billions of people awakening from limitation, and embracing unlimitation, and you have just created our destiny.

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Your “Revolution” Will Lose Again… In Your “Transformation”, You Will Win Forever

Your “Revolution” Will Lose Again… In Your “Transformation”, You Will Win Forever

Old ghosts are appearing over and over on earth… always the same themes of revolution play themselves out… the transformation to come is going to be permanent…. Let me explain:

All creation is going through a multiverse ascension.

Earth is the holdout planet and it is a holdout planet because you personally may be holding out.

Earth is now being transformed.

All life as we know it is now shifting.

You can only transform, if you can move past revolution.

Revolution keeps you stuck in the past.

Revolution keeps the power outside you.

Transformation keeps you present.

Transformation keeps the power within you.

Earth is becoming a star.

Humanity is becoming a new species, on that star.

If you transform, you can stay here…. if you continue to revolt, you will soon disappear, along with that you are revolting.

From Elijah:

“Today, it is about the transformation of all life and not about individual revolutions in this world, and it is significant to understand this. Revolutions always belong to time and they always occur in that fabric, yet transformation is a process, which aims at overcoming time and space. Therefore it is no longer useful to talk about revolutions when the change in society is being envisaged. Rather talk about the change of all Life, of the transformation of society, instead of talking about a revolution.

Transformation means the alteration of a condition into a different form, whereby the old “dies” and the new is born. Yet the new always emerges from the transformed old condition. The old therefore does not really “die”, instead it alternates its form. An energy remains energy, the cosmic prime matter is immortal, what goes away is its form.

Revolution means the induction of new and the release of old life conditions. Thereby the means for its success are manifold. Successful revolutions push back the old, yet never dissolve it. This is confirmed by the fact that revolutions have to return over and over again, because the old ghosts always reappear.

This means, in the future talk about the transformation of human society and say goodbye to the expression of “revolution” and to the energy, which this one sets free in you. On lower vibrating levels revolts are the custom, on highly vibrating levels, which many human beings have already scaled, only the transformation of one’s own being and of the planetary Mother of all Life counts.” more

Getting better at transformation towards mastery:

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You Will See It In Others ou Are Intelligent And A Good Student of Self And Life… This Is How You Mess Yourself Up… This Is How You Free Yourself

Imagine The Fifth Element Added To World Human Health Maintenance!: Historical Angel Message On Maintaining The Human Aura

If you desire to complete your transformation you must be willing to serve Creator first above your personal preferences… then if you can make sure you are serving Creator first, then you will be in the flow… the wind will be at your back… at that point, you choose with your freewill, how you desire to joyfully serve Creator… while you are doing this, you will purify your body, emotions, and mental state… you will be completely done with slavery… you will focus only on the Light, and nothing but…. no more reminding people that someone else wants to rule the world…no more pointing at some perceived leader… you turn your back on all that is dark, and render it finally and completely, powerless, once and for all… at some point, humanity itself will see the first wavers of ascension, who will have obviously changed into a new higher form of human, from carbon, to crystalline… 

Examine your thoughts, and see if you are revolting from heaven… and that my friends puts you at a big disadvantage… confirm right now, that you are willing to serve Creator… and keep deciding the joy associated with that commitment.

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Yes question everything, but don’t end up aligning with nothing.

Yes question everything, but don’t end up aligning with nothing.  Align with your Creator and you can align with wisdom, instead of manipulation. How do you know when you are manipulated? You don’t know.

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Billion Of Humans Getting It “Wrong”: Company Of Heaven Explains Why They Seem To “Stay Away”

Billion Of Humans Getting It “Wrong”: Company Of Heaven Explains Why They Seem To “Stay Away”

Dear world,  this update, is the update that many of us have been waiting for… since the “resignation” of Company of Heaven triggered an avalanche of questions as to why channeled messages always seem to present  a date that never comes true.

“In the final analysis, it is the dark thoughtforms you are now creating, as you go through your day, that are tying our hands.”

Read more and see if any of it resonates… it looks like we cannot have the world we all desire if everyone is either looking at porn, war and listening to horrible music…. and watching soul damaging entertainment, gossiping and being service-to-self… perhaps being jaded…eating and drinking chemicals…. drugged up…. depressed… and discouraging everything all around… folks… we cannot have the world we desire if we have experiences that limit energy…. that is key… in many cases… GO NOW IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION… BECAUSE WE ARE MASTERS OF THE MATRIX AND OF CREATION… ALL OF US HERE HAVE THIS POTENTIAL.

So many on earth have become jaded with God…. always wondering why God doesn’t appear when we expect:

“It is ironic, is it not, for you to learn that your relationship to God is the opposite of what you thought it was?  You see, it is not we who now control and determine what happens in our work together, it is you. “

Okay how many BILLIONS are getting this “wrong”??? The truth is, there is no right or wrong, only consquences.

Western Culture Sells Us A Joyless Limited Existence…At The Soul Level, We Are Unlimited

More World Baking Soda Health-Related Awareness Needed! 

Possible Massive Invisible Object Near Sun Demonstrating Artificial Visible Magnetic Field

ET Council Says Water Researcher Emoto Proves Heart And Mind Influences Environment

Zetas Say Increased Meteors And “Electromagnetic Tides” Are Proof Of Planet X/Nibiru Debris Trail

Let It Sink In! The World Is Flooding Because Planet Changed Shape For Good


Life Sucks When You Undervalue Love Doesn’t It? Try Archangel Michael Love Affirmations

Interesting eh?

Indian in the machine

Red Shaman Intergalactic Ascension Mission


Kathryn and Father God: The Revolution to Restore Our Light

Kathryn:  I have learned much in the past few weeks since I garnered my resignation to the Company of Heaven.  My insistence on full disclosure about what our reality is, and what they are going to do to help us brought a flood of new information, and an even greater closeness and trust between me and my beloved friends in higher dimensions.

I do not regret the adamant tone of my letter to them, but I understand now that they did not lie to us, but they did overestimate what we would be capable of accomplishing within the dark energy fields on Terra.  This applied especially to the boots on the ground who are supposed to be doing the work to release the RV/GCR.  We will not discuss or predict what will occur in that arena, but we will pray for a positive outcome for all.

I have learned several things which are now a permanent part of my own consciousness.  The first is that we require a new concept of how God works with us while we are here.  I am convinced that they are now helping us in every way they can.  If they are not doing it, it is because we have not done our part to lay the groundwork, literally, to make their contribution possible.  We must completely change the way we do business here, and we must do it now.

I have also become utterly convinced that the problem is the pervasive, overpowering and constantly replicated dark thoughtforms.  I saw this myself as I tried to clear the planet, with an army of angels, Sirians, and Masters.  All the dark corridors and underground passageways and halls of government we cleared were immediately filled with billowing waves of incoming darkness.  You see, Dear Sisters and Brothers, we are so powerful that all the legions of angels in Heaven cannot defeat us when we unconsciously create darkness on our planet.

I also saw that it is not the dark ones we identify and rail against who are the problem.  Yes, there are a relatively few really bad apples in high places, but they are supported and obscured in their unsavory deeds by the energies the rest of us create.  I saw that trying to defeat the darkness by opposing, challenging, denouncing, condemning and raging against what they are doing is the source of far more darkness than they are generating themselves.

Let us send gratitude toward the courageous souls who expose the criminal behavior of the dark ones, then band together to generate enormous waves of Love and Light to wash them into the arms of those who will dispatch them quickly and without fanfare to the appropriate prison, to protect the rest of us from the danger they present.

There is no need for us to do anything but take unemotional, quiet and definitive action when we see darkness around us, and return immediately to the crucial work of raising our consciousness.  That action may be to walk away from a negative friend, vote for Light, or join with others to change our political, economic and social systems which uplift all, but most of all we must immerse ourselves in mindful high level consciousness.  This does not permit indulging in snarly accusations, loud declarations of disappointment and disapproval, and obstructionist behavior which is inspired by prejudice or propaganda-generated fear of the sort we see now in the U.S.  In other words, beware of what you feel and say in the name of “expressing your true feelings” or “free speech and personal freedom.”

Look to clearing and healing your gentle hearts, Dear Friends, and you will feel the vibration of those around you.  You will not be fooled by the slick and charming advocates for war, conflict or mistrust.  These are the tools they use to encourage you to generate more dark energies, for this is what they feed on.

They are not real, (in that they do not have souls) but they do have consciousness and destructive intent.  When we stop generating dark thoughtforms, our partners in Light will dispense with the shadows that remain.  Without our active participation in clearing the energy field around Planet Earth by monitoring our own energies, we, the well-intentioned Lightworkers, will defeat our beloved partners, the Company of Heaven, because they are not permitted to force our hand.  Father God will explain this in full.

We will resume our channeled messages and our radio show on Wednesday night.  Each segment will contain information and lessons to increase and maintain your rising consciousness.  I welcome all to join me in this clearly defined new Revolution to Restore the Light and to proceed with our own Ascension, post haste.

Father God:

I am happy to be back with you today, to give you an update, a high-five and a challenge.

There are many in the Lightworker community who are tired, financially strained, and beginning to lose faith that the Paradise we have agreed to create together would ever find its way into reality.  We understand your impatience, but we wish to reassure you that great things have already been accomplished, and more is on the way.

Many of you are aware that your Kathryn has made a stand, to insist that we not promise anything we cannot deliver, and to do everything in our power to help all of you right now.  We have heard her commands, and we have come to offer the maximum assistance our previous contract with you will allow.  We are doing that now.  Let me tell you how.

We have built a new universe for you to inhabit if you wish, upon your ascension.  The pristine new Earth is ready for those who will make their transition to a new life there.  In the meantime, I wish to help you achieve all that you need to do to make the comfortable and smooth transition.  Perhaps if I tell you of the preparations we have made you will understand more about how we are helping you in every way we can to allow you to transition from where you are now to the New Earth.

We are your creators, Mother God and I, with our beloved Prime Creator who oversees all in our Universe.  We work together always, and our Angels and Masters assist with all our work, in alignment with their own preferences and special skills.  The same is true for our Lightworkers on the ground.  We work closely with those who are willing to dedicate their energies and their Light to creating the grids and portals, activating the crystals, clearing and balancing energies for Mother Terra and all the Earthly Kingdoms.  We also work closely with our channels, our messengers and Bringers of Light, all of whom are being asked increasingly to give up all other work to concentrate on fulfilling the duties which were designated to humans long ago when this plan was created.

You see, the ones who have agreed to work with us without question, often without rest, and without financial rewards have been filling the required positions as “boots on the ground,” carrying the weight of the entire project, against great odds.  They are too few in number, and so they must work tirelessly, or the Great Plan, which is the Ascension of all humankind, would not be completed.  This was not the original intention when we all made this plan together.  All were expected to help with the ascension process, by teaching others, working on their own ascension practices, and helping to clear away all dark thoughtforms, to allow all facets of the plan to “roll out” smoothly, as you say.

As you have seen in the chaotic fits and starts since 12/21/12, all has not gone as beautifully as we had hoped.  Humankind has been increasingly swept up in the negativity, discontent and imbalance which has a way of feeding on itself.  This, you see, is the effect that occurs when one human creates a negative energy field, which then ignites similar feelings in others, and in others, in a chain reaction, deepening in darkness as it spreads through whole families, communities, even nations. This process is inflamed by the world media, including the entertainment industry, to such an extent that it has created a dense, distorted energy field containing layer upon layer of illusion.

These layers of illusion make it very difficult for us to keep the lines of communication open with you, although we make every effort to do so.  We require that you clear away the distortions by reaching through the warped energy field to make contact with us, as humankind has always done in times of trouble, and to repair the damage done by the dark thoughtforms.  Now, before you begin to imagine a world over-run by boogie men from a mysterious and malevolent world, let me assure you there is no such thing happening on Earth now.

The malevolent souls – mostly Reptilians – were removed more than a year ago, in August of 2013.  What remains are the memories, the philosophy, and the belief systems of those dark ones, who were instrumental in corrupting nearly every religious, social, political, economic, educational and health care system on the planet.  They are no longer here, but what you call a legacy lives on in the minds of humankind.

My Beloved Children, I have not been truthful enough with you.  I have not chastened you nor criticized you, because this is not my way, but in leaving you completely to live out your free will mandate on Earth, I have not guided you enough.  I have not truly given you the picture of what we see, for we hoped that our positive channeled messages, and the very uplifting radio shows we have presented for you – especially the one-a-day channeled messages and Ascension Training and Healing shows with Kathryn, Meg and Sananda – would awaken you to the necessity for all of you to make clear and dramatic changes, now.  They have not succeeded as we had hoped. You greatly enjoyed the efforts of our Lightworkers, but it did not have a lasting effect.  We saw that Kathryn was tiring, so we prompted her to write her resignation letter, because we knew she would not leave her work otherwise.  Of course, she has continued to work with us intensively on other important projects for the past few weeks.

We have considered deeply in our Councils why it is that our most brilliant works (if we do say so) seemed to help our children to feel better for a while, but did not in the end accomplish the goal of helping them break through the layers of illusion as quickly as we had hoped. You see, we underestimated how truly beleaguered, anxious and preoccupied our children really are, and how difficult it is to break through the dark thoughtforms.

We now see that having been completely immersed in illusion and darkness creates a sort of feeling-vortex within the human mind and body which makes it very hard to regain your balance and clear vision.  It has made you question your own intelligence, to mistrust your feelings, and to separate from your hearts in order to avoid the pain you anticipate at every turn.  You have become confused, overwhelmed and frustrated because you have lived in a house of mirrors where nothing was what it seemed to be.  And as you were drowning in the waves of illusion, you let go of our hand.

Humans have also become used to observing interesting but spiritually meaningless forms of entertainment which offer momentary relief from their stresses.  This makes it difficult to change channels in order to absorb our messages truly and deeply enough to allow us to be seen vividly, to feel our hearts connected to yours, and picture yourselves as the Galactic Beings you actually are.

We have recently come closer to you, since some of our Masters have lived for a time within the bodies of our Lightworkers and channels. We are now realizing that the effect of having lived within this matrix of darkness and illusion is that it has accelerated the creation of dark thoughtforms exponentially, even after the Reptilians were removed, because all of humanity was so entangled and enmeshed in the labyrinthine structure that they were inadvertently reproducing the very nightmares they so wanted to leave behind.

I truly want to help you, my Dear Children, to learn about the blueprint for dissolving this old matrix.  We designed it together, and because of your free will status, it was agreed that you would do your half of the work from your position on the ground, and we would do ours from our higher dimensions.  It was a bargain made in our hearts, a vow we cannot break.  Unfortunately, we were all a bit overly optimistic about how difficult your part of the agreement would be, and how skillful and quick you would be in breaking out of your shell to fly to your freedom.

Of course, we did have the foresight to write clauses into our agreement which would allow for your rescue in the case of impending nuclear holocaust, and we have acted upon that option by neutralizing nuclear weapons.  We regret that we cannot simply bring you the benefits we envisioned together, for we would have to do it by force, and that is not permissible.  We honor your integrity and ours.

You might say that our hands are tied, but it is not by any ultimate power or manifest destiny, but by the simple promise we have made to you to respect you and to not interfere with your lives in any way not permitted by your contracts.  In the final analysis, it is the dark thoughtforms you are now creating, as you go through your day, that are tying our hands.

It is ironic, is it not, for you to learn that your relationship to God is the opposite of what you thought it was?  You see, it is not we who now control and determine what happens in our work together, it is you.

We do not wish to leave you bereft and disillusioned after learning these truths, that we are not all-powerful, and that we cannot simply snap our fingers and make your world a better place.  We do work with you to bring you good fortune and blessings all through your lives, but we will not take over for you, nor will we take you over.  It is not that we are lacking in power, for we are Creators, of course.  What we wish for you to now absorb completely is that you too are powerful creators.  As a group consciousness, you have created a massive cloud of conflicting energies which obscure the visibility on Earth as much for us as it does for you.

We are well aware that there are many among you who are not going to hear or understand these words, and many more who resist changing their thinking or their ways.  We know you may be outnumbered, but the playing field is leveled, you see, by the fact that Light has more power than darkness, so the dramatic shift can be accomplished by only the Lightworkers who are awake now, if they all work together.

We take that into account when we ask you to come forward to help in this Great Plan in the most effective way you can possibly do.  It is a difficult task, but one you have yearned to complete all your lives.  We are here to stand by you, to offer you a steady stream of Love to wash over you, and Light to guide you.

Here is your assignment:

We ask you to purify your thoughts, to raise your consciousness to the highest dimension you can reach (and you all can easily reach the 5th, and many the 7th, 8th and 9th level).  This means being constantly mindful, unremittingly attentive.  We ask you to rise to a profoundly sophisticated level of self-awareness, until you are so cognizant of every thought and every feeling that you will find you need new words to describe the nuances you find within yourself.  Then raise the bar.

Purify your feelings. You will notice immediately that this process is impossibly unpleasant if you harbor any feelings of guilt, regret, self-doubt, self-hatred, or impatience.  This includes anxiety (fear), depression, and “stress.”  You cannot annoy and disapprove of yourself and also learn to know yourself completely.  You must be kind, utterly accepting of past blunders and mistakes, unconditionally forgiving of your limitations and so-called failings, and then, completely relentless about being conscious in the present.

Love grows where consciousness goes.  You will not be doing this deep-self diving, as we have called it, in vain.  Not only will the Universe benefit from your upwardly mobile energy force, but you will too.  Once you release the tie-downs which are dark thoughtforms of self-denigration, and the unconscious denigration of others which accompanies it, you will take off like a rocket.  You will feel a rush of love from the top of your head to your toes.  Hold your state of higher consciousness, and you will begin to radiate Light.  People of similar consciousness will be drawn to you, and you will be drawn to yourself.  You will have the pleasure of your own good company every minute of every day.  Stay in touch.

You will match your vibration to ours.  Yes, you can.  We will meet you half-way, and help you to ascend upward with every breath, every loving thought.  You will feel our great Love pouring down upon you, at the moment the dark thought forms within your own consciousness have been dissolved.  You will feel yourself stepping into your true identity as a Master, a God, and a Galactic Being of Light.

Here is the second part of your assignment.  Read our book, “Who Needs Light?” all the way through, watch the videos on YouTube on Kathryn’s channel, beginning with the Visual Centering videos and the health guidance, (removing all meat products from your diet now), read back through earlier messages especially those from September and October to the present, and watch the movie “Interstellar” as many times as possible.  Three times is barely enough.

All these things have been designed, co-created and sent to you from the Company of Heaven, under the direction of your Sananda, to help you prepare for your coming Ascension, which will be imminent for those who do the inner work we are guiding you through now.

Know that you are loved, respected and admired by your Company of Heaven, the great  Intergalactic Councils, and by Prime Creator.  We are here to create the New World you will be inhabiting, and we will give you the tools to make your transition possible, but we will not be forcing you through the portals into your new life.  This you must do for yourselves, with our blessings and our unending Love.

I am your Father God, eternally at your service, with great joy as we venture into your new reality together.

Written and transcribed by Kathryn E. May, November 24, 2014 

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Wanna play twister? If you curse someone who feels they are more special than you, then you feel you are more special than they are.

Wanna play twister? If you curse someone who feels they are more special than you, then you feel you are more special than they are.


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We Break Earth Quarantine With These 18 Laws! Pass Them On, Learn Them, And Live Them

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Yes We Are In A Reality Show Hologram, Televised To The Multiverse, And Earth Is Becoming A Bluestar

Yes We Are In A Reality Show Hologram, Televised To The Multiverse, And Earth Is Becoming A Bluestar

Yes We Are In A Reality Show Hologram, Televised To The Multiverse, Where Earth Is Turning Into A Blue Star
We are in a reality show, where few know the nature of the reality show, where the entire planet has become like an Indian reservation, except few realize it… you will know you are deeply ingrained in this reservation when you have distracted unconscious experiences… living on automatic,… yes we are all actors in this reality show of illusions and distractions…. yes distractions are fun but are not that fulfilling to the soul, leaving one empty for more distractions… distractions ain’t gonna free you from the reservation… what will free you from the reservation is the last place most earthlings look… to the centre of our hearts in full presence… if we can go deep within… deep within is where we “know”… can we see how the world is not designed for us to go deep down within our hearts together, to “know”? So what is one of the subplots of this reality show, or perhaps the biggest main plot? You now know the biggest magic trick your soul may ever hope to accomplish… to go from density to Light, in the blink of an eye, while the planet changes from a blue planet, to a blue star… there will never come an opportunity like this ever, so make the most of this lifetime… it is much more special, than what it seems.  Imagine a reality show on television, where the actors are not aware that the whole setup is a game that our very souls set up… imagine the entire multiverse tuned into this one reality show called, ‘earth’…  the game involved earthlings playing a game of separation with the multiverse, and being lead around by each other’s minds and egos, in a very dark spot of the universe, and earth’s greater cycles… earthlings bump in each other, in a limited consciousness, vying for control of the environment and each other… well, that was the old chapter… the new chapter now involves waking up within the reality show… towards fully conscious beings…this new chapter involves a rebalancing of all energies, towards an ascension ‘mutation’ of one species to another species, in a ‘no you see it, now you don’t’ kinda moment… face it 3D life on our planet is dissolving , so prepare for any 3D system you are involved with, to possibly go down for a period.s… all systems will go down, and new systems of heart shall replace the energies of old…. if you are able to connect heart with soul in full presence, that is where the endless river of gold flows… we cannot buy our way into that flow… only with loving fuller presence, do we expand…you are urged to experiment with heart…. create your world of freedom from heart… realize that the world we created from mind only, is a world of enslavement…. heart, heart and more heart… if life sucks, then bring in more heart… if life is good, bring in more heart too…  imagine the hearts of the world coming together as one… as the final act in the “limited consciousness” reality show, the final act, where the actors see the lights in the audience turned up… as they find their way to the gold every human is searching for… the gold of “unlimited consciousness”, via wisdom, power and love. Until you are accessing inner wisdom, power and love, it is likely you are enslaved to another, but you may not know it. Do not look at your surrounding to know if you are enslaved, for many prisons are as comfortable as a luxury mansion…  to see the prison go inward… see where you are not present… then see where you are not wise, loving or powerful… for example, many humans create moments of non-presence… they are distracted… then within that distracted moment, there is no wisdom, there is no love, there is no power… perhaps when this happens, someone has cast a spell over you…. some people live by casted spells, it becomes a culture of sorts… where people identify themselves as part of a group that accepts the casted spells of others, as a way of life… this process will halt as a person becomes fully present in the threefold flame of Christ consciousness.  Right now kindly envision the threefold flame of wisdom, power and love activating the earth consciousness grid… we’re gonna need our wisdom, our power and our love, to get us through these days… these days by which we can do much more than survive, we can thrive… now take your heart right now that is likely beating with more feeling… and connect it to the three-fold flame of our earth consciousness grid (wisdom, power and love)… with this new connection and with feeling… create something beautiful… if it is truly beautiful, it will be a reflection of our Creator, it will be a reflection of authenticity… it will be a reflection of freedom… shine forth dear ones… for within that sparkle that we all are, are the keys to freedom… as we do this the audience of the multiverse, is offering us a standing ovation… and in the audience, are many souls that are dear to our souls.  They stand for many reasons, one of which is that we are the seed species, for the planet that is turning from density to light in the blink of an eye… this blue star forming is what we are living on right now… it is earth… both earth and those who choose ascension are turning to light in the blink of an eye… as if this were not challenging enough there are renegade humans who desire to control others… we send them compassion for their distractions from reality… remember none of us come from the physical world at the soul level, none of us are actually designed to be controlled, because we all have the spark of our Creator… let no other tamper with your connection to your soul and Creator… Thanks for tuning in!  Indian in the machine

PS Watch for numerous messages from spirit to come about, that confirm the theory that earth is becoming a blue star, and that this passage of Nibiru, is designed to dissolve 3D and awaken everyone that we must unify rather than separate and compete with each other and our environment, as is currently engrained in our culture…